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Data science and AI

   Build and scale AI with trust and transparency
   Assess your AI journey 
   Read the Forrester Wave report 
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Financial firms can automate AI model risk management in new ways with IBM Watson® OpenScale™.

   See how 


What can data science offer you in your journey to AI?

   The IBM data science and AI portfolio focuses on building and scaling AI with trust and transparency, while educating users with easy-to-get-started tutorials. The IBM selection of products ranges from predictive to prescriptive analytics and addresses the issues of automating tedious repetitive tasks, predicting outcomes, and driving more data-backed decisions. Open by design and powered by IBM Research®, this multicloud data science and AI lifecycle product portfolio delivers a range of capabilities that helps organizations take advantage of machine and human intelligence.

   See why Forrester designated IBM a leader for IBM Watson® Studio 

   Learn the value of automating AI lifecycle management 

Steps to AI success

   Simplify the AI lifecycle of preparing data and building, deploying and managing your models
     * Prepare and organize data 
     * Build and train AI models 
     * Deploy and run AI models 
     * Manage and operate AI 

Prepare and organize data

   Catalog, analyze and deliver business-ready data

   IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog 

Build and train AI models

   Turn machine learning insights into improved actions

   Watch the video (01:13) 

Deploy and run AI models

   Flexibly scale and deploy AI anywhere and avoid lock-in

   Watch the video (01:13) 

Manage and operate trusted AI

   Minimize risk by debiasing models, explaining outcomes and correcting model drift

   Watch the video (0:58) 

   Additional offerings

   Learn about our additional solutions

IBM Watson Studio Premium

   Accelerate data science and AI success with IBM Watson for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.


IBM SPSS Statistics

   Extract actionable insights from your data with this powerful statistical software platform.



   Apply prescriptive analytics and decision optimization technology to your business decisions.


SPSS Modeler

   Accelerate time to value with this leading visual data science and machine learning solution.


IBM Cloud Pak for Data

   Meet your organization’s ever-changing needs with this fully integrated data and AI platform.


Improve customer experience with AI-based predictions

   Explore 12 different AI use cases based on Forrester Research to learn how you can transform customer experience with AI

   Read the report 

Optimize and automate operations with multicloud AI

   Accelerate the value you can extract from AI for maximum operational efficiency.

   Read the report 

Transform your enterprise for the digital age

   Modernize your enterprise and take your AI initiatives to the next level.

   Watch the webinar (link resides outside IBM) 

   Client stories

   Clients have won with our data science and AI products

IBM Watson Studio and IBM Decision Optimization

   Woman using a cellphone 

   Read how companies have used IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio and IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio for operational efficiency gains and improved ROI.

   Visit the site 

International Medical Corps and IBM Analytics

   Special Utilities Vehicle crossing a log bridge 

   Learn how IMC used Data and AI solutions from IBM to help emergency responders provide faster disaster relief services.

   Read the report 

DSK Bank and IBM SPSS Modeler Gold

   Man with blue suit 

   Read how DSK bank streamlined its model deployment process with IBM SPSS® Modeler Gold — accelerating customer service and controlling risk.

   Read the DSK Report 

KPMG and IBM Watson OpenScale

   KPMG + IBM: Stewarding responsible AI with Watson OpenScale  

   KPMG uses IBM Watson OpenScale to build trust, transparency and explainability for their customers.

   Watch the video (02:05) 

   What’s new

   Find out what’s new within the IBM data science and AI portfolio

How industry experts are using IBM SPSS Statistics

   Top down view of a coffe break area 

   Read how industry experts use IBM SPSS Statistics in market research, academia, healthcare and government.

   Read the smart paper 

Text analytics in IBM Watson Studio Desktop

   Person holding a cellphone 

   Learn to analyze unstructured data such as emails, call logs and web pages with text analytics.

   Watch the video 

IBM Watson OpenScale builds trust in AI

   Woman and a man talking in front of a computer screen 

   See how IBM Watson OpenScale helps you implement AI at scale, while building trust in AI through monitoring, fairness and explainability.

   Read the report 


The CxO guide to scaling AI

   Learn how high-growth leaders in AI are demonstrating groundbreaking results, reshaping the marketplace, and setting themselves apart in their industries.


IBM Watson Studio Desktop product tour

   Take the product tour to learn how to visually build AI and machine learning models.


IBM Watson Studio AutoAI

   Learn all about AutoAI through the IBM selection of demo videos.


Accelerate the Path to Deeper Insights

   Learn how SPSS Statistics can help you bridge the gap between data science and data understanding. (PDF, 1.1 MB)


IBM SPSS Modeler brochure

   Learn how IBM SPSS Modeler can make predictive analytics accessible to users of all skill sets. (PDF, 1.1 MB)


IBM Cloud Pak for Data product tour

   Learn how to use IBM Watson Studio Premium for better prediction and optimization.


   Engage an expert

   Schedule a one-on-one consultation with experts who have worked with thousands of clients to build winning data, analytics and AI strategies.

   Book a consultation 

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