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Accelerate your journey to AI

   Take a prescriptive approach to making your data ready for an AI and multicloud world
   Assess your AI journey 
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   Why data and AI

   Data is what fuels digital transformation, AI unlocks the value of that data, and hybrid multicloud is the platform to democratize the data. Leading businesses are investing in AI and multicloud to unleash the value of their data in new ways, enabling them to:
     * Predict and shape future outcomes
     * Empower people to do higher-value work
     * Create intelligent workflows that automate decisions and experiences
     * Reimagine highly personalized business models

   AI is the defining transformation technology of our time. Yet, successful adoption remains challenging. The reality is that AI is not magic. In order to turn AI aspirations into outcomes, organizations must first address three major AI challenges.

   Common AI challenges

   Overcome your AI challenges 


   The lifeblood of AI, but complexity slows progress.


   AI skills are rare and in high demand.


   There’s skepticism of AI systems and processes.

   Industry trends


   Deliver personal and empathetic customer service attuned to an individual’s preferences.

   Explore how 


   AI helps optimize production processes and act to balance quality, cost and throughput.

   Explore how 

Retail and consumer products

   Use AI to transform the customer experience and delight at every touchpoint.

   Explore how 

   Client stories

Mercedes reimagined the car owner experience

   Daimler has integrated AI into multiple levels of the automotive company’s business. The “Ask Mercedes” customer service chatbot has replaced about 60,000 phone calls per year.

   Watch the video (02:43) 
   Daimler + IBM: Using Watson Assistant to advance the customer experience and beyond Daimler + IBM: Using Watson Assistant to advance the customer experience and beyond 

   Daimler + IBM: Using Watson Assistant to advance the customer experience and beyond

Siemens AG

   The Journey to AI: Siemens reduces its carbon footprint with AI, blockchain and IoT  

   Reducing carbon output is important to the workforce culture at Siemens. Using AI, the team created a CO2-friendly travel advisor to lead the way to a zero-carbon future.

   Watch the video (02:45) 

Sonoma County

   Sonoma County: Defeating information barriers to better citizen services  

   Learn how collecting and organizing client data helped the county break down information barriers and provide improved delivery of citizen services.

   Watch the video (01:45) 

James Fisher & Sons, plc

   The Journey to AI: James Fisher & Sons Look to Data and AI to Help its Customers Make Smart Asset Management Decisions  

   Undersea cables sustain offshore windfarms. With data they can be visualized, with AI their maintenance predicted. The result: optimize renewable energy output.

   Watch the video (02:36) 


   Explore more 

   What’s new

   Explore the latest news, trends and topics in Data and AI
   A woman works at a laptop computer

90% of organizations agree: scaling AI leads to a competitive advantage

   Rise to the challenges and overcome obstacles companies experience when scaling AI.

   Data points connected to worker’s computer

Revolutionize IT Operations with IBM Watson AIOps

   Find problems faster, get better insights, and solve your next outage before it starts.

   Overhead view of a winding road in a suburban neighborhood

IBM Watson Assistant

   Deliver fast, accurate answers around COVID-19 for customers, employees and citizens.

   Group of women

Meet the women leading the Journey to AI

   Women are pioneering AI and driving change in diverse industries across the globe.

   Man sitting on a sofa using a tablet

Best Practices in Multicloud Data and AI For Dummies

   Learn the key to a successful data and AI strategy and find out how an open data platform with a cloud-native architecture can help you confidently infuse AI into your business.

   We’re here to help. IBM offers flexible payment solutions to help you start projects sooner and potentially enhance your ROI.
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IBM Garage

   IBM Garage™ quickly creates and scales new ideas that can dramatically impact your business.



   IBM offers a range of learning options to transform and upskill your team.


AI services

   AI services from IBM can help you drive smarter reinvention of your workflows and technology.


   Engage an expert

   Schedule a one-on-one consultation with experts who have worked with thousands of clients to build winning data, analytics and AI strategies.

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