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Hybrid data management

   Collect data of all sources and structures to accelerate your journey to AI
   Assess your AI journey 
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Make all of your data simple and accessible

   Collect all of your data, regardless of type, source or structure, and make it available across on-premises and multicloud environments. IBM offers AI-infused hybrid data management solutions that give you the advantages of a modernized information architecture to make your data collection and management simpler.

   With these solutions, you gain operational efficiencies powered by automation, agility to respond quickly to changing demands, and capabilities to fuel your organization’s own AI initiatives.
     * Choose from the IBM Db2® family of products, now available on the innovative IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform
     * Explore our open source technology partnerships

   Read the free 451 Research report to learn more about how hybrid data management can accelerate your adoption of AI.


   Build your hybrid data management approach


   High-performance and scalable transactional processing with query optimization.


Data warehouse

   Perform analytics with on-premises, cloud and integrated appliance deployment options.


Data lake

   Store and query structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.


Fast data

   Real-time data ingestion and analytics for more than 250 billion events per day.


   Use cases

How can you use hybrid data management?

   Discover how a hybrid data management strategy can drive the adoption of AI initiatives and app development, lead to better integration between on-premises, cloud and open source technologies, and break down data silos.
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   Discover more with the interactive guide 
   Blue graphic chart


IBM Cloud Pak for Data

   A platform built on Red Hat® Open Shift® to collect, organize, and analyze data for impactful AI. Run Db2 Database, Db2 Warehouse and Db2 Event Store in a containerized environment.



   IBM Db2 is a family of database solutions for transactional, analytical and real-time workloads that can be deployed across on-premises and multicloud environments, including IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


IBM Db2 Transactional Database

   A relational database management system built for high performance with IBM BLU Acceleration® in-memory columnar technology, and continuous availability with IBM pureScale®.


IBM Db2 on Cloud

   A fully managed SQL cloud database offering the advanced features of an on-premises database so you can scale easily on demand, move data fast and monitor storage.


IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

   A fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse with independent scaling of storage and compute, optimized columnar data store, actionable compression and in-memory processing.


IBM Db2 Warehouse

   A client-managed data warehouse for on-premises, private clouds and containerized deployments with built-in machine learning (ML), MPP processing, and in-database analytics.



   Discover how migrating from Oracle Database to IBM Db2 transformed the business of global manufacturer Owens-Illinois. Benefits such as seven-figure total cost of ownership savings, faster query performance and reduced server footprint enable Owens-Illinois to shift their budget and mindset to be more strategically focused.
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   Watch the video (02:53) 


   Capitalogix is a next-generation hedge fund that relies on data science more than traditional traders to outpace the market. Using the IBM Integrated Analytics System, its embedded data science tools and cloud connectivity, Capitalogix is turning real-time data into real-time insights with machine learning and AI.
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   Watch the video (02:23) 


   Learn how Vektis, a leading healthcare information services provider, is able to improve the quality of patient care while lowering costs. With Db2 Warehouse on Cloud at the heart of its business, Vektis can securely make sensitive medical data simple and accessible across multiple clients.
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   Watch the video (01:54) 


   Knowis was able to grow its client base and expand into new markets for its banking and credit services platform by offering a fully managed cloud deployment option with IBM Db2 on Cloud. Benefits included no setup costs or maintenance fees — with all backups and restores — as well as updates handled by IBM.
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   Watch the video (01:34) 


   Learn more about hybrid data management

Db2 for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

   Explore IBM Db2 for IBM Cloud Pak for Data in a software simulation showing enhanced monitoring as well as accelerated, automated deployment in a Kubernetes environment.

   Take the product tour 

A leader in data management

   Forrester has named IBM a leader in their most recent report: The Forrester Wave: Data Management for Analytics, Q1 2020.

   Download the free report 

8 ways to modernize data management

   Modernize data management across workloads and deployments to drive optimization, automation and AI.

   Read the ebook 

Drive AI with data management

   Hear Forrester and IBM discuss 3 key benefits of AI-infused data management.

   Watch the webinar 

Cloud data management buyer's guide

   Learn how to choose the right cloud database for your business, and what questions you need to ask.

   Read the guide 

Ebook: Db2 - The AI database

   Learn about key features that make IBM Db2 the AI database, such as data virtualization, machine learning SQL optimization, graph capabilities and blockchain analysis.

   Read the ebook 

Make data simple

   Discover how hybrid data management makes data of all structures and sources simple and accessible. (656 KB)

   View the infographic 

Lead with data management

   See the value realized by industry leaders who embrace data management. (1.4 MB)

   View the infographic 

   Engage an expert

   Schedule a one-on-one consultation with experts who have worked with thousands of clients to build winning data, analytics and AI strategies.

   Book a consultation 

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