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   The Skanderborg Music Festival combines sales data, music schedules and weather to reduce wasted stock.

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   Man with black t-shirt


   This health tech company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data® to ease model development and deployment on any cloud.

   Watch the video (02:08) 


   This Danish energy company is using AI to pursue the mandate of providing 100% renewable energy by 2030.

   Watch the video (02:19) 

London's Cycle Hire

   This bike-sharing service used data and AI to manage and maintain 12,000 bicycles across 800 stations.

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Wunderman Thompson

   This global digital agency used IBM Cloud Pak for Data to build a dashboard for COVID-19 risk, readiness and recovery.

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   This multinational corporation optimizes insights and business outcomes with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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Figure Eight

   This machine learning and AI company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help regulated industries drive volumes of data at scale.

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Cockroach Labs

   This computer software company solves multicloud and data-compliance challenges with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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   Leaders at this NoSQL database company break down barriers in the data maturity curve with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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Accelerite ShareInsights

   This digital transformation company helps leaders use their data from Day One with IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

   Watch the video (01:11) 


   This company employs IBM Cloud Pak for Data to advance its goal of data prep for machine learning.

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   With a focus on cloud native applications, this company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to empower developers.

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Tech Mahindra

   Leaders at this IT services provider use IBM Cloud Pak for Data to help clients use AI throughout their process cycle.

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   A growing healthcare company uses IBM Cloud Pak for Data to improve health outcomes for 15 million US consumers.

   Watch the video (02:13) 

     IBM’s Data Science Elite team demonstrated the model development process in Cloud Pak for Data via Watson Studio with multiple AWS data sources.

   Sujay Santra
   CEO, iKure



   Leaders at this large manufacturer saw lower total cost of ownership when they migrated from Oracle to IBM Db2®.

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   Rod Masney, CIO of Owings-Illinois, the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers

Sharpe Engineering Inc.

   A software engineering company tackles challenges with streaming analytics and machine learning.

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RSG Media

   This media firm migrated its analytics platform to get deeper insight from larger, more complex data sets.

   Watch the video (01:25) 


   This science and tech company makes the most of deep insight into medical insurance data.

   Watch the video (01:54) 


   This IBM Business Partner offers new insights to L'Oreal and other clients with IoT sensors and edge analysis.

   Watch the video (01:49) 


   This banking solutions provider breaks down the barriers to deploying IBM Db2 on Cloud.

   Watch the video (01:35) 

Cerebos Australia

   This consumer products company improved financial-reporting performance by 5x with accelerated data analytics.

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   Leaders of this firm helped global fuel retailers manage business using vital data from IoT devices.

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Salling Group

   This major retailer selected IBM for savings, resiliency and sustainability.

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   ExxonMobil chose the IBM Cloud® platform and Db2 for the first smartphone app from a major fuel retailer.

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City Furniture

   This furniture retailer worked with IBM to support continuous operations and a scalable managed cloud platform.

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Supreme Court of Virginia

   SCVA migrated apps to the latest generation of IBM Z® technology — providing higher performance with fewer compute resources.

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     IBM Integrated Analytics System empowers our clients to gain rapid insight into any type of data, whether it lives on premises or in the cloud.

   William DeSpain
   President, DAI Source


Sonoma County

   This California county uses data and AI to help citizens in need.

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   Woman using a black suit

Standard Bank of South Africa

   Standard Bank Group is preparing to embrace Africa’s AI opportunity.

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The Health Collaborative

   This healthcare organization worked with IBM to develop a master patient index for the 9 million individuals in their network.

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   This fertilizer producer is partnering with IBM to create a digital farming platform with consistent data governance and data security.

   Watch the video (03:18) 


   A leading financial services firm embraced data governance with a focus on data privacy.

   Watch the video (01:07) 

Flagstar Bank

   To craft custom solutions, these bankers modernized their information architecture for business-ready data.

   Watch the video (01:47) 


   The largest car rental network in Latin America used master data management to improve service and sales.

   Explore the story 


   Leaders at this data firm addressed GDPR and the benefits of data anonymization for analytics.

   Watch the video (01:26) 

Verus Financial

   This auditing company uses IBM analytics solutions to help insurance beneficiaries claim their rightful property.

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The Government of Odisha

   An Indian state government uses analytics to ensure that at-risk citizens receive needed benefits.

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BBVA Compass

   These bankers implemented data governance solutions for structured and unstructured data.

   Watch the video (01:41) 

State Farm

   For this insurance firm, test data management led to faster application and product development.

   Watch the video (01:18) 

Hennepin County, MN

   This US state’s largest county reduces risk and cuts costs with a holistic approach to records management.

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J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

   A smarter approach to governance helped this company reduce costs and strengthen compliance.

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   These bankers reduced data delivery time and used powerful pseudonymization to maintain data privacy.

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     We work exclusively with IBM technology because IBM offers a truly fantastic variety of solutions.

   Sanjeev Datta
   Principal & CEO, Cresco International



   Leaders built a collaborative data foundation and reduced data prep time by an estimated 40%.

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   Woman using a black suit

Wunderman Thompson

   This global digital agency is harnessing data and AI to create relevant experiences for brands.

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   Learn how to embark on your AI journey, and why governance is important.

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James Fisher and Sons plc

   This marine solutions company uses data visualization to help its customers make informed asset-management decisions.

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JP Morgan Chase

   One of the world’s largest banks reached new levels of precision in risk management models.

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   This Scandinavian postal operator is tackling missed deliveries with data and AI.

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   Germany’s largest airline is using data and AI to pursue an enhanced customer experience, empowered employees and operational excellence.

