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Wireless Networking and WiFi

Questions concerning setting up and troubleshooting a wireless network from Netgear, Linksys, Actiontec or other manufacturers


Asked by Alberta Schmitt in Wireless Networking and WiFi, Nicknames


What's the best name for a home wifi?

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Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi


Can tablets use wifi for their internet connection?

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   Many tablets do use Wi-Fi, and some even have 3G options. It depends on the tablet.

Asked in Health, Wireless Networking and WiFi


What are the advantages and disadvantages of GPRS?

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   poda dubuku dongiri

Asked in Computers, Wireless Networking and WiFi


What is psp xlink mode on your wi-fi adapter?

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   i don't i know much but it seems that it is a (program) that allow your psp to play online. and i mean games that are Ac hodc (not Internet) games only online! as to how to get it to work idk i trying to get it at the moment. (sorry I'm a bad speller)

Asked in Computer Networking, Internet, Wireless Networking and WiFi


How do you let someone use your wireless network?

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   put their computer in range,set to IEEE 802.1 or something on control panel corresponding to the server of your network and give them the password if there is one. MPGMichael Let's assume the person you want to allow on your wireless network has a wireless network adapter in their computer. Wireless networks are limited in range. There are several standards for wireless routers aka access points. Depending on your standard which is probably 802.11b or 802.11g for your home network the distance will vary. Also distances are increased for outdoor use because there are no signal obstructions. Let me guess you are using 802.11g and say that the specification is 27 meters or about 90 feet indoors. The steps to share your wireless connection should be fairly simple · First have your friend click on the wireless icon in the system tray for Windows 7x · A list of wireless networks that are in range will be displayed · Click on the one that is yours and you will see an option to connect · If you
   have a security key phrase assigned or a default security key they will have to enter it in the box that opens while trying to connect. · If you forgot the network security key then right click on your wireless connection on your own commuter and select properties. · When the properties box opens select show character in front of the Network security key to see the current key · The steps are very similar for Vista but you may need to ask the question again with more specifics like your operating system version, and possibly your type of wireless network appliance.

Asked in Microsoft Xbox, Wireless Networking and WiFi, Sony Playstation 3, Laptops


How does the wireless Internet work on laptops?

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   In simple terms, you have two hardware devices that make up wireless connections. First, you have a Wireless Access Point or AP or WAP. A wireless access point is simply a wireless hub. An AP has antennas for sending and receiving the wireless signal to other wireless devices and it also has a cat 5 connection for connecting to the network. The other device is a Wireless NIC. Wireless NIC's are manufactured for both desktop and laptop applications, however, the laptop NIC's are more popular. The wireless NIC's have a built-in antenna and it is also sends and receives signals. 802.11b/g devices send and receive at 2.4GHz. Absolutely fantastic! A friend of mine would bring over his laptop & while I sat with my desktops poorly performing internet connection, he'd be connected through a anonymous IP that was lucky to have been useful in getting his Apple Mac online & with great download speeds. Lucky, considering that they somehow had their radiation permeating into the inner spaces of my home.
   In fact, I should investigate whether or not the dangerous, brain zapping, wireless radiation is still violating the spaces of my inner sanctum. Imagine that, it's their produced & marketed product, yet my private property is infiltrated by it without any benefit produced other than the billions they rake in while emanating their intrusively trespassing, dangerous radiation Honestly, I am going to wrap some tin foil around my head and pray the aliens don't get me.

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi


What is a gigabit port on a wireless router?

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   Gigabit port on a wireless router is the latest network technology that supports data transmission rates up to 1000Mbps over a network cable compared to a fast Ethernet connection which peaks at 100Mbps.

Asked in Mobile Phones, Broadband Internet, Wireless Networking and WiFi


What is Reliance's Netconnect plus Wi-Fi Router?

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   Netconnect+ Wi-Fi Router which can be used by five users simultaneously. It's a data card and a Wi-fi router in one. Read more on Reliance's website,

Asked in Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi


Can a wireless router block internet connection?

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   Yes, it can. Many routers have firewall as an option. If it was configured to block connection for port 80 (outgoing), it will not have internet. There are other options allow to block access to internet. Read the manual. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another meaning could be... Can you block certain computers from the network? Most routers have a feature like a Black-list for Mac addresses. Lets assume you want to block 00:00:00:00:00:00 0.Connect your Computer to the router (wireless and Ethernet are both fine) :) 1.Read your router manual and try to find what you need to type into the address bar of your web browser in order to access the router controls. ( should be similar to 2.Search around for a Filter or only Deny these addresses button.(Note This is different for every manufacturer so I can't tell you exactly where it is) I hope it helped

Asked in Cable Internet, Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi


What are the advantages of wireless modem?

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   1. A wireless modem is a machine that is able to receive and transmit a network signal, like the Internet, without the use of cable connections and transmitting it to other units. 2. A Wi-Fi network gives you the freedom to be online anywhere in your house that is in range of your modem's Wi-Fi signal. 3. Which will provide the fastest, most reliable, and least expensive service. 4. wireless modems allows for access to the Internet almost anywhere that connection speeds may be slower than they would be through a wired line or Wi-Fi. 5. Speed of wireless broadband connections are always improving, however, and some providers may be able to rival the speeds of standard cable Internet.

