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TV Programming and Commercials

A TV program refers to a broadcasted segment in television. The segment may be a part of a television series or may be a one-off broadcast only. Commercials are usually played during or between the programs, and feature feature products or upcoming events.


Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Super Bowl


How much did FOX pay for the Super Bowl?

   User Avatar 
   They paid $17.85 million for it. source- My dad is a writer for FOXSports, the online site. because they get many views from watchers and allows their ratings to go up

Asked in TV Shows and Series, TV Programming and Commercials, Friends (TV Series)


What happens in the last episode of Friends?

   User Avatar 
   The last episode of Friends is actually two episodes called The Last One Part 1 and Part 2. Erica is taken to hospital where she gives birth to twins (much to Monica and Chandler's surprise). Monica and Chandler name the baby girl Erica, after the birth-mother, and the boy Jack, after Monica and Ross' father. Ross and Rachel have spent the night together - i.e. had sex - and Ross particularly found it amazing. He wants Rachel to stay, but she says it was 'the perfect way to say goodbye' and is still planning on moving to Paris. Because Monica and Chandler will be moving in a few days, Joey has got them a housewarming present - Chick Junior and Duck Junior. Ross continues to debate over whether he should tell Rachel how he feels about her and how much he wants her to stay - Phoebe encourages him to tell her, but he says she'll just say no. Monica and Chandler bring the twins home and introduce them, but Rachel has to leave immediately afterwards to catch her flight. When she's left, Ross
   talks to Joey and Phoebe, finally deciding he has to stop Rachel to tell her how he feels. Phoebe drives him in her cab. They turn up at the airport, but it's the wrong one - they're at JFK, whereas Rachel is at Newark airport. Joey and Chandler find that the chick and duckling have gotten inside the Foosball table, and with help from Monica they break it open to rescue the birds - the table is essentially dead. Phoebe is driving Ross to Newark airport at (literally) break-neck speed. She phones Rachel, who has boarded the plane, and tells her that something is wrong with the left flange on the plane. Rachel doesn't believe her, but a fellow passenger overhears, panics, and there is a mass exodus where everyone disembarks. Chandler tells Joey to keep the chick and duckling with him, apparently because he and Monica will have too much to do with the babies, but actually because Monica doesn't want the birds. At Newark airport, they catch Rachel getting back on the plane. Ross asks her to
   stay but she says she can't. He leaves heartbroken and goes home alone. At home he finds a message from Rachel on the answering machine. She's apologising and realising that she loves him, that she needs to get off the plane. An argument about whether she can disembark is heard when the message is suddenly cut off. Ross yells 'Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?' 'I got off the plane,' comes a voice from behind and Rachel is in the doorway of his flat. They kiss. Finally, the six friends are standing in Monica and Chandler's empty apartment. They reminisce briefly about the fact that all of them (barring Ross) have lived there at some point, and Chandler tells the babies that it was a happy place. All six of them leave their keys to the flat on the counter top, then Rachel asks if there's time to get some coffee before Chandler and Monica leave for their new house. Chandler says 'Sure. Where?' The camera pans across the empty flat one last time from right to left, fading
   out over the keyhole of the door.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Drama and Acting, Mumbai, Auditioning


Indian idol results?

   User Avatar 
   The new winner is mike or mark i forgot his real name but he is a big man but has a good quality voice that you will love for him...

Asked in Men's Health, TV Programming and Commercials, Women's Clothing, Commercials


Who is the cute brunette in the Levitra commercial?

   User Avatar 
   Cute Brunette in the Levitra Commercial Her name is Marie Silvia. Deb D'Agostino has done work on Levitra Commercials she is a model from New York City. Not sure if this question relates to the commercials Deb is in.

Asked in Clothing, TV Programming and Commercials, Shoes


What kinds of boot does Anthony Bourdain wear?

   User Avatar 
   Anthony Bourdain named the Clarks Desert Boots as one of the 13 things he wouldn't leave home without. He says they are great for airport security and are really comfortable so you can wear them almost anywhere.

