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Game - Bud's Number Garden




Game - Earth Squad, Go!

   Join the Earth Squad and explore our planet’s habitats.





How to use found sounds




What is business enterprise?



Bitesize Daily will be back - plan ahead


Plan ahead with our online lesson schedule

   Lessons you can get back to after the break.

Bitesize on iPlayer

   Catch up on your lessons now.

Early years resources for learning at home

   Everything you'll need for you and your little ones.

Parents' Toolkit

   Tips and practical advice for supporting your child's wellbeing.

Fact or Fake


Why the news we see online isn't always what we think it is

   Find out how confirmation bias, echo chambers and filter bubbles can affect the news we see.

What are 'bots' and how can they spread fake news?

   Tech author Carl Miller takes a look at how online bots can be used to spread false stories.



Debunking the coronavirus

   Take this quiz to see if you can separate fact from fake.



Find out more about Bitesize Daily


New to BBC Bitesize?

   Find out how we can support you with learning, revision and homework.

How to use Bitesize Daily

   Here's how you can get the most out of Bitesize's new service.

Bitesize Daily FAQs

   Got a question about our new educational service? Look for answers here.

Book Club lessons

   All our Bitesize Daily Book Club reading lessons together in one place.

The Big Read Lessons

   We've collected all of our Bitesize Daily Big Read lessons together in one place.

As seen on the Daily show


Sign up for our Children and Parents newsletter

   Everything you need for homeschooling, sent straight to your inbox.

Bitesize Primary Parents' Survival Guide

   A podcast answering your biggest questions about schooling at home.

Around the UK


Cynnwys yn Gymraeg

   Mae Gwersi Dyddiol Bitesize yn cynnig gwersi Cymraeg, Mathemateg a rhagor i blant rhwng 3 ac 14 oed.


   Find resources across tv, radio and online to support learners in Scotland from Early Level up to Higher.

Northern Ireland

   Join us on 'The Afternoon Club' every weekday at 2pm. Watch again on the BBC Northern Ireland YouTube channel.



Parents’ Toolkit: SEND

   Resources, activities and support to help you and your family during lockdown.



Being kind to yourself by Holly Smale

   Lockdown can be hard, so don't be hard on yourself.



Don't judge a book by its cover

   We explore why people put up barriers and what to do if someone's body language seems a bit frosty.



Handpicked by Bitesize


Five DIY self-care activities to relax at home

   Treat your household to a homemade spa day or simply relax with these DIY self-care activities.



How long will it take to make a Covid-19 vaccine?




   Having a revision break? Take one of our quizzes!

From the rest of the BBC


BBC Teach








Bitesize App


14-16? Want revision on the go?

   Our Bitesize App shows your subjects with bespoke flashcards to help you study wherever and whenever you need to!

The Bitesize App is available on iOS

   If you are an iOS user, you can download the latest version of the Bitesize App from the AppStore.

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   If you're an Android user, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

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