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Asked in Business & Finance, The Difference Between, Legal Definitions


What is the difference between margin and margin?

   User Avatar 
   Profit margins are important if your suppliers keep raising the price of the product you need to sell or product you need for manufacturing. Margins are the differnt changes in the cost to profit percentages. If you buy a case of cookies for 5 dollars and sell them each for 10 dollars profit percentage is a 200 % or 50 % mark up. So your supplier now charges 6 dollars and you still sell them for 10 dollars . Your cost to profit percentages drop. If you raise your prices . Then the cost to profit percentages rises. This fluctuations are called margins. Most distributors want you to eat the loss in these fluctuations because . because your changing the the supply and demand curve. Which state and that and increase in price changes the quantity demand. which in laymens term states that you will sell less. In which drop the profit of both you and your distributor. Which probably hurt the distributors more because of his overhead. Any time your raise a price of a product you slow the sale of
   that product. That why margins are important.

Asked in Hinduism, History of India, History, Slogans and Mottos


What is the slogan by Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

   User Avatar 
   "Back to the Vedas" is the slogan by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. Swarajya, Swadeshi and Go-raksha for better and sound economy were other slogans given by the Swami

Asked in Business & Finance, Swift Codes and Routing Numbers


What is ABA number for HSBC Bank?

   User Avatar 
   The ABA # for HSBC is 022000020

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles, Algebra


There is a bus with 7 children inside. Each child has 7 bags. Inside each bag there are 7 big cats. Each big cat has 7 small cats. All cats have 4 legs each. How many legs are on the bus?

   User Avatar 
   As a riddle, the answer is zero legs on the bus since the bus has wheels instead of legs. But as a maths problem; It's not a tricked question -- just a straightforward maths problem Confirmed answer is 10990 legs. § Let's say the whole situation simply : - There are 7 girls. - Each girl has 7 backpack - Each backpack has 7 big cats - Each big cat has 7 little small cats. § Question: How many legs are there in the bus? § Let's focus on each part of the question systematically, write down on a piece of paper if you have to, following my steps of chains. 1. Focus on the first girl first: A B C D E F G Girl A has 7 backpacks 2. Now focus on first backpack A1 : A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 Backpack A1 has 7 big cats 3. Now focus on first big cat : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ø Each big cats have 7 small cats (that's the end of the focus) Systematically, 7 small cats has 28 legs (7 * 4) combined with the big cat that owns this 7 small cats. Let's call this the "cat chain", so cat chain 1 has 32 legs altogether. Ø So
   since there are 7 big cats 7 * 32 = 224 legs Ø Therefore each backpack has 224 legs Ø Finally, each girl has 7 * 224 = 1568 legs. Lastly, since there are 7 girls, A to G, there are 7 * 1568 legs (per girl) = 10976 legs. Now, since each girl also has 2 legs each; SO, (7 * 2) + 10976 = 10990 legs altogether Note: Disregarding bus driver, buses and etc…Only focus on the girl and their backpacks! Or There are 7*7 = 49 bags and there are 7 + 7*7 = 56 cats in each bag, meaning there are 56*4 = 224 legs in each bag. So including the 7 children that have 2 legs each, there are 7*2 + 49(224) = 10990 legs in total.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Units of Measure, Volume


How many cm3s are in one liter?

   User Avatar 
   1000cc is in one litre 1 litre is 1000 millilitres. 1 millilitre is 1 cubic centimetre. 1 litre is 1000 cubic centimetres.

Asked in Geometry, School Subjects, Math and Arithmetic


How many faces edges and vertices does a rectangular prism have?

   User Avatar 
   Faces: 6 Vertices [or corners]: 8 Edges: 12 eight.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, New Jersey, Track and Field, Length and Distance


How many miles are in a 3K race?

   User Avatar 
   Since 1 kilometer is 0.62 miles, 3K is 1.86 miles.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, New Jersey, Road Running, Length and Distance


How many miles are in a 8K race?

   User Avatar 
   8K is equal to 5 miles. Actually, to be exact 8K is equal to 4.97 miles.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra


Solution for Square root of 2.5?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Science, Definitions, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii


What are the 5 oceans of the world?

