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New on Bitesize


Do you know a ginnel from a twitten?

   Explore the wonderfully varied world of UK dialects.




Get your GCSE science study suggestions

   Answer 20 questions and we’ll suggest where you could improve.

GCSE- Science


Happy Holidays


The Bitesize advent calendar of kindness

   This year, use your advent calendar to remember to be kind to yourself and others.



What is Hanukkah?

   Discover more about the Jewish Festival of Lights.

KS2 Religion


How green is your Christmas?

   Small changes can make a big impact, so take our quiz to discover where you can do more.



Around the UK


Resources for the new term

   Here to help you find your feet, revise things that might be rusty, and help your health and wellbeing.



Dysgu Gartref

   Rho gynnig ar ein gwersi sy’n cynnwys fideos, cwisiau a gweithgareddau.



Outdoor detectives

   Outdoor Detectives is an exciting new project to encourage children to get outside and have a local adventure!

Northern Ireland


Fact or Fake


Quiz: Can you spot the real images?

   See if you can separate the real images from the fakes.

Fact or Fake


Mask washing mythbuster: Fake news around face masks

   Find out how to clean a face mask safely and properly for a new day at school or college.

Fact or Fake


Reality Check: Finding the facts in a pandemic

   Go behind the scenes with the BBC Reality Check team as they check stories and verify news.

Fact or Fake


More support


Early years resources for learning at home

   Everything you'll need for you and your little ones.

Early Years


Sign up for our Children and Parents newsletter

   Everything you need for homeschooling, sent straight to your inbox.



Bitesize on iPlayer

   Catch up on your lessons now.

Bitesize Daily




Five top tips for writing your personal statement

   StudyTuber and uni student, Simply Fran, gives her advice on how to ace your personal statement.



Six top tips for getting virtual work experience

   "Career happiness expert”, Emma Rosen, gives her advice on securing a virtual placement during the pandemic.



Ten top tips for studying online

   Top tips for distance learning from OU student, Tala Al-Shafee.



More from Bitesize


Notes to my teenage self: 12 celebs on their experiences of racism

   Black British celebrities look back at their teenage years and revisit the pressures they endured.



Quiz: Do you know your fictional locations?

   Can you spot the correct settings for your favourite TV shows, films, books and games?



X-rays and another accidental discoveries

   BBC Bitesize takes a look at some of the happy accidents that went on to change the world.



Bitesize App


14-16? Want revision on the go?

   Our Bitesize App shows your subjects with bespoke flashcards to help you study wherever and whenever you need to!

The Bitesize App is available on iOS

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