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Helping Families Make Smart Internet and TV Choices

   It can be challenging for families to manage their TV viewing and online use. The cable industry provides accessible and simple tools for families to manage their experiences built around choice, education, and control.

Empowering Families

   The cable industry is committed to helping parents and caregivers manage the relationship that their families have with media.

   Offering families a wide variety of educational, informative and entertaining TV programming.

   Educating ourselves and families in digital literacy, online safety, and ethics, can help learn the best uses of technology, information, and media.

   Providing resources needed for helping family’s manage their own media use, such as set multiple user profiles and time limits, or block channels and programming, and more.

Internet Resources

   Online Parental Controls

   Manage a child’s online activity with control functions provided by cable companies designed to help young people have a safe online experience.
   Responsible Online Interactions

   Learn and teach children how to behave appropriately, responsibly, and ethically in a variety of digital spaces.
   Media and Information Literacy

   Acquire media literacy skills to think critically about and evaluate more fully what’s being presented or the media you’re creating.
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Television Resources

   TV Parental Controls

   Find the many options to control the flow of TV programming in your home.
   TV Ratings

   Information about the content and age-appropriateness of television programs.
   Family-friendly Programming

   Not all programs are suitable for every audience, find what’s available.
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In Case You Missed It

   In Case You Missed It is a video series about the latest and greatest websites, apps and products to help you manage your kids online and media activities.
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   Are you using the same password over and over? You shouldn’t be!
   Do you have a creative kid? Sure you do!

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