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Air Travel

As early as 1913, small service aircraft have been used to transport passengers by air. Since then, passenger transportation in the commercial airline industry has grown and flourished. Today, a massive industry has grown around this service and air travel is now commonplace. Your questions about the history and growth of air travel, as well as about air travel today, should be asked here.


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How old is Virgin Atlantic Airline?

   User Avatar 
   Virgin Atlantic Airways has been operating for 27 years and it commenced its flights on On 22 June 1984.

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How do you get an alfursan membership form?


Asked in Air Travel, Flight Times


What is the Flight time from New York to Manila?

   User Avatar 
   A random search for flights from New York Kennedy (JFK) to Manila (MNL) shows: OPTION 1: 19hr 05min via Hong Kong (HKG) JFK - HKG Cathay Pacific Airways Flt 831 Dep 01:55pm 05Mar,Fri HKG - MNL Cathay Pacific Airways Flt 913 Dep 08:00pm 06Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 18hr 05min; Layover Time: 1hr 00min; Total Trip Time: 19hr 05min OPTION 2: 20hr 35min via Hong Kong (HKG) JFK - HKG Cathay Pacific Airways Flt 841 Dep 09:15am 05Mar,Fri HKG - MNL Cathay Pacific Airways Flt 903 Dep 04:40pm 06Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 18hr 20min; Layover Time: 2hr 15min; Total Trip Time: 20hr 35min OPTION 3: 22hr 45min via Taipei (TPE) JFK - TPE China Airlines Flt 011 Dep 09:55pm 05Mar,Fri TPE - MNL China Airlines Flt 701 Dep 07:35am 07Mar,Sun Flight Duration: 21hr 40min; Layover Time: 1hr 05min; Total Trip Time: 22hr 45min In this case, longer the duration, cheaper the fare. It is important to note that the times listed are TOTAL TRAVEL TIMES, NOT flight times, and that the time spent in the air is significantly

Asked in Job Interviews, Air Travel, Airlines


What value you will add to our company if you are selected for this position?

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   I will apply most of my theoretical and practical skills that i've acquired throughout my studies and i will contribute toward the growth of the company as well as its success.

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How long does it take lids hats to deliver?

   User Avatar 
   i ordered mine on a Wednseday and it came Saturday.

Asked in Alaska, Air Travel, Air Miles, Seoul


How many air miles are there from Fairbanks Alaska to Seoul South Korea?

   User Avatar 
   It is 7540 air miles from Fairbanks to Seoul, KR Incheon Intl Airport.

Asked in Air Travel, Airplanes and Aircraft, Airlines


Can you take frozen gel packs on an airplane?

   User Avatar 
   No you can not. I'm an Airline Employee living in Greensboro, NC and work in Newark, NJ. Everyweek I have to pack my food with ice since the TSA will not let me through security with gel freezewr packs.

Asked in Air Travel, Units of Measure, Weight and Mass


How many kilos is 11 pounds?

   User Avatar 
   11 pounds = about 5 kilograms.

Asked in Air Travel


How do you travel with cremation ashes?

   User Avatar 
   This is taken from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website: We understand how painful losing a loved one is, and we respect anyone traveling with crematory remains. Passengers are allowed to carry a crematory container as part of their carry-on luggage, but the container must pass through the X-ray machine. If the container is made of a material that generates an opaque image and prevents the security screener from clearly being able to see what is inside, then the container cannot be allowed through the security checkpoint. Out of respect to the deceased and their family and friends, under no circumstances will a screener open the container even if the passenger requests this be done. Documentation from the funeral home is not sufficient to carry a crematory container through security and onto a plane without screening. You may transport the urn as checked baggage provided that it is successfully
   screened. We will screen the urn for explosive materials/devices using a variety of techniques; if cleared, it will be permitted as checked baggage only. Some airlines do not allow cremated remains as checked baggage so please check with your air carrier before attempting to transport a crematory container in checked baggage. Crematory containers are made from many different types of materials, all with varying thickness. At present, we cannot state for certain whether your particular crematory container can successfully pass through an X-ray machine. However, we suggest that you purchase a temporary or permanent crematory container made of a lighter weight material such as wood or plastic that can be successfully X-rayed. We will continue to work with funeral home associations to provide additional guidance in the future.

Asked in Air Travel, Airlines, Southwest Airlines


What is the longest flight on southwest airlines?

   User Avatar 
   Currently the longest flight is Providence, RI to Las Vegas, NV. 2363 nautical miles. Scheduled flight time is 6 hours 15 minutes although that varies based on wind and time of year.

Asked in Travel & Places, Air Travel


Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe by air?

   User Avatar 
   The first persons to circumnavigate the globe by air non-stop were Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager December 14 through December 23, 1986.

Asked in Air Travel


Why do people use airplanes?

   User Avatar 
   They are Fast, efficient way of transport and the best way possible to reach places far apart to each other. It could be too difficult to come from one country to another country ie. from UK to Thailand or south east Asia. If we do not go by airplane we have to cross the middle east where there are lots of mountains and bandits.

