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Home page features

     * Coronavirus scams are targeting people via text, phone and email. Our guide could help to protect you
     * With more people needing to get online during the coronavirus, here’s some advice to manage your connections
     * Ofcom makes sure you get the best from your broadband and phone. We also oversee TV and Radio, wireless airwaves and the post
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News and views

     * Spectrum mystery leaves baffled shoppers stuck in car park
       01 March 2021
     * Further support for phone and broadband customers during the pandemic
       01 March 2021

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     * Check and improve your mobile phone reception at home
     * Fact-check news and information about Covid-19
     * Complain about broadband, phone and post, and TV or radio programmes
     * Receiving nuisance calls and messages? Here’s how to protect yourself from them
     * Read our decisions on complaints about TV, radio and on-demand programmes
     * Struggling to pay a bill? Our guide could help

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   Keep informed on new technology developments and the impact that they might have on the sectors we regulate
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     * Report: Choosing the best broadband, mobile and landline provider
     * Media Nations 2020
     * Making Sense of Media


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