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Women in Conflict

   Audio diaries of women who are working in the world's most war-torn areas

Available now

Coronavirus risk upgraded to highest level 

   Duration: 53:00

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29/02/2020 13:06 GMT 

   Today 13:06 GMT
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Supporting Content


How climate change is transforming lives
       Stories from around the world about our changing planet
          + Global stories on climate change

Russia: Stories from the 'Golden Ring'
       Voices from the towns that circle Moscow
          + Listen: Voices from the Golden Ring

Women's voices from Yemen
       Five audio diaries tell stories of life amid one of the world's most violent conflicts

The New Silk Road
       How China is launching a major new trade route via the ancient Silk Road
          + China's ambitious new trading project

70 Years On: Partition Stories
       Memories and stories of Partition in 1947 and the legacy Partition leaves with us today
          + Programmes, video and clips from across the BBC

China, the Party and the People
       Clips, reports and highlights on a society in flux
          + Clips, highlights and reports: China, the Party and the People

Inside The Philippines’ Deadly War On Drugs
       A brutal crack-down on drugs that has claimed more than 7000 lives
          + Former addicts, police officers and bereaved families share their stories

Delhi unrest continues as government appeals for calm 
       The Indian capital is experiencing its worst violence in decades
       Duration: 1:44

Why babies raised in bilingual homes are better at multi-tasking 
       New research shows bilingual babies are faster at switching tasks than monolingual babies
       Duration: 5:45

George Hood: World plank champion 
       The former US Marine held the plank position for eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds
       Duration: 2:52

What lessons have been learnt from how China has tackled coronavirus? 
       Coronavirus: A team from the World Health Organization is in Rome
       Duration: 2:23
       See all clips 

Images of western Aleppo 

C&H Garments - a Chinese factory in Ethiopia 

Drought hits education in Ethiopia 

Changing Myanmar 


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