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Flower Gardening

Everyone loves a beautiful flower garden, but they don't get to be so beautiful on their own. While many grow them for the enjoyment, as well as for the beauty and sometimes profit, a lot of knowledge and work goes into that beauty! Ask your questions about the propagation, planting, maintenance, trouble shooting, harvesting, enjoyment, and more of flower gardening. Questions about famous flower gardens around the world are welcome, too!


Asked by Derrick Reichert in Flower Gardening


Do perennials come back every year?

   User Avatar 
   Yes! Perennials are plants that live for at least three years and typically bloom for one season each year. Their counterparts are annuals, which have to be replanted yearly, and the lesser-known biennials, which take two years to complete their growth cycle. Although many perennials live a long time, they don't live forever, and some might die in as little as three or five years.

Asked in Holidays and Traditions, Flower Gardening, India


When is town park flower show huda faridabad 2011?

   User Avatar 
   It is held annually in the month of January. Faridabad is a town 25 miles from Delhi, India.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Gardening


What are flower growers called?

   User Avatar 
   Professional flower growers are called florists in most English speaking countries.

Asked in Plants and Flowers, Arts and Crafts, Flower Gardening


Can you make a candle out of a sampaguita flower?

   User Avatar 
   yes. I have never heard of making a candle out of a flower before. Maybe use the flower as a base and dip it in hot wax over and over again and put a wick in the center. However, it should be possible to extract oil from the flower, retaining it's smell of jasmine. If you had enough of them, you would be able to scent a candle. You could also embed the flower itself in the hot wax and not only get some scent out of it as it burns, but it would look pretty at the side of the candle. A bit more: I would advise letting the flower dry first, otherwise the moisture in the flower may rot inside the wax. You can dry flowers using a food dehydrator, or by placing them in the oven on the top rack, and on the "warm" setting for about 30 minutes, then turn off the oven and let them remain overnight without opening the oven door.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Botany or Plant Biology


What are the four structures of a complete flower?

   User Avatar 
   Four Parts of a Flower: Typically a flower has four structures. These are attached to the stalk and ordered as four whorls. Starting from the lowest, they are as follows. Calyx: These are the sepals and enclose the flower when it is still a bud. Corolla: These are the petals. Androecium: These are the stamens. Stamens are where pollen is produced. Gynoecium: This is the pistil, the innermost whorl of a flower, composed of units called carpels which is the structure for the egg cells that turn into seeds. In another terminology, one hears the four parts of the flower described as pistil, stamen, petals and sepal. The gynoecium, the innermost whorl is the pistil and consists of an ovary, style and stigma. A pistil one or several carpels fused together. The sticky tip of the pistil, the stigma, is where pollen attaches to the stalk. The style is supportive stalk where the pathway for pollen tubes grow from where the pollen grains attach.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Botany or Plant Biology


What is it called when a flower opens?

   User Avatar 
   Blooming Blooming is the general term used to depict flowering. The opening of a flower is called anthesis. Different plants have different timings of anthesis or flower opening.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Houseplants, Gardening


What is an indigenous flower?

   User Avatar 
   Rather than give you a scientific botanical answer, here's a simple one related to human beings that helps to describe this kind of plant or flower. In Australia, the Aboriginal people are indigenous, which means they come from Australia and nowhere else. They are unique to that continent. An indigenous plant is one that is unique to a particular place. For example, the California poppy is indigenous to the state of California. Both aborigines and poppies can live elsewhere if it is to their liking, but their origins remain the same no matter how long they dwell in the new location. However, unless you can prove a plant totally originates in the place that you are, the chances are that they were brought back to that country from another country, by the intrepid botanists of the 16th century to present day. Also many seeds floated across oceans and landed on other shores and eventually became indigenous. It is an interesting subject..for many that we call plants in the Uk for instance, are
   classed as weeds elsewhere

Asked in Flower Gardening


Why have your white agapanthus flowers turned blue?

   User Avatar 
   Agapanthus colour is normally genetically determined, as such a white flower cannot turn blue. This does happen with flowers such as Hydrangea, where a blue or white flower can be turned pink - this is a result of the pH or acidity level of the soil

Asked in Flower Gardening, Biology, Sunflowers


Which flower grows faster a rose or a sunflower?

