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Lockdown Learning

   Learning at home? We’ve got you! Try our lessons full of videos, quizzes and practice activities to help you with home learning.
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Extra resources

   Practical advice and activities.
   Resources from BBC Teach.

New on Bitesize


Finding the job that fits you in television

   Advice from the teams at EastEnders, Autumnwatch and Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.



Workout the Wright Way

   Join Mark Wright as he Works out the Wright Way.



Watch the daily Newsround bulletin

   Keep up to date with the biggest stories from around the world plus the best in entertainment, gaming and quizzes.



Learning games and tools


Play Primary games

   Level up now! Bitesize has loads of new games for you to play.



Game - FestiLingo: German

   Create your character and start your German adventure at FestiLingo.

KS3 German


Get your GCSE science study suggestions

   Answer 20 questions and we’ll suggest where you could improve.

GCSE Science




Five things that can help if you’re worried about going back to school

   Expert advice on how to handle back-to-school fears.



Dealing with change: Five top tips for coping with uncertain times

   Change can be daunting. Check out our expert advice for some tips on how to cope.



How to stay motivated

   Top tips for staying focused and driven, from children's mental health charity, Place2Be.



International Women's Day


International Women's Day: Why do we still need it?

   Four young people talk to their older family members about their experiences as women.



'He expected Arnold Schwarzenegger with a wig on, but it was me'

   BBC Bitesize spoke to three inspiring women challenging expectations.

International Women's Day


Women who rule: Five formidable queens from history

   How much do you know about these famous queens?



Around the UK


BBC Scotland - Lockdown Learning

   Resources to support learners, teachers and parents during lockdown.



Dysgu Gartref

   Rho gynnig ar ein gwersi sy’n cynnwys fideos, cwisiau a gweithgareddau.



Outdoor detectives

   Outdoor Detectives is an exciting new project to encourage children to get outside and have a local adventure!

Northern Ireland


Learning at home


Early years resources for learning at home

   Everything you'll need for you and your little ones.

Early Years


Lockdown Learning

   Learning at home? We've got you! Click here for downloadable timetables and more.



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   Everything you need for homeschooling, sent straight to your inbox.



Bitesize on iPlayer

   Catch up on your lessons now.

Bitesize Daily


More from Bitesize


Week 2: Maths problems of the week

   Are you ready to test your maths skills?



Why do we find it so hard to wake up in the mornings?

   Many of us dread the sound of the alarm - but what is it that makes getting up such hard work?



Say “Hello” to the Bitesize Chatbot

   BBC Bitesize has launched a new Facebook Messenger bot to help you find resources.



Bitesize App


14-16? Want revision on the go?

   Our Bitesize App shows your subjects with bespoke flashcards to help you study wherever and whenever you need to!

The Bitesize App is available on iOS

   If you are an iOS user, you can download the latest version of the Bitesize App from the AppStore.

The Bitesize App is available on Android

   If you're an Android user, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

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BBC Teach








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