Asked in Insurance, Auto Insurance, TV Programming and Commercials


Who is Actress in Standard Insurance Commercial?

   User Avatar 
   She is the owner of the company.

Asked in Domestic Dogs, TV Programming and Commercials, Classic Television


What is the name of the dog in the Little Rascals?

   User Avatar 
   His name was Pete. Played by Pete the Dog.

Asked in Cable Television, TV Programming and Commercials, Time Warner


What channel is FSC on Time Warner?

   User Avatar 
   183. In my area anyway (Dallas). it all depends on who you have with your cable company

Asked in TV Shows and Series, TV Programming and Commercials, Action & Adventure TV Shows


How can you get role in tv serial?

   User Avatar 
   1. Ace and audition, get a call back and ace that as well. You might be sent in to read for the role by your agent or by the casting director who has seen you for other roles and thinks you're just swell 2. Be discovered selling pies at some farm and have that certain unexplainable charm 3. Be born lucky and grow up celebish 4. Or be in to getting pounded by a nebbish.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials


Who is the orbitz hovercraft guy?

   User Avatar 
   Who cares who he is, but didn't anybody tell Orbitz that hovercraft don't fly? He looks like a younger Alex Trebek. Could be a love child. No. not quite. I personally have seen hovercraft lift to an altitude of 10 ft. There's nothing in the commercials claiming actual flight and the actor's name is Terry Rhoads.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials


Studio 60 on the sunset strip season 2?

   User Avatar 
   There is no such thing. The show lasted only a single season (and barely, at that, probably to save face after it turned out to be so unsuccessful).

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Commercial Jingles, Commercials


What is the song used in the ''Naturally CTV'' promo?

   User Avatar 
   The song is called "Naturally" and it's by Selena Gomez & The Scene.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Cowboy Movies and Westerns, Classic Television, Gunsmoke (TV and Radio Show)


What was the name of Matt Dillon's sidekick in Gunsmoke Chester or Festus?

   User Avatar 
   chester <><><> Both. Different time periods. After Chester left the show, Festus was the new deputy.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Websites


Does cost money?

   User Avatar 
   No, it does not. You can go and make an account on it for free

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Glee (TV Series)


What actress plays the main girl in Glee?

   User Avatar 
   If by "main girl" you mean Rachel Berry, then she is played by Lea Michele.

Asked in Miscellaneous, TV Programming and Commercials, TV Shows and Series, Reality TV Shows


Who is the host for the show the next star?

   User Avatar 
   Adamo Ruggiero

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Days Of Our Lives


Does cox cable have the soap net channel?

   User Avatar 
   Yes they do.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials


Who is the actress in dirt girl world?

   User Avatar 
   The dirt girl actress is maree lowes

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Commercials


What is the song used for skinit TV Commercial?

   User Avatar 
   The song was actually created for the commercial. Email if you want more info.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Female Models


What is the name of models in lakme fruit blast commercial?

   User Avatar 
   Lisa Haydon, Amrit and Vipasha Agarwal

Asked in Movies, TV Programming and Commercials


Who is Polat Alemdar?

   User Avatar 
   Polat Alemdar is a Turkish Actor, his real name is Necati Sasmas, and he play in the Turkish serial movie called Kurtlar Vadisi or Valley of the Wolves. He is a really nice man, he is me uncle and i love him so much...

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Celebrities, Celebrity Relationships


Is Lindsey Shaw married to Devon Werkheiser?

   User Avatar 
   No, Devon Werkheiser is currently dating Molly McCook

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Commercials


Who is the girl in the subway melt commercial?

   User Avatar 
   Melinda Sward

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials


Who is the train driver on choo choo soul?

   User Avatar 
   The train driver on Choo Choo Soul is Nicky Polo. Nicky is an Air Force Senior Airman that does this as a part time job. Check him out on facebook!

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, TV Shows and Series, Animated TV Series


How many TUFF Puppy episodes are there?

   User Avatar 
   The series concluded on April 04th 2015 with 62 episodes.
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