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   Modernize: Cloud-ready data Infuse: Operationalize AI Analyze: Build and scale AI Client stories Collect: Make data accessible

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   Embarking upon an AI journey? Don’t go it alone

   As the winds of change continue to sweep through every facet of life, the standards of digital transformation continue to evolve, leaving many businesses struggling to keep pace. Underneath every challenge — from coping with regulatory pressures to...


   IBM secures fifth consecutive year of AI Software Platform market share leadership, says new IDC report

   For the fifth consecutive year, IDC ranked IBM® the #1 market share leader in AI software platforms...


   Building trust in AI: getting the wizard out from behind the curtain

   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often regarded as “Great and Powerful;” it can add tremendous ...


   KPMG and IBM Watson OpenScale™: Establishing trust in AI for business success

   Trust in AI is a hot topic in the headlines. Can we trust the decisions AI models recommend? Can we ...


   Jumpstart your journey to AI expertise: recap of Data and AI Virtual Forum talent sessions on demand

   Talent: It’s a key issue impacting today’s AI-hungry organizations. While AI skills are in ...


   Accelerate your journey to AI in the financial services sector

   As the world confronts new challenges, it is a unique, unprecedented time to recast old ways of ...


   Will you answer the call to AI?

   In times of crisis, technology is a lifeline. The most important technology of our generation is AI. Even now, with global business at its quietest, AI has proven the linchpin of supply chains to keep the world humming. A virtual helper to lean on ...


   Extracting the lifeblood of AI at ExxonMobil

   “Data is the new oil.” The quote goes back to 2006, credited to mathematician Clive Humby. Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard took it a step further, calling analytics data’s combustion engine. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) still has that “...


   Why analysts are hailing Db2 11.5 as the database for AI

   Over the past several months, IBM has been spotlighting what’s possible when databases are infused with AI capabilities. The recent launch of IBM Db2 11.5 has brought the benefits of that approach into greater focus. Writers and analysts at ...
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