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   [October 2020__]

   Modernize: Cloud-ready data


   Explore how Netezza Performance Server helps the healthcare industry deliver better patient outcomes

   Stakeholders from the healthcare industry — from hospital CEOs to individual clinicians — face a...

   by Anson Kokkat

   Analyze: Build and scale AI


   Embarking upon an AI journey? Don’t go it alone

   As the winds of change continue to sweep through every facet of life, the standards of digital transformation continue to evolve, leaving many businesses struggling to keep pace. Underneath every challenge — from coping with regulatory pressures to...

   by Jennifer Clemente

   Infuse: Operationalize AI


   Today’s best practices for embedded and self-service analytics

   The market is growing for self-service analytics Gone are the days when line-of-business ...

   by David Marmer



   Making Data Simple: This week Oliver Claude discusses data governance and data ops


   by J2AI Blog Editor

   Data Science Elite


   Get personal with your banking and insurance clientele

   In the era of digital transformation, providing a high-quality customer experience is critical to enhance customer relationships, build loyalty and maintain market share. Personalization paves the way to: Increase your return on investment Build ...

   by Catie Shadley

   Data Science Elite


   IBM teams with Rolls-Royce to help Europe respond more effectively to COVID-19 impacted communities

   Collaboration and co-creation are among the driving forces that can produce positive outcomes where ...

   by Erika Agostinelli

   Infuse: Operationalize AI


   L’Oreal: A cosmetics giant finds a common language with AI-powered analytics

   In October 2020, IBM held its Data and AI Forum, a virtual event designed to give attendees the ...

   by Stephanie Solomon

   Analyze: Build and scale AI


   The Art of Automation Podcast – Episode 1: AI Ops with Rama Akkiraju

   Episode 1 – Jerry is joined by IBM Fellow and one of Forbes’ “Top 20 Women in AI Research...

   by J2AI Blog Editor
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