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Data integration

   Transform structured and unstructured data from different sources into a trusted, unified view available to any system
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What is data integration?

   Data integration is the combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information. A complete data integration solution delivers trusted data from various sources to support a business-ready data pipeline for DataOps.

   Data integration solutions from IBM — including data integration on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data — offer scalable, multicloud solutions to help accelerate your journey to AI. Extract large volumes of data from various sources, transform it in any style and ETL load it to enterprise data warehouse or cloud sources. Additional data integration delivery styles include:
     * Data replication: Deliver complementary features, such as near-real time data synchronization or distribution utilizing low-impact, log-based data capture
     * Data virtualization: Abstract data access from multiple sources by creating a virtual view for business users who need to access and query data on demand

   IBM data integration products can also be used stand-alone or as managed services on IBM Cloud®.

   See why IBM was recognized as a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools
   Andre De Locht explains data integration 

   Data Decoded in 30 Seconds: What is Data Integration? (00:30)

   How data integration helps

Build confidence in your data

   Deliver clean, consistent and timely information for your big data projects, applications and machine learning.

Govern data in real time

   Help manage, improve and use information to drive results and reduce the cost and risk of consolidation with robust parallel processing capabilities.

Consolidate and retire applications

   Automate manual processes to help improve the customer experience and business process execution.

IBM DataStage

   A leader in ETL, IBM® DataStage® is a highly scalable data integration tool for designing, developing and running jobs that move and transform data on premises and in the cloud.

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   Additional data integration products
   Screen shot showing IBM InfoSphere Information Server

IBM InfoSphere® Information Server

   Advance end-to-end data integration to cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver trusted data.

   Screen shot showing IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration

IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration

   Understand, cleanse, transform, monitor and deliver trustworthy and context-rich information.

   Screen shot showing IBM BigIntegrate

IBM BigIntegrate

   Extract, transform and load your Hadoop big data storage clusters.


     IBM Analytics enables us to provide better insights into our business, supporting our growth.

   Romina Oreskovic
   Group Finance Director, Orbico

   Read the Orbico case study →

   Featured resources
   black rectangle hovering above a purple square

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

   See how IBM has been named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Integration for over a decade.

   purple dots stacked on top of one another

Data Integration: The vital baking ingredient in your AI strategy

   Learn why data integration is critical to deliver real-time access to large volumes of data for AI.

   pattern of nine dots

Integrating and governing cloud data

   Join this webinar to learn five steps to reduce costs, increase scale, and add flexibility.

   three squares placed below a larger square above them

The DataOps interactive guide

   See how DataOps builds a scalable, agile data culture with automation, data quality and governance.

   Screenshot showing thumbnail of cover page of white paper

Optimize an enterprise data warehouse for a multicloud strategy

   Learn best practices to ensure trusted, business-ready data and the benefits that come with it.

   Screenshot showing thumbnail of coverpage of blog post

IBM Cloud Pak for Data enhances DataOps services

   Deliver business agility with cost savings and risk reduction.

   Screenshow showing thumbnail of cover page of solution brief

IBM DataStage

   Deliver business-ready data in real time for AI with IBM DataStage. (218 KB)


   Related products

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

   Integrate all of your data, whether on premises or on any cloud, to keep it more secure at its source with this flexible multicloud data platform.

   Explore IBM Cloud Pak for Data 

IBM InfoSphere Data Replication

   Help replicate data across a wide range of RDBMS and non-RDBMS sources and targets with low latency while improving transactional integrity.

   Explore InfoSphere Data Replication 

IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation

   Get self-service access to trusted data and automated transformation to help speed analysis and enterprise data preparation.

   Explore InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation 

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   Data quality

   Data governance

   Master data management

   Data preparation

   Data replication

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