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Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

   Leaders used big data analytics to design automobiles that are better, safer and more personalized.

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Banco Macro

   Leaders at this Argentinian bank use AI to achieve 3-4x improvement in marketing outreach.

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   This Austrian startup used IBM Watson® solutions to help train and deploy deep learning models quickly.

   Watch the video (01:30) 

Geisinger Health System

   This healthcare organization used machine learning to develop more effective treatments for sepsis.

   Watch the video (01:38) 

Fifth Third Bank

   Leaders at this financial services company built a security-rich environment for advanced science.

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Red Electrica de Espana

   This Spanish electricity provider used data science and machine learning in the move to sustainable energy.

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Caixa Geral de Depósitos France

   Bankers used machine learning in the cloud for mobile-app loan decisions that save time and effort for customers.

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   Company leaders mined unstructured data to help predict intent, whenever and wherever customers interact.

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Rugby Football Union

   Leaders at this English union use centralized CRM and analytics-driven marketing to personalize fan messages.

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Boots UK

   This pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer lifted incremental spend with personalized promotions.

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West Point

   This US military academy employs prescriptive analytics to help cadets prepare for real-world problems.

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DSK Bank

   The largest private bank in Bulgaria delivers fast service to customers and manages risk in the loan process.

   Watch the video (02:34) 

     IBM Data and AI helps us explore big data and ultimately design better, smarter, safer automobiles.

   Kyoka Nakagawa
   Chief Engineer, TAC, Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Automobile R&D Center



   This automobile manufacturer is using Watson Assistant to advance the customer experience.

   Watch the video (02:43) 
   Woman in a white suit


   A global electrification, automation and digitalization company reduced its carbon footprint.

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   A large US insurance provider uses IBM Watson to help give quick answers to 13 million customers.

   Watch the video (02:27) 

General Motors

   One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers puts safety first with integrated audit, risk and control management.

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GM Financial

   The financial services arm of General Motors uses Watson Assistant to answer customer questions and improve the employee workday.

   Watch the video (02:19) 


   This insurance software provider partners with IBM to offer the best customer experience in the worst of times.

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   IBM Watson services, integrated with Box, automatically structure content and automate workflows in the cloud.

   Watch the video (01:39) 


   IBM Watson IoT® helps reduce downtime for a global servicer of elevators and escalators.

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Crédit Mutuel

   A leading French bank is freeing advisors from repetitive tasks to spend more time serving clients.

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   With a new AI platform, LegalMation drafts high-quality litigation work in minutes and reduced costs by 80%.

   Watch the video (03:07) 

US Open

   The United States Tennis Association used AI to help redefine the fan experience at the US Open.

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   The world’s third-largest insurance company is transforming business models with AI.

   Watch the video (02:39) 

Japan Airlines

   A chatbot gives personalized recommendations from the moment a customer begins searching for a flight.

   Watch the video (01:48) 

Vodafone GmbH

   The second-largest telecommunications company in Germany revolutionizes customer service with an intuitive chatbot.

   Watch the video (03:12) 

Miami-Dade County

   This county government uses Watson Assistant to take a refreshing approach to serving its citizens.

   Watch the video (02:25) 

Mueller, Inc.

   This metal roof manufacturer helps skill up a small-town workforce with IBM Garage™ and data and AI solutions.

   Explore the story 

Ancestry and Data41

   Ancestry scales growth and manages complexity with planning analytics for a hosted cloud solution.

   Watch the video (02:05) 

Stein Mart

   This US retailer is making sense of complex data with IBM Planning Analytics Powered by TM1®.

   Explore the story 

San Jacinto College District

   With IBM Watson solutions, this large academic organization is able to serve thousands of students 24/7.

   Watch the video (02:53) 

Sunbelt Rentals

   This heavy equipment rental company is scaling growth with IBM Planning Analytics Powered by TM1 and IBM Cognos® Analytics.

   Watch the video (02:24) 

Vapo Oy

   IBM Planning Analytics helped Finland’s Vapo Oy repurpose its stores of peat into an activated carbon portfolio.

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Smart Agritech Solution of Sweden

   IBM Watson helps create a pig scale production tracking system.

   Watch the video (02:38) 

United States Marine Corps

   IBM Watson helps efficiently deploy Marines – and then helps get them home.

   Explore the story 

AMVARA Consulting

   Leaders at AMVARA helped improve self-service for a premium car maker, helping business teams worldwide.

   Watch the video (01:59) 

Montage International

   This hotel and resort management company is rapidly expanding using Data and AI solutions from IBM.

   Watch the video (02:07) 


   This global healthcare solutions company offers a mobile personal assistant to aid daily diabetes management.

   Read the client story 

El Paso Electric

   A regional electric utility gets accurate insight into its operations to support decision-making.

   Read the client story 

Region Skåne

   A leading healthcare provider in Sweden used intelligent workflows to improve patients’ quality of life.

   Watch the video (02:46) 

American University in Cairo

   Leaders use data storage and IBM Cognos to improve the university experience.

   Watch the video (01:34) 

Alliant Energy

   This Wisconsin-based utility company is using Cognos Analytics to empower users at every level of the organization.

   Explore the story 

Chautauqua Institute

   This resort and education center is curating its guest experience with predictive analytics.

   Watch the video (02:11) 

University of Florida

   With the help of Cognos Analytics, UF is building a reputation as one of the best public universities in the US.

   Explore the story 


   To optimize productivity across its systems and better serve retailers of all sizes, Frito-Lay worked to centralize and modernize its tools.

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     We looked at the whole market and quickly realized that IBM is a leader in IoT and cognitive analytics.

   Henrik Ehrnrooth
   President and Chief Executive Officer, KONE

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