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Subjective Questions

For all the questions with answers that change based on the answerer. You can't be wrong!


Asked by Alek Batz in Quarantine, Subjective Questions


What will your first vacation after quarantine be?

   User Avatar 
   I think I'll go to a mountain town, maybe somewhere in the Appalachians. I miss people but have loved the peace and quiet these times have offered, and I think that would allow me to get both.

Asked by Arnoldo Considine in Subjective Questions, Mother's Day


What do you love most about your mom?

   User Avatar 
   Her hugs. I've never had a problem a hug from my mom couldn't make better, at least for a little while.

Asked by Lenore Murphy in Subjective Questions, Food & Cooking


What is the one food you could eat for the rest of your life?

   User Avatar 
   Potatoes in any and all forms. My one true love.

Asked by Georgianna Rohan in Subjective Questions


What bad habits do you wish you could stop?

   User Avatar 
   There are so many, but number one is waiting to do my laundry until I don't have any clean clothes to wear.
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