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   Jennifer Clemente

   Creative and Editorial Lead, Data and AI, IBM

   Jennifer Clemente who has been writing and involved in all things technology since she could ask Santa for a 2XL robot. From Balkan war correspondent to self-described tech-nomad waving the open source flag, her career has veered from edge of the world political battles into the thick of the AI journey, keeping her thoughts critical and an ear firmly to the ground. She currently helps client’s share their successes with IBM Data and AI.

   Articles by Jennifer


   Embarking upon an AI journey? Don’t go it alone

   As the winds of change continue to sweep through every facet of life, the standards of digital transformation continue to evolve, leaving many businesses struggling to keep pace. Underneath every challenge — from coping with regulatory pressures to...


   Bestseller and IBM Garage bring sustainable fashion forward with

   When it comes to driving change in business priorities and practices, data and AI can be an industry...


   From one year to six weeks: Highmark Health teams with IBM to accelerate AI in urgent times

   With 720,000 cases annually in the U.S., and a staggering mortality rate between 25 – 50%, sepsis ...


   Scaling AI at Lufthansa: Combined talents help the airline raise efficiency

   In the airline industry, timing and synchronization are everything when it comes to the customer ...


   iKure + IBM: Trusted data brings resilience to rural communities

   It could be said there’s really no wealth but health itself, but in rural India, some 840 million ...


   Northern Europe’s energy hub looks to IBM Garage and Cloud Pak for Data to design a green energy future

   COVID-19’s devastating impact on health and the global economy also has a silver lining: an ...


   Jumpstart your journey to AI expertise: recap of Data and AI Virtual Forum talent sessions on demand

   Talent: It’s a key issue impacting today’s AI-hungry organizations. While AI skills are in ...


   Building AI trust: iKure + The IBM Data Science and AI Elite team tackle bias to improve healthcare outcomes

   With only one cardiologist for every 6,000 patients, there are not enough specialists to address ...


   Earth Day 2020: Using Data and AI to bridge the gap between ethos and action

   With 2019 emerging as the warmest on record for the world’s oceans, the call to climate action ...
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