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Questions related to the Russian Federation, (the largest country in the world) and its geography, history, demographics, government, politics, economy, people, culture etc.


Asked in Russia, Continents


What continent is Russia on?

   User Avatar 
   Russia is typically considered part of both Europe and Asia. There's some dispute over where the border between the continents actually is (in Russia and beyond), but most people say the part of Russia west of the Ural Mountains is European and the eastern part is Asian. That means more of Russia's landmass is in Asia, but more of the population lives in Europe, as the biggest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are both on the European side. If this frustrates you—"Why can't everything fit cleanly into our categories!"—I have bad news. Russia isn't the only country that spans multiple continents; Egypt, Greece, and Turkey do it, too.

Asked in Russia, Calling and Area Codes


Where is telephone country code 7?

   User Avatar 
   +7 (dialed as 00 7 from many places) is Russia and Kazakhstan Russia Landlines in Russia begin with +7 3, +7 4, or +7 8. Mobiles in Russia begin with +7 9. Kazakhstan All numbers in Kazakhstan begin with +7 7. Landlines in Kazakhstan begin with +7 71 or +7 72. Mobiles in Kazakhstan begin with +7 70 or +7 77 or +7 78. Other services in Kazakhstan begin with +7 75 or +7 76. invalid codes Numbers beginning with +7 0, +7 1, +7 2, +7 5, or +7 6 are invalid codes. Numbers beginning with +7 73, +7 74, and +7 79 are also invalid codes. (Originally, country code +7 was the entire USSR, but all the other former Soviet republics split off into their own individual country codes.) (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but North America (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011, Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use
   different prefixes.)

Asked in Russia, Latitude and Longitude


What is the Latitudinal and Longitudinal extent of Russia?

   User Avatar 
   Russias huge, why you would want the exact coordinates is beyind me but here they are Latitude: Approximately 43°N to 82°N Longitude: Approximately 27°E to 165°W It crosses the International date line

Asked in Restaurants and Dining Establishments, Russia, Denver, Mafia Wars (video game)


Is there a Russian Mafia in Denver?

   User Avatar 
   yes they will kill you

Asked in Russia, Asia


Is Russia in East Asia?

   User Avatar 
   Parts of it, yes but most of the population are in Eastern Europe and the people who live in the Asian part of Russia are mostly white.

Asked in Geography, Russia, Bodies of Water


What is the name of Russia's icebound sea?

   User Avatar 
   The Laptev Sea, but other sea's north of Russia are Barents Sea, Kara Sea, and the East Siberian Sea.

Asked in USSR in WW2, History of Europe, Russia


Why is Kaliningrad an important port to Russia?

   User Avatar 
   Before WWII Kaliningrad belonged to Germany (earlier Prussia), but in 1945 Russian leader Joseph Stalin wanted to get "kusok giermanskoj ziemli" ("a piece of German ground") and the city was incorporated to Russia. It is an important port because other Russian ports in Baltic Sea are located far in northeast. It was (and still is) a great base for Russian naval forces. But there is one problem - there is no land connection with other parts of Russia.

Asked in Australian Open, Tennis, Russia


What country Maria Sharapova play tennis for?

   User Avatar 
   She plays for and represents Russia.

Asked in Immigration, Russia, Passport Requirements, Visas - Document


What countries are Russians visa free to?

   User Avatar 
   the countries that are visa free for Russians are belaruse, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, and china (but has to be a group of minimum 5 persons) and plus the former USSR countries. hope that helps

Asked in History, Russia


Who introduced western customs in Russia?

   User Avatar 
   Peter I .Some customs included shaving off the Boyars beard.

Asked in Russia, The Difference Between


What is the difference between KGB and MGB?

   User Avatar 
   An MGB is a sports car and the KGB was the secret investigative arm of the Soviet Union, sort of like the CIA in the US.

Asked in Russia


Was Kiev the first capital of Russia?

   User Avatar 
   Yes. It was the capital of Kievan Rus' the birthplace of the Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Asked in Russia


How do you say happy holidays in Russia language?

   User Avatar 
   S Praznikam

Asked in Russia


What is the name of a Russian rulers wife?

   User Avatar 
   Tsarina is the name of a Russian rulers wife.

Asked in Netherlands, Russia, Importing and Exporting


What does Russia export to the Netherlands?

   User Avatar 
   Russia and the Netherlands have a strong import/export relationship, with the Netherlands helping to develope Russia's oil refineries and petro-chemical industry. As it seems to have come up as an issue, one should note that sex workers in the Netherlands are paid, not slaves. Slavery was outlawed there long before the United States outlawed it, and any cases of it happening are criminal cases - not the norm. The importation of sex workers - while having nothing to do with the question - is a problem that every Western nation is experiencing.

Asked in Russia


What are some unique features in russia?

   User Avatar 
   It's one of the biggest countries. Has more than 300 species of mammals, 30 species of amphibiens, and is one of the coldest climated countries.

Asked in Russia, Importing and Exporting, Fossil Fuels


What percentage of oil does Russia import?


Asked in Russia


What is Novosibirsk Russia's absolute location?

   User Avatar 
   55o 02" 02'.21 N 82o 55" 33'.28 E

Asked in Hindi Language and Culture, Home & Garden, Russia, Urdu


Wo kon sa pathar hai Jo pani mein nahi doobta?

   User Avatar 
   Namak ka Pather

Asked in Alaska, Russia, Maps and Directions


Are Alaska and Russia connected?

   User Avatar 
   They share a maritime or water border but no land border.

Asked in Russia


How much money does Russia make a year off iron?

   User Avatar 
   2.088 trillion (:

Asked in History of the United States, Russia, Quebec, National Anthems


Why is Russia's national anthem so cool?

   User Avatar 
   Because Stalin was the Russian version of Chuck Norris, and it was his anthem. FYI, The Russian anthem is the Soviet Anthem with different lyrics.

Asked in International Cuisine, Russia


The national food of Russia?

   User Avatar 
   Rye Bread or perhaps Kasha- a sort of porridge often made with buckwheat.

Asked in Russia, Asia, Eurasia


Is Russia in Europe or Asia?

   User Avatar 
   Russia is both in Europe and Asia. Most of it lies in Asia but more people live in the European part. Western or Central Russia is in Europe. 40% of Russia is in Europe. Russia's biggest cities Moscow and St Petersburg are both in Europe. Russians living in the western Asian part don't consider themselves Asian. Culturally, Russia is European, but most of the country is in Asia.

Asked in Sports, Russia


What is the national sport for Russia?

   User Avatar 
   Football, ice hockey and basketball. Other sports widely played in Russia include team handball, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, volleyball, rugby union and skiing.
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