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Eminem (born Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is an American rapper, record producer, and actor who is ranked in the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.


Asked in Salary and Pay Rates, London, Eminem


How much money do photographers make per year?

   User Avatar 
   $35,000 on average.

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Where does Eminem live now?

   User Avatar 
   Eminem currently lives in Rochester in Michigan. He lives there with his half brother and three daughters, Hayley Jade, his real daughter, Alania, his neice and Mare, kim's daughter from amother man

Asked in Eminem


Has Eminem killed someone?

   User Avatar 
   No Eminem has never killed anyone Not every rapper is a killer....

Asked in Eminem


Who has sold more albums Kanye West or eminem?

   User Avatar 
   eminem for sure, 80 million records vs like around 15 mil records

Asked in Eminem


Anyone know what jacket was eminem wearing at the 2010 VMA's?

   User Avatar 
   Eminim was wearing a GUCCI jacket!!!!♥

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How old is Hailie Mathers?

   User Avatar 
   Hailie Scott (Mathers) is 22 years old (born December 25, 1995).

Asked in Eminem


What influenced Eminem to become a rapper?

   User Avatar 
   He grew up in an area surrounded by hip hop and rap so where he lived was a major part of his influence towards hip hop. He was also influenced by raps greats including tupac

Asked in Eminem


Why does Eminem play a different person in 8 mile?

   User Avatar 
   The movie is not based on Eminem contrary to popular belief. He says it is about growing up and living in Detroit, not a biography movie of him. Therefore, he is not the character in the movie.

Asked in Eminem


What are the lyrics to crack a bottle clean?

   User Avatar 
   Oooh! Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for In this corner, weighing 175 pounds, with a record of 400 assaults the undisputed, most diabolical Villain in the world, Slim Shady! So crack a bottle, let your body waddle Don't act like a snobby model You just hit the lotto Ladies love us and my posse's kicking up dust It's on till the break of dawn and we're starting this party from dusk Ok, let's go Back when Andre, the giant, mister elephant tusk Picture us, you'll just be another one bit the dust Just one up my mother's son who got thrown under the bus It disgusts me to see the game the way that it looks It's a must, I redeem my name and haters get mushed man they love me when I'm laying the cut Now picture us, it's ridiculous you curse at the thought Cuz when I spit the verse this gets worse than Worcestershire sauce If I could fit the words as picture perfect, works every time Every verse, every line, as simple as nursery rhymes It's elementary, the elephants have
   entered the room I venture to say with the center of attention its true Not to mention back with a vengeance and hit the signal Of the bat symbol, the platinum trio is back on you (chorus) Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Dre They see that low rider go by they're like "Oh my!" You ain't got to tell me why you're sick cuz I know why I'm an itch that they can't scratch, they're sick of me But hey, what else can I say? I love LA Cuz over and above all, it's just another day And this one begins where the last one ends Pick up where we left off Just crashed my Benz Driving around with a smashed front end Let's cash that one in Grab another one from out the stable The Monte Carlo, El Camino or the El Dorado How would I know? Do I want leather seats or vinyl? Decisions, decisions, garage looks like Precision Collision Just keep the bass low, speakers away from your face though (chorus) And I take great pleasure in introducing, 50 Cent it's simple We out of control like you wouldn't believe I'm the
   napalm, the bomb, the Don, I'm King Kong I'm so calm through Vietnam, ring the alarm on and on till the break of what Get the money I spend it like it don't mean nothing Blow it like I'm Bill Gates ya know? I'm grown I stunt I style I rip up the the checks I gets what I want Fat burgundy bags, classy Jimmy Cho shoes I say move you move (chorus)

Asked in Celebrities, Eminem


Who is Marshall Bruce Mathers II?

   User Avatar 
   Marshall Bruce Mathers II is not EMINEM. Marshall Bruce Mathers II is EMINEM's biological father who deserted him at a very young age.

Asked in Kendall Schmidt, Eminem


Who is the best white male rapper?

   User Avatar 
   Eminem this question is more of an opion

Asked in Eminem


When did Eminem write Space Bound?

   User Avatar 
   Eminem wrote the song Space Bound in 2010, Duuh

Asked in Eminem


Where do I send Eminem Fanmail?

   User Avatar 
   Hi my name is Sean am a fan of yours my favorite song is mocking bird do you have a nick name wish some day i get see you on stage.

Asked by Charlie Schulist in Oscars, Eminem


Why did Eminem perform at the 2020 Oscars?

   User Avatar 
   No, you’re not missing anything. We’re all confused. Eminem wasn’t up for any awards this year, and there was nothing that suddenly made “Lose Yourself” more culturally relevant this year. The rapper’s tweet about his performance implied that it was to make up for the fact that he couldn’t make it to the 2003 ceremony where “Lose Yourself” was honored with Best Original Song. And since the performance was introduced with a montage about the power of music in films, I guess that’s what made it make sense? We’re all talking about it, anyway, and that was clearly the goal.

Asked in Eminem


Is EMinem in worldwide choppers?

   User Avatar 
   Hell No. "Never has the time to work with Tech N9ne". They would make awesome music. He knows it too!! They were both in an old song with some other rappers called "The Anthem." Yelawolf is in "Worldwide Choppers." He is Eminem's protege.

Asked in Eminem


What genre of music does eminem sing?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Eminem, Lindsay Lohan


Who plays Lindsay Lohan in eminem video?

   User Avatar 
   Jennifer Foster shes hot

Asked in Eminem


Is there any hint at Eminem doing a UK tour again?


Asked in Eminem


What has Eminem achieved?

   User Avatar 
   He's the only rapper to have 2 diamond albums(Eminem Show, and I think marshal mathers lp). 2Pac will be 2nd after All Eyez on Me has a million more sell's. So Buy the album.

Asked in Eminem


Why do they call Eminem slim shady?

   User Avatar 
   they call him slim shady because that was the name he choose when he was with D12

Asked in Music Genres, Eminem


What is Eminem's real name?

   User Avatar 
   Eminem's real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Asked in Eminem


What are all of Eminem's collaborations?

   User Avatar 
   The underground EP (1996) with D12 Devil's Night (2001) with D12 D12 World (2004) with D12 "Drop the World" and "No Love" with Lil' Wayne "Touchdown" and "That's All She Wrote" with T.I. "C'mon Let Me Ride" with Skylar Grey "I Need a Doctor," "Forgot About Dre," "Crack a Bottle," "Old Time's Sake," and "Hell Breaks Loose" with Dr. Dre (probably some more) "Renegade" with Jay-Z "Stan" with Dido Hell: The Sequel with Royce da 5'9 a bunch of songs with Slaughterhouse "Forever" with Drake "Talking 2 Myself" with Kobe "Won't Back Down" with P!nk "Love the Way You Lie," "Love the Way You Lie Pt.2," and another song with Rihanna something with Lloyd Banks "Airplanes Pt. II" and "Things Get Worse" with B.o.B "My Life," "Crack a Bottle," and some other songs with 50 Cent some unreleased song with Young Jeezy "Roman's Revenge" with Nicki Minaj

Asked in Eminem


What is Eminem's horoscope?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Movies, Eminem


Who represents KIM in movie 8 Mile?

   User Avatar 
   8 Mile does NOT correlate directly with Eminem's life, so there is nobody representing Kim in 8 Mile. It's not a biography.

Asked in Eminem


Who sings with eminem in spend some time?

   User Avatar 
   Eminem (Feat. Obie Trice, Stat Quo & 50 Cent) - Spend Some Time ;-)
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