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A quarantine is a period of isolation and restriction of the movement of both people and goods to prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses.


Asked by Alek Batz in Quarantine, Subjective Questions


What will your first vacation after quarantine be?

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   I think I'll go to a mountain town, maybe somewhere in the Appalachians. I miss people but have loved the peace and quiet these times have offered, and I think that would allow me to get both.

Asked by Myriam Morissette in Quarantine, Household Hints


How long should a roll of toilet paper last?

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   According to a new website called “How much toilet paper?” a standard pack of four rolls will last just about a month if you’re someone who makes two bathroom visits per day. Of course, this is just an estimate, and results will vary based on individual households and habits. Also keep in mind that these days, more people are staying home and thus using more of their house supply than they normally would. Toilet paper manufacturer Georgia-Pacific LLC told TODAY in an email: “The average U.S. household (2.6 people) uses 409 equivalized regular rolls per year. Using our own calculations, staying at home 24-7 would result in ~140% increase vs. average daily usage.” “Therefore, to last approximately 2 weeks, a 2-person household would need ~9 double rolls, or ~5 mega rolls. A 4-person household would need ~17 double rolls, or ~9 mega rolls to last approximately 2 weeks.”

Asked by Sammy Beahan in COVID-19, Quarantine


What are your best tips for staying sane while social distancing?

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   The tips from experts (you can read the CDC's here) generally include taking breaks from the news, keeping a routine, exercising, picking up hobbies, and virtually chatting with loved ones. For me specifically, virtual book club has been my personal savior. Having something to read and people to keep me accountable, plus having a reason to take really overkill notes on what I'm reading, plus having a virtual meeting to look forward to has all been really helpful.
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