Asked in Flight Times, Air Travel


Are there any direct flight from London to Kolkata?

   User Avatar 
   A random search for flights from London (LON) to Kolkata (CCU) shows there is a no direct flight between these two cities. No Direct flights operates to Kolkata India from any UK airport. Airline : Air India, Jet Airways, Emirates, Barman, Qatar Airlines departing London Heathrow and London Gatwick airports daily. First Stoppage: First stoppage at Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai, Singapore, Or Bangkok, You no need to change aircrafts at first stop according to airlines and proceed to Kolkata Netaji Subhash Chandra Airport (CCU) in the same aircraft. Flight Duration is in between 13hr 35min. Flights No Are: Air India Flights no - 112, 20, 773, 131 Jet Airways Flights no - 119, 619, 618, 118 Qatar Airways Flights No - 18, 294, 295, 11 Emirates Airlines Flights No - 2, 570, 571, 5 Virgin Atlantic Flights No - 300, 301 Singapore Airlines Flights no - 319, 308

Asked in Clothing, Air Travel


What is the color of air hostess uniform?

   User Avatar 
   It depends on the airline - but dark blue is popular There isint any specific color of the air hostess uniform but it varies from airline to airline as they all have their specifics colors for the air hostess dresses.

Asked in Air Travel


When did commercial air travel begin?

   User Avatar 
   The first scheduled commercial flight with a paying passenger was on January 1, 1914.

Asked in Air Travel, Family Travel


What makes traveling exciting?

   User Avatar 
   I've driven across this country and back several times. What is around the next bend that you have never been around before is exciting. Seeing places that you have only read about is exciting. Meeting new people. Eating different foods. Getting lost and then finding your way again. Meeting people far from home that know the same things you know or may know the same people you know. Seeing an animal in the wild that you have only seen on TV or in a zoo. Sunrises over different mountains or a different ocean. Sunsets over different fields. Trees so tall you can't see the tops. Flowers so small you have to get on your hands and knees to see them. There is a lot to see out there. Keep your eyes open. And then there is getting home, which usually tops the list for most business travelers. All the above surely makes travelling exciting but there is more to it. The beauty and the charm the world is blessed with makes it exciting each time any part of the world is visited. Your companions along
   your travel make your travelling exciting and also the fun and joy one experiences while exploring the attractions and places is simply a fact that makes your trip exciting to any place in the world.

Asked in Air Travel


How much does it cost to go to fly to antarctica?

   User Avatar 
   It depends on where you start your journey and where you end it. There are no commercial flights to Antarctica, so you'll land either in Christchurch, New Zealand or Terra Del Fuego at the tip of South America. You can calculate your fares to either of these two spots. Then, you'd need to pay for an expedition to fly you onto the continent, feed you, house you and take care of your support team for as long as you want to stay.

Asked in Air Travel, Luggage


How many balls can a pro golfer carry in his bag?

   User Avatar 
   As many as they want to.

Asked in Air Travel


Can you bring hair trimmer on an airplane?

   User Avatar 
   . No because it's sharp and the don't know if your like gonna kill everyone on the plane. You can bring them if you would put them in the big suitcase and load them in when you check in.

Asked in Air Travel, Airlines, United Airlines


What does 'Fare Type First' mean on United Airlines tickets?

   User Avatar 
   It would generally mean 'First Class' - the premium (ie, expensive) class on most airlines.

Asked by Carlo Kiehn in Air Travel, History of Aviation


How long is the shortest commercial flight?

   User Avatar 
   The UK airline Loganair has a flight that goes from the island of Westray to the island of Papa Westray in the Northern Isles of Scotland. It covers about 1.7 miles and lasts around a minute on average. If there is a strong headwind, the flight can take closer to two-and-a-half minutes; with a tailwind, it’s been completed in 53 seconds.

Asked in Airplanes and Aircraft, Air Travel


Where do aeroplanes park?

   User Avatar 
   Airplanes park on the ground. They are commonly parked in hangars, on a paved parking area at the airport called a ramp, or sometimes just tied down in the grass.

Asked in Air Travel, Luggage


Can you take hair spray on a plane?

   User Avatar 
   You can take hair spray on the plane in your carry-on if it's a 3 ounce bottle or less. It has to be placed in a zipper-lock clear baggie. Larger bottles of liquid are allowed in your checked-in luggage.

Asked in Air Travel, History of Aviation


Where was the Wrights first airplane flown?

   User Avatar 
   At Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Orville and Wilbur Wright flew their first powered airplane there.

Asked in Road Distance, Air Travel, Flight Times


How many miles from canton Ohio to Miami Florida?

   User Avatar 
   1,187 miles taking this route: Take I-77 SOUTH from Canton all the way down to I-26 EAST to CHARLESTON (TO I-95) at END I-77 near Columbia. Take I-26 EAST to I-95 SOUTH to SAVANNAH at EXIT 169A. Take I-95 SOUTH to Miami.
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