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Classic Television

Here you can ask about the black and white television shows of yesteryear.


Asked in Movies, Classic Television


Which actors played The villains in the Batman series?

   User Avatar 
   Elmo SandlerThe Count Devito

Asked in Classic Television


Did Mary Tyler Moore win eight Emmy Awards?

   User Avatar 
   The Mary Tyler Moore Show won a total of 29 Emmys : Wins - Outstanding Comedy Series [3] - (1975,76,77) , Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series [3] - Mary Tyler Moore ('73,74,76) , Actress of the Year: Series [1] - Mary Tyler Moore ('74) , Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series [5] - Ed Asner ('71,72,75), Ted Knight ('73,76) , Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series [6] - Valerie Harper ('71,72,73), Cloris Leachman ('74), Betty White ('75,76) , Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama Series [1] - Cloris Leachman ('75) (shared w/ Zohra Lampert, Kojak) , Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series [5] - James L. Brooks, Allan Burns (1971), Treva Silverman (1974), Ed Weinberger, Stan Daniels (1975), David Lloyd (1976), Allan Burns, James L. Brooks, Ed Weinberger, Stan Daniels, David Lloyd, Bob Ellison (1977) , Writer of the Year: TV Series [1] - Treva Silverman ('74) , Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series [2] - Jay Sandrich (1971),
   Jay Sandrich (1973) , Outstanding Film Editing [2] - Douglas Hines ('75,77) .

Asked in Classic Television, Comedy TV Shows


How old were each of the Golden Girls?

   User Avatar 
   Blanche Devereaux played by Rue McClanahan born February 21, 1934 and passed June 3, 2010 Rose Nylund played by Betty White born January 17, 1922 Dorothy Zbornak played by Bea Arthur born May 13, 1922 and passed April 25, 2009 Sophia Petrillo played by Estelle Getty born July 25, 1923 and passed July 22, 2008

Asked in Domestic Dogs, TV Programming and Commercials, Classic Television


What is the name of the dog in the Little Rascals?

   User Avatar 
   His name was Pete. Played by Pete the Dog.

Asked in TV Programming and Commercials, Cowboy Movies and Westerns, Classic Television, Gunsmoke (TV and Radio Show)


What was the name of Matt Dillon's sidekick in Gunsmoke Chester or Festus?

   User Avatar 
   chester <><><> Both. Different time periods. After Chester left the show, Festus was the new deputy.

Asked in Classic Television, Children's TV Shows, Sesame Street


What year did Sesame Street begin?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Action & Adventure Movies, Classic Television, Batman 


What was robin's catch phrase from batman?

   User Avatar 
   Holy Toledo batman

Asked in Classic Television


How did Bill Bixby die?

   User Avatar 
   Bill Bixby died of prostate cancer on November 21, 1993. Bixby was 59 years old.

Asked in Action & Adventure Movies, Classic Television, Batman 


How did Batman get robin?

   User Avatar 
   Robin 1 Dick Greyson's parents were killed in a horrible circus accident. Not long afterward he was adopted by million heir playboy, Bruce Wayne. When Dick stumbled on to the secret that Bruce is actually Batman, Bruce trained the young acrobat to become his side kick and dubbed him 'Robin.' Eventually Dick struck out on his own as the super hero known as 'Nighwing.' Robin 2 In 1983, DC comics began revamping older series and Jason Todd was named the new Robin and given a similar back story. In 1988 The Joker kidnapped Jason Todd and DC comics ran a phone poll where readers could call in and vote for weather or not they wanted the Joker to kill him. The character was killed off by a vote of 5343-5271. He later was resurrected as the anti-hero "The Red Hood.' Robin 3 Tim Drake was in the audience at the circus when Dick Graysons parents were killed. Later he introduced himself to Grayson (When Grayson had taken the roll of Nightwing) and impressed him with his skill. Grayson and Alfred
   Pennyworth appealed to Bruce Wayne to become the new Robin. Wayne eventually agreed and trained him as the new Robin. He has since assumed the identity of "Red Robin". Robin 4 Stephanie Brown was first introduced as the daughter of the lesser Riddler-like super-villain, "Cluemaster". She created the costumed identity "The Spoiler" in order to foil her father's elaborate crimes. She was discovered by Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) and discouraged from continuing her vigilante career. But she did continue and teamed up regularly (occasionally romantically) with Robin. When Tim was forced to retire as Robin by his father, Stephanie briefly took up the role of Robin. After a run-in with Black Mask and her identity was compromised, she faked her own death and later re-appeared first as Spoiler and then Batgirl. Robin 5 Damian Wayne is the biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Gestated in an artificial womb, he was trained by the League of Assassins until about the age of 7 or 8, when
   Talia introduced him to Batman. His lethal methods were eventually reformed and he assumed the role of Robin. As of this writing, he has recently been killed by an older clone of himself.

Asked in Action & Adventure TV Shows, Classic Television, Crime TV Shows


What does the l mean in tv ratings?