   User Avatar 
   sunflowers grow faster.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Gardening


What are pebbles used for?

   User Avatar 
   Pebbles can be used for scenery around a garden or a pond. Pebbles are usually smooth river rocks. You can go buy them at Home Depot.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Sunflowers


Why did the petals of a sunflower close up?

   User Avatar 
   Because it had been pollinated.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Gardening


Where can I get a flower box liner?

   User Avatar 
   Many of your garden/hardware stores have them including Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Rainforests


What is the stinkiest flower in the rainforest?

   User Avatar 
   The corpse flower is the stinkiest flower in the rain forest.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Translations


How is flower written in other languages?

   User Avatar 
   In Japanese, flower is 花 (hana).

Asked in Science, Flower Gardening, Botany or Plant Biology


Is an iris a sun or a shade plant?

   User Avatar 
   Iris is definitely a sun plant.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Houseplants, Cactus Gardening


What are the spikes on the cacti used for?

   User Avatar 
   The spikes of a cactus prevents a herbivore from eating it as well prevents water loss through transpiration.

Asked in Organic Gardening, Flower Gardening, Herb Gardening


What is a young sprout?

   User Avatar 
   A sprout is the start of a new plant, usually from a seed.

Asked in Botany or Plant Biology, Flower Gardening


Can you collect the seeds of a nasturtium plant?

   User Avatar 
   Yes. Let them mature naturally on the plant. Collect (pick) the seeds when they are full and dry. Store in a dry place and protect from freezing over the winter. Plant directly into the ground in spring.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Lilies


How do you care for a hybrid lily?

   User Avatar 
   i had this same problem with my "stargazer" oriental hybrid lilys. They kept dieing and i didnt know why... this helped me alot hope they help you like they did me ^^

Asked in Flower Gardening, Botany or Plant Biology, Compost and Mulch


How do waste products help to grow plants?

   User Avatar 
   That they are rich in nitrogen, which is an essential plant nutrient, is the reason why waste products can be used to help grow plants. Specifically, among the most effective waste products are those from such soil food web members are earthworms. Nitrogen tends to be readily present in the soil, but not often available to plants. It only is available for intake by plant roots if it is in soluble form. Soil food web members such as earthworms take in nitrogen, which is eliminated in soluble form due to processing inside the worm's body.

Asked in Flower Gardening


What flowers do women like besides roses?

   User Avatar 
   Women like a great many flowers besides roses. It is best to ask what the woman of your life prefers. Or you may want your florist make a suggestion based on what is currently blooming and perhaps go with your woman's favorite color. You could see if flower "language" helps get your message across.

Asked in Flower Gardening, Houseplants


What eats prickly pear cacti?

   User Avatar 
   All or most types of Galápagos Finches do. When I was in Morocco at a souk (or market) a vendor was selling Prickly Pear fruit which he had piled in a pannier carried by a donkey. When we asked to buy he used a pocket knife to peel the spiny skins off the fruit. The flesh was juicy and sweet and a bit pippy. So to answer your question: people eat Prickly pear cacti.

Asked in Plants and Flowers, Flower Gardening


What do you call many flowers on one stem?

   User Avatar 
   A florist calls many flowers on one stem a "spray"; for example spray mums or spray roses. A botanist would call a number of flowers on one stem an "inflorescence" and then use other words to describe how exactly the flowers are arranged on the stem, such as "spike" (ex. snapdragons), "panicle" (ex. blue flax) or "umbel" (ex. yarrow).

Asked in Flower Gardening, Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters


What are some 3-syllable words that begin with the letter B?

   User Avatar 
   Some 3 syllable words that begin with B are: balcony (bal·co·ny) battalion (bat·tal·ion) beautiful (beau·ti·ful) borderline (bord·er·line) badminton (bad·min·ton) banister (ban·is·ter) bakery (bak·er·y) barrier (bar·ri·er) Borneo (Bor·ne·o) beverage (bev·er·age) barbecue (bar·be·cue) burgundy (bur·gun·dy)

Asked in Flower Gardening, Taxonomy


What is the scientific name of hibiscus?

   User Avatar 
   The scientific name of the hibiscus is rosa-sinensis.
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