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Master data management

   Empower business and IT users to collaborate and innovate with trusted master data across the enterprise
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What is master data management?

   Master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive method to define and manage an organization’s critical data. It provides a single, trusted view of data across the enterprise, agile self-service access, analytical graph-based exploration, governance and a user-friendly dashboard.

   Master data management solutions from IBM establish a single, trusted, 360-degree view of data and enable users to deliver better business insights through self-service analytics.

   Read analyst report: Modern MDM (237 KB) 

   Master data management benefits

Self-service access

   Provide more secure, governed self-service access to trusted data.

Deeper insight

   Provision and operationalize MDM data for deeper analysis.

Consent management

   Capture content to enable governance and regulatory compliance.

Improved efficiency

   Use intuitive dashboards to manage data more proactively.

   Master data management products
   Screenshot of InfoSphere MDM in use

IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management

   Manages master data for single or multiple domains, including customers, suppliers, products, accounts and more.

   screenshot of IBM Product Master in use

IBM Product Master

   Provides product information management and collaborative MDM capabilities.

   screenshot of InfoSphere MDM reference data management hub

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Reference Data Management Hub

   Centrally manages, distributes and standardizes reference data across the enterprise.


   Featured resources
   graphic representing information

Brief: IBM Product Master for product information management

   Create a single repository of product and service information and use it throughout the enterprise. (PDF, 163 KB)

   graphic representing trusted data

Brief: Trusted data with IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management

   Provide a single, trusted view of critical data to users and apps on premises and on the cloud. (PDF, 112 KB)

   graphic representing dataops

Interactive guide: DataOps

   Learn how DataOps builds an agile, data-driven culture using automation, data quality and governance.

   graphic representing mdm

Video: MDM machine-learning-assisted data stewardship

   Learn from decisions made by data stewards for more efficient, accurate and automated duplicate processing. (05:55)

   closeup of hands using smartphone

Video: Delivering trusted, business-ready data for healthcare

   See how The Health Collaborative manages thousands of disparate records across multiple hospitals. (5:55)



     Working with IBM, we have created a solution to help achieve major cost-savings.

   Hilary Simpson

   Lead of ICT Business Partnering – Service Integration and Multi Agency Working, London Borough of Camden

   Read the London Borough Camden case study 

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   Data quality

   Data governance

   Data integration

   Data preparation

   Data replication

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