   User Avatar 
   Infrequent coarse language

Asked in Celebrity Sexual Orientation, Cowboy Movies and Westerns, Classic Television


Was Chuck Connors The Rifleman gay?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, Chuck Connors was indeed a homosexual. Back in the day he was seen quite frequently on the Sunset Strip cruising for young male hustlers.

Asked in Kansas City Royals, Baseball Memorabilia, Gophers and Groundhogs, Classic Television


What happened to Chuck Knoblauch?

   User Avatar 
   Being a Minnesota Twins fan, I have often wondered the same thing. As far as I can tell he is out of pro baseball altogether. You have to wonder if he has turned down minor league deals because I'd think someone would give the guy another shot. I suppose he has a big pile of cash to sit on at home. He was a great player with the Twins but the best contribution he made after 1991 was demanding a trade. We shipped the complainer off to the Yankees and got some great players in return (Guzman, Milton, and Buchanan). Soon after he became fixated on throwing the ball into the box seats on the first baseline whenever a routine grounder was hit to him. He's in his second year of retirement, after refusing a minor league assignment in 2003. Here's an April 2004 article from the NY Times: Current and Ex-Yankee United by a Coach By JACK CURRY BOSTON, April 16

Asked in Movies, Classic Television, Famous Quotations, The West Wing


Where did this quote come from no you're wrong so just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong?

   User Avatar 
   This quote is from the TV series The West Wing. The character President Josiah Bartlet says, "Just be wrong. Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it."

Asked in Classic Television, Children's TV Shows, Transformers


How did Megatron and Starscream meet?

   User Avatar 
   Megatron was reborn from the Atlantic coast, and then flew in his flight mode to the Decepticon headquarters to punish starscream for leaving him to die in the city.

Asked in Classic Television, Comedy TV Shows, Two and a Half Men


Who plays Allens ex-wife on two and a half men?

   User Avatar 
   Her real name is Marin Hinkle. She is Judith.

Asked in Genetics, Classic Television


What was griffith's theory?

   User Avatar 
   his cell theory was an organization of cells criotoplasm which consicted off 3000 cells. red and white.

Asked in Classic Television, Full House (TV Series)


What city did the show full house take place in?

   User Avatar 
   San Fransico

Asked in Classic Television


How tall is cameron boyce in 2011?

   User Avatar 
   I really don't know this exactly, but I'm gonna go with @ least 5'3 or 5'4.

Asked in TV Shows and Series, Classic Television


How many seasons did Happy Days run for?

   User Avatar 
   11 seasons

Asked in Classic Television, The Avengers


How did The Avengers die?

   User Avatar 
   The Avengers die because of Doctor Pym's and Tony Stark's creation Ultron. Iron Man and Henry Pym created Ultron to be a force for peace, but its programming evolved coming to think that the only way to truly bring order to Earth was to control it. Then it attacked the Avengers killing most of them (Captain America, Wasp, Hawkeye, Black Panther, Giant-Man, and Black Widow). Before they died however, Iron Man gathered their children and took them to a safe place in the Arctic Circle. Later, when James accidentally activated the Iron Avengers, Ultron detected the energy source, found the Iron Avengers, and took control of them. He later captured Iron Man and imprisoned him in the Citadel. The children rescued him and escaped with some help of Hawkeye's son Francis and the Scavengers (all that remains of humanity). In the desert, James turned on the ship that he, his friends, Iron Man and Betty escaped in to lure Ultron to the Hulk. The evil robot arrived and battled the Hulk, knocking him
   out. He then blasted at James with a energy blast which nearly killed the boy. The Hulk grabbed Ultron, beat him and ripped him in half. When Ultron started to rebuild himself, Torunn - daughter of the absent Thor and - grabbed the two separated pieces and threw them into space where Ultron could not rebuild himself.

Asked in Credit and Debit Cards, Classic Television, Comedy TV Shows


Was Charles in Charge a spin off of Happy Days?

   User Avatar 
   No it wasn't.

Asked in Classic Television, Bleach (Anime and Manga)


What is original air date of the first episode of bleach the anime?

   User Avatar 
   "The Day I Became a Shinigami" had a original Japanese air-date of October 5 , 2004 ; in the US it was September 8 , 2006 .

Asked in Classic Television


Who played Beaver Cleaver's dad's?

   User Avatar 
   Ward Cleaver , Beaver Cleaver's father , was played by the late Hugh Beaumont (February 16, 1909 - May 14, 1982) . Besides being a long-time respected character actor, Beaumont was also an ordained Presbyterian minister.

Asked in Classic Television, Comedy TV Shows


How did hogans heroes end?

   User Avatar 
   on tv

Asked in Classic Television


Why did Archie Bunker call his wife dingbat?

   User Avatar 
   It was his personality, which at times was abrasive and for the most part, difficult to get along with. (And, to be fair, Edith sometimes was kind of a dingbat, which is really somewhat of an affectionate term compared to "meathead", which is what he called his son-in-law.)
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