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Data governance

   Understand and govern all enterprise data to mitigate risk and accelerate insights
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What is data governance?

   Data governance is the overall management of data availability, relevancy, usability, integrity and security in an enterprise. A data governance platform with an integrated data catalog can help your organization find, curate, analyze, prepare and share data. You can keep enterprise data governed and help protect it against misuse.

   Data governance solutions from IBM are vital to DataOps. These solutions help to ensure that the data pipeline is ready to help catalog, protect and govern sensitive data, to trace data lineage, and to manage data lakes. Be ready to deploy AI and machine learning at scale.

   Read the report on intelligent governance for your data lake

   Benefits of data governance

Flexibility of strategy

   Use multiple entry points to adopt governance that fits organizational goals.

Intelligent data cataloging

   Use machine learning to curate metadata, manage assets and share knowledge.

Trusted analytics

   Use clean, current information to drive big data projects and applications.

Privacy and protection

   Assess the value and risk of personal data. Help secure PII, PCI and PHI.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

   Activate business-ready data for AI and analytics with a data catalog that’s backed by active metadata and policy management. Help your colleagues find data to curate, categorize, govern, analyze, and use it.

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   More products
   Laptop showing a screen shot of IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

   Identify potential concerns in unstructured data sources. Collect compliance data more quickly.

   Laptop showing a screen shot of IBM Knowledge Accelerators

IBM Knowledge Accelerators

   Align industry regulations and standards with your business data to accelerate regulatory compliance

   Laptop showing a screen shot of IBM StoredIQ Suite

IBM StoredIQ® Suite

   Automate policy execution across unstructured data to make better-informed business decisions.

   Laptop showing a screen shot of IBM InfoSphere Optim

IBM InfoSphere® Optim

   Manage data from requirements through retirement. Improve business agility and reduce costs.

   Laptop showing a screen shot of Industry data models

Industry data models

   Deep expertise and industry best practices are combined in a blueprint to help accelerate success.


   Featured data governance resources

Ebook: A guide for the modern data catalog

   Learn the benefits and automation capabilities of a modern data catalog.


The DataOps interactive guide

   See how DataOps builds a data-driven culture with automation, data quality and governance.


Data catalog in IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

   This blog describes why IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog won a Gartner 2020 Customer Choice Award.


Data governance and your data lake

   Learn how to prepare a successful governance foundation within your data lake.


White paper: Data cataloging and data lake governance

   This paper describes how a machine learning-powered governance platform helps with data lake challenges.


Webinar: The key to implementing successful AI

   This webinar reveals how an integrated data quality and governance platform supports AI adoption.



Ebook: Governed data lake for business insights

   This ebook describes the key requirements for effective delivery of trusted data. (PDF, 909 KB)


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   Data quality

   Data integration

   Master data management

   Data preparation

   Data replication


     The IBM solution empowers us to keep our clients’ personal data safe, protecting the company’s reputation and preserving our customers’ trust.

   Han van der Vinden
   Test Manager

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

   A flexible multicloud data platform that integrates your data, whether on premises or on cloud, and helps to keep it more secure at its source.

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IBM DataStage®

   This highly scalable data integration tool helps to design, develop and run jobs that move and that transform data, on premises and in the cloud.

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IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation

   This software delivers self-service access to data. Begin data analysis more quickly with automated transformation.

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