Asked in Internet, Wireless Networking and WiFi, USB Flash Drives


How do you plug a flash drive into your wireless access point if there is no USB port?

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   All computers have this box with a power on/off button. And if it is a desktop computer you plug it into the box. If it is a laptop you plug it into the USB that is on the left side of the computer.

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi


What is the weakness of wireless LANs?

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   Security - since a wireless LAN doesn't require users to be physically connected to a network attachment point like a wall socket or router, protecting the network from unauthorized users and locating unauthorized users becomes slightly more difficult. Wireless access points generally offer encryption options, but require configuration. Speed - even modern wireless LAN standards such as 802.11n can only offer theoretical maximum speeds of up to 108 Mbps (2x2 MIMO or 40 MHz channel bonding) or 600 Mbps (4x4 MIMI with 40 MHz channel bonding--highly unrealistic), while in practice they can achieve only 10s of Mbps. Modern ethernet standards can consistently offer low-latency connections at speeds of 10s of Gbps. Shared Medium - since the wireless medium is shared by all wireless networks in the same area, it is becoming more and more likely that users speeds will become severely decreased due to contention between many clients. In wired LANs, the medium is much more private and this contention
   is much reduced.

Asked in Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi, Local Area Network


What are 2 types of guided transmission media?

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   FTP (file transfer protocol) and SMTP(Short massage transfer protocol) are two type of protocol help us to transfer the file

Asked in Computer Networking, Internet, Wireless Networking and WiFi


How far does Linksys E1000 wireless signal go?

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   One Light Year

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi


Do you need a wireless adapter for a wireless mouse?

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   no, they comes with a USB adapter

Asked in Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi


Where is the Nec ll550g wireless switch?

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Asked in Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi


What is the Bit Rate of 802.11g?

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   54 Mbit/sec not including collision errors. average in reality is about 22Mbit/sec

Asked in Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi, Local Area Network


How can you connect a router and 2 switch hub in a network?

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   You need to use "crossover" cable. Search on google and you can find the schematics. Router <==> Switch ===Regular Cat 5 Switch <==> Switch Crossover cable Crossover PIN layout of RJ-45 1 Rx+ 3 Tx+ 2 Rc- 6 Tx- 3 Tx+ 1 Rc+ 6 Tx- 2 Rc- Argumentable:( B standard (Most comercially bought cables) : White Orange, Orange, White Green, Blue, White Blue, Green, White Brown, Brown. Cross over cables are used primarily between to system NIC (Network Interface Card), not network devices. **Correction** Cross over cables are used to connect 2 like network devices. ie a switch to a switch, a router to a router , or a computer to a computer. There is one note though, some switches have the ability to detect if it is connected to another switch and will automatically "crossover" the cable for you. Router--switch--switch--router are all wired with normal patch cables regardless of using a WAN or LAN port.

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi, Local Area Network, Cisco


What is the importance of the OSI model?

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   The OSI model is a theoretical model of how protocols and standards should work together for a common understanding of network communications. It describes what happens when one packet goes from one device to another. Without the model we would not have an understanding of how to connect networks together. A network engineer needs a very good understanding of the model and the responsibilities of each layer of the model.

Asked in Computer Printers, Wireless Networking and WiFi, Laptops


Do you need internet for wireless printer?

   User Avatar 
   not if you are on the same local area network as the printer.

Asked in Microsoft Xbox, Wireless Networking and WiFi, Horse Isle


How do you turn off the Nat type?

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   This can be done on your settings at the dashboard or in certain games.

Asked in Computer Networking, Wireless Networking and WiFi, Local Area Network


What are the advantages of client-server networking over peer-peer networking?

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   Client-server networking is centralized - Resources and data security are controlled through the server. Scalability - Any or all elements can be replaced individually as needs increase. Flexibility - New technology can be easily integrated into system. Interoperability - All components (client/network/server) work together. Accessibility - Server can be accessed remotely and across multiple platforms. Speed - network will run far better as data and resources are handled by a dedicated machine. Also currently the user of the machine experiences poor performance when everyone accesses it's resources. Backup - as all data is stored centrally it is easy to backup. Support and management - as the server controls the majority of settings on the network etc the job of support is far easier as the main element of support is provided to the server and not individual machines. Global changes are easy to make from one location. Client/server allows the installation of anti-virus on a dedicated
   server, this means that all stations that are connected to that server are protected against viruses. In peer to peer, each station has to be installed with the anti-virus. Because peer to peer allows the sharing of files it is possible that some files are infected and because anti-virus is not as effective on peer to peer, the virus would get in and disrupt the network.

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi


Does longleat forest center parcs have wifi?

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   Yes, longleat does have wifi in most areas.

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi


How much does a belkin n wireless router cost?

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   I believe that the cost of a belkin n wireless router would depend on the model and store that you get it from. Different stores carry the same product for a different price. Overall, the router can range anywhere from $35-$100+.

Asked in Wireless Networking and WiFi, Computer Network Security


How do you stop a computer to broadcast?

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   Three basic ways: On most lap tops there is a switch on the front On most towers there is a USB stick to unplug On all computers WIFI and Blue-tooth can be disabled from "my computer".
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