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Community Guidelines

Revision: 2.0

   At Answers, we strive to provide a safe, inclusive community for our users. We’ll do our part; to do yours. Please abide by the following standards we’ve set for the Answers community:
     * DO NOT post anything illegal
     * DO NOT threaten, harass, or bully other users
     * DO NOT encourage or incite violence
     * DO NOT post sexual or sexually suggestive content
     * DO NOT post profane, vulgar, or hateful content
     * DO NOT post propaganda or misinformation
     * DO NOT post personal or confidential information
     * DO NOT impersonate others
     * DO NOT ask for votes or engage in vote manipulation
     * DO NOT advertise goods and/or services
     * DO NOT post spam
     * DO NOT post off-topic answers or misrepresent the spirit of the question
     * DO NOT post content that violates intellectual property rights according to the
       Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

   Violations of any of the above guidelines will result in the removal of content and potential deletion of the user’s account.

   All this being said, we DO encourage you to engage in positive and meaningful discussion, and we DO want you to share your passion by asking and answering questions about your favorite topics!
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       Which actor would play you in a movie about your life?
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       How should you handle the end of a friendship?
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       Does bow wow have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?
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       Words with two y's in them?
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       Can you tell a story with just 6 words?
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       What word rhymes with leap and means crawl?
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       Does Tim Allen wear a hair piece?
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       What was your favorite book growing up?

   Hottest Questions
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       Is “alligator tears” an acceptable variant of “crocodile tears”?
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       Do fish have personalities?
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       Are they canceling the 2020 Olympics?
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       What silly thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?
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       What is a lenticular cloud?
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       Why is a baker's dozen 13?
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       Why are poodles groomed like that?
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       How much money do professional TikTokers make?

   Unanswered Questions
     * 1
       How much do susy and Clara charge in of mice and men
     * 2
       Why is John Price formerly married to Cindy Murdock why is he in prison
     * 3
       What is an example of hyperbole in the story a sound of thunder
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       Which is the most suitable means of reliable continuous communication between an orbiting satellite and earth
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       What are some examples of alliterations in esperanza rising
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       List of the exam materiel DAU CLG001 DOD government Purchase Card
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       How can hosting of international sporting events promote of detract nation building
     * 8
       What are the actors names in Liberty mutual commercials

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