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A movie rental company, Netflix delivers DVDs in the mail to its customers for a monthly subscription. It also maintains a huge library of streaming movies online.


Asked in iTunes, Netflix


Why isn't Entourage available on Netflix?

   User Avatar 
   I just called Netflix customer service about this very same issue. I love Entourage and want to stream it on my system, Season 7 or any for that matter. I was told that Netflix is in negotiations with HBO for the rights to stream Entourage...but nothing is final at this time. I assume it is a financial issue. Netflix does not want to pay the $$ amount that HBO is demanding.

Asked in iPhone, Netflix


How much does the Netflix app cost?

   User Avatar 
   7.99 per month

Asked by Ashton Stoltenberg in Netflix, Movie Downloads and Rentals


Did Blockbuster refuse to buy Netflix?

   User Avatar 
   Yes. In 2000, when Blockbuster was the titan of the movie-rental industry and Netflix was a scrappy DVD-by-mail upstart, top dogs from both companies met about a potential sale. Netflix's founders offered to sell their company to Blockbuster, and when they mentioned their price tag of $50 million, Blockbuster’s CEO stifled a laugh and ultimately turned them down. Ten years later, Blockbuster went out of business; that same year, Netflix, by then in the streaming game, brought in over $2 billion in revenue. In 2019, they brought in $20 billion.

Asked in Sony Playstation 3, Netflix


Can you download movies from netflix to a sony playstation 3?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Netflix


What is NFI WWW NE?

   User Avatar 
   If it's appearing on your account like that, it's netflix

Asked by Russel Paucek in Netflix, Friends (TV Series), TV Shows and Series


Why is “Friends” gone from Netflix?

   User Avatar 
   Netflix’s streaming deal with Friends ended as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s. Netflix simply got outbid—last June, The Hollywood Reporter reported that HBO Max, a streaming service launching in May, agreed to pay $85 million a year for five years of that Friends-y goodness. The New Year’s blues will come around next year, too, as The Office will leave Netflix on Jan. 1, 2021, and reappear on NBCUniversal’s planned streaming service, Peacock, soon after.

Asked in Netflix


Can you use Netflix while traveling?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, anywhere you can get access to the internet and log in to your account.

Asked in Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows, Doctor Who, Netflix


When is Doctor Who season 5 coming to watch instantly on netflix?

   User Avatar 
   Season 1-5 is available for instant streaming.

Asked in The Twilight Saga, Netflix, Twilight Breaking Dawn


Is twilight on Netflix instant?

   User Avatar 
   no not on Netflix Instant only available on dvd from netflix.

Asked in Pokemon, Pokemon Ranger, Netflix


Does netflics have Pokemon Ranger and the temple of the sea?

   User Avatar 
   Yes. However, it is only available on DVD. Netflix does not offer any Pokémon titles for streaming.

Asked in Netflix, Samsung


Can you get Netflix on a samsung bd-p1500?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Microsoft Xbox 360, Netflix, Games


How do you log out of Netflix on an xbox?

   User Avatar 
   Go to System settings > Memory > Harddrive > Games> Netflix: Delete Member Credentials

Asked in Teen Dating, Netflix


Name of movie in Netflix commercial where there's a guy chained up in a dungeon and the woman whose about to watch the movie walks up to him and talks to him about his skinnydipping scene?

   User Avatar 
   I believe that's not a movie. That is a scene Netflix made up. :) I just want to know the guys name. He was hot! lol

Asked in Netflix


Why doesn't Netflix have more anime streaming?

   User Avatar 
   Netflix is always updating their streaming catalog. Major additions were made to their anime catalog today 10/01/10. However, they are still lacking in streaming anime titles. The first problem is that the rights to different anime are owned by so many different companies. There aren't like 8 huge production studios like there are for regular movies made in America. Getting all these companies to agree to stream their shows takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Another big problem is money. Many anime shows don't generate a lot of money in America. Because a person can just watch an anime on Netflix streaming or DVD, the anime studios don't get as much money as if all those people had bought those dvds themselves. Another problem with anime in America is that many times anime is ridiculously expensive. A four-episode DVD can cost you $20, and many shows are 5 or more discs long, meaning a whole season can cost upwards of $100+. In contrast many live action or even animated American show's
   seasons are $30-$60. These prices can deter a curious customer from purchasing anime. Although interest in anime in America grows more and more, it is still a niche market. Films by people like Hayao Miyazaki help bring anime mainstream success and exposure in the U.S., but many people still view anime as just cartoons. All this leads many of those in "power" in the movie and television industry to neglect anime, which makes it less visible in the U.S., which makes anime less money in the U.S., which makes it less likely for Netflix to have access or "the right" to stream anime titles.

Asked in Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows, Doctor Who, Netflix


When will season 6 of Doctor Who be on Netflix watch instantly?

   User Avatar 
   When they air all the episodes on TV.

Asked in Doctor Who, Netflix


When will season 6 of Doctor Who be available on Netflix?

   User Avatar 
   Doctor Who does not appear to be available on Netflix. It is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Asked in Nintendo Wii, Netflix


How do you uninstall Netflix on Wii?

   User Avatar 
   1) Click on "Wii" in the bottom left corner of the home menu 2) "Data Management" 3) "Channels" 4) Click on "Netflix" 5) "Erase"

Asked in Netflix


What is instant queue for Netflix?

   User Avatar 
   It is when you mark a movie so you can come back to it later. Or if you want to watch the movie several times.

Asked in Nintendo Wii, Netflix


How do you deactivate Netflix from the Wii?

   User Avatar 
   Go to Wii console home screen - click on Wii Button in the left hand bottom - Select Data Management - Select Save Data - Select Wii - Find the Red N (for Netflix) and select Erase - Select Back until you get back to the Wii home screen

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Commercial Jingles, Netflix


What is the classical song in the new Netflix commercial?

   User Avatar 
   Requim Mass in D Minor by Mozart

Asked in Netflix


Does it cost money to watch movies on Netflix?

   User Avatar 
   yes, there is a nominal fee.

Asked in Credit and Debit Cards, Credit, Netflix


How do you use Netflix without a credit card?

   User Avatar 
   It doesn't sound lik it. So pretty much no

Asked in Netflix


How do you delete Netflix on wii?

   User Avatar 
   1) Click on "Wii" in the bottom left corner of the home menu 2) "Data Management" 3) "Channels" 4) Click on "Netflix" 5) "Erase"

Asked in Netflix


Does the Netflix app need wifi?

   User Avatar 
   If you are using a iPod or an iPad with no data plan, you will need a WiFi connection. If you are using an iPhone or an iPad with a data plan, you do not need a WiFi connection depending on the speed and coverage. However, when on an iPhone or iPad with a data plan, it is always best to be connected to a WiFI connection so you don't incur with an overage charges unless you have a unlimited data plan. For mor questions regaurding you data plans and charges, contact your carrier.

Asked in Netflix


How do you get a free Netflix account?

   User Avatar 
   With dish
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