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Charles Dickens

Victorian novelist who authored such classics as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol


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How are music and literature related?

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   Music and literature are linked in many ways. They both involve a great amount of creativity and imagination. Also, literature often has served as an inspiration for many composers such as Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev who have composed inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Mozart's Marriage of Figaro was inspired by a French play. Also worth noting, musical works such as operas and ballets require the writing of librettos and thus literary competence and imagination is an important part to a successful opera or ballet. Finally, music and literature are related through the importance that structure and emotional appeal have in both fields. Music needs to make an audience feel a certain emotion to have a desired effect as does literature. This is how music and literature are related.

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Which Charles Dickens character said 'Something will turn up'?

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   Wilkins Micawber from Charles Dickens' David Copperfield was known for asserting his faith that "something will turn up".

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What were Charles Dickens' top ten best books?

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   1 A Tale of Two Cities 2 Great Expectations 3 Oliver Twist 4 David Copperfield 5 Little Dorrit 6 Bleak House 7 A Christmas Carol (novella) 8 Nicholas Nickleby 9 Martin Chuzzlewit 10 Hard Times

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What was Charles Dickens pseudonym when he first began to write?

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Asked by Harley Cassin in Charles Dickens


Was Charles Dickens really paid by the word?

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   Although this theory would explain why his novels tend to be rather...dense, it’s not true. Dickens published most of his novels serially, meaning one section would be printed and sold each month, and he was paid for each one of these installments. For his first full-length novel, The Pickwick Papers, that meant 19 monthly installments at 32 pages each (except the last, which was a special “double issue”), and Dickens got paid each time he turned in 32 pages of text. So, even though he wasn’t paid for each word, what is true is that he had a monetary incentive to make his novels longer, and honestly, I don’t blame him.

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Why is Charles Darnay imprisoned?

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   he had over spent in his money.

Asked in Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


Does pip and Estella get together in the end?

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   Yes and no. It depends what version of the book you have, because there are some that provide alternate endings; one with Pip & Estella together, and one that does not. This is most likely because of the high demand of a happier ending by Dickens' readers and possibly by a friend of Dickens. The original, sad ending might have been replaced by Dickens' edited ending in some editions. But the two endings are for the readers to decide whether Pip and Estella truly belong together.

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What does the pilotage of timid women mean?

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   ' . . . a small part of his income was derived from the pilotage of timid women . . . from Tellson's side of the tides to the opposite shore.' 'Pilotage' refers, in this context, to Mr. Cruncher's occupation of ferrying people across the river. He makes a speciaty of comforting and reassuring timid women, in the hope of a good tip.

Asked in Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


Who is the spider in the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens by Charles Dickens?

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   This is the nickname for Bentley Drummle, which Jaggers had created. Drummle is probably called a spider because he lures unsuspecting prey into his web of jealousy, leaving the prey disoriented and upset (such as Pip). Had Pip seen Drummle before Estella's wedding, he probably would have had a devilish grin on his face just as much as a satisfied spider would.

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What would Mr Wemmick tell a person who protested Mr Jaggers' fees?

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   Find another lawyer!

Asked in Charles Dickens


When did John Dickens and Elizabeth Dickens die?

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   John and Elizabeth Dickens were Charles Dickens' parents. John died on March 31, 1851; Elizabeth died on September 13, 1863.

Asked in Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities


Does pip ever get with estella?

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Asked in Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


What was the name of Scooges' dead business partner in A Christmas Carol?

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   Jacob Marley was Ebenezer Scrooge's business partner in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." He was the very first ghostly visitor to Scrooge on Christmas Eve to tell Scrooge that he would be visited by three other spirits that night. The opening sentences of the book are "Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that."

Asked in Charles Dickens, Accountants


Who is Scrooge's accountant?

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   Jacob Marley, I think :)

Asked in Personal Finance, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Business Plans, Charles Dickens


What are some good plans that could be considered when you repay debts for your business?

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   Well it seems like you are asking how you should go about repaying debts for your business correct? First and foremost, you should take care of any debts you owe where you loaned money. Those tend to have the highest interest rates which means the longer you delay paying it off, the more you'll end up owing at the end. Second, you can pay off any debt that you may have racked up on credit cards because once again there is interest on your business credit card as well. However, the principle interest on credit cards is usually lower than that from a loan so I would take that route. I don't understand what you are asking.. What do you mean?

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What is the life span of the Ghost of Christmas present?

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   One day

Asked in Charles Dickens


How much did Charles Dickens weigh when he was born?

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   There is no record of that.

Asked in Charles Dickens


What kind of social issues was Charles Dickens concerned about?

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Asked in Charles Dickens


Why was Charles Dickens family imprisoned at Marshalsea Prison?

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   His father James Dickens and his family was sent to marshal sea because his father always spent more than he had and was in debt with many people. In them times people who could not pay their debts where sent to the detours prison marshalsea . So that's where the Dickens family went apart from Charles and his sister Fanny. Until Charles came into fortune when a family member died so he paid for his family to be released.

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Why does Stryver call attention to his learned friend Mr Carton?

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   because ms cartoon learned that his friend wasnt who she thought it was which came that stryver discovered mr and ms. cartoon were bangin, which came to the conclusion that mr cartoon is gay.

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How many grandchildren did Charles Dickens have?

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Asked in Charles Dickens


Why was Charles Dickens dad send to prison?

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   becuase he raped somone

Asked in Entertainment & Arts, Charles Dickens


What does Scrooge like?

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   money, but he won't spend any of his money on anything unless it is absolutely necessary. Such as extra coals for his fire in his office.

Asked in Christmas, Charles Dickens


What did people think of a Christmas carol when Charles dickens first published it?

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   People loved it!

Asked in Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin


Where did Charles Darwin succeed Charles Dickens?

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   On the Bank of England ten pound note.
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