   User Avatar 
   Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean

Asked in Math and Arithmetic


What is 80000000 plus 4000000 plus 100 plus 8 in standard form?

   User Avatar 
   84,000,108 as an integer, but 8.400 010 8 x 107 in scientific standard form, or 84. 000 108 x 106 in engineering standard form. In answer to your question, the answer is probably 84,000,108

Asked in Math and Arithmetic


What is -5c plus 9 and how?

   User Avatar 
   You can't tell a thing about -5c+9 until you know what 'c' is. And every time 'c' changes, -5c+9 changes.

Asked in Science, Chemistry, Acids and Bases


What are some examples of chemical and physical changes?

   User Avatar 
   Physical Changes Change of state (such as from solid to liquid or from gas to liquid) Specific examples of state change include water freezing, alcohol evaporating and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) subliming Absorption of water into a towel Crumpling a piece of paper Pulling copper into a thin wire - a change of shape, but not a change of composition Cutting a material such as wood Tearing a piece of tin foil Breaking glass Deflating a basketball Mixing different solids (such as solid sulfur and iron filings) Inflating a volleyball Cloud forming in the sky Chemical changes Burning a log of wood Mixing an acid with a base, producing water and a salt. Photosynthesis - a process in which carbon dioxide and water are changed into sugars by plants. Cracking heavy hydrocarbons to create lighter hydrocarbons (part of the process of refining oil). Cooking examples: popcorn, cake, pancakes, and eggs Oxidation examples: rust or tarnishing Combustion Mixing chemicals Rotting of fruit Cooking rice
   Explosion of fireworks Tarnishing silver Lighting a match Chewing/digesting food Rusting nail Burning gas in a stove Oxidizing food for energy Roasting a marshmallow Adding food coloring to icing Frying an egg Burning a magnesium strip The following can indicate that a chemical change took place, although this evidence is not conclusive: Change of color (for example, silver to reddish-brown when iron rusts) Change in temperature or energy, such as the production (exothermic) or loss (endothermic) of heat Change of form (for example, burning paper) Light, heat, or sound is given off Formation of gases, often appearing as bubbles Formation of precipitate (insoluble particles) The decomposition of organic matter (for example, rotting food)

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Numbers 


How much is 10 raise to power -15?

   User Avatar 
   10 to the power of -15 is 1/10^15. (1/1,000,000,000,000,000 [15 zeroes]) It can also be written as 0.000000000000001 (There are 15 zeroes). OR -1,000,000,000,000,000 (15 zeroes).

Asked in Business & Finance, Loans, Definitions, Planet Mars


What is the meaning of 'Have you ever been bonded'?

   User Avatar 
   Website Designing in Coimbatore design websites that are the culmination of digital efforts and exemplification of your brand create user-friendly, responsive, functional and evolving websites.

Asked in Entertainment & Arts, Math and Arithmetic, Communication, Oprah Winfrey


What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?

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Asked in Debt and Bankruptcy, Business & Finance, Banking, India


How can you find the DD number in Demand Draft?

   User Avatar 
   The first variable is the DD number which will of 6 digits, followed by 9 digit MICR code, then followed by the next 6 digits (may not exists in some banks) and lastly the 2 digit transaction code.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra


Does google plex equal infinity?

   User Avatar 
   Furthermore, no number is equal to infinity because infinity is not a number, it is a concept, so theoretically, no number could be equal to it.

Asked in Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters, Math and Arithmetic


What are some math words that begin with the letter J?

   User Avatar 
   A list of math terms beginning with J appears below: Jacobi Polynomials Jacobian (A Determinant) Jefferson Factor Jensen's inequality Jet Jeton (not related to Jet) Join (sum of sets) Joint Probability Joint Variation Jordan Canonical Form Jordan Matrix Jump Discontinuity Junctions Justification j (used in electronics to represent the square root of -1) Juxtaposition junction Justify

Asked in Technology, Bachelors Degrees, Graduate Degrees, Java Programming


Explain the usage of JPanel with example?

   User Avatar 
   JPanel, a part of Java Swing package, is a container that can store a group of components. The main task of JPanel is to organize components, various layouts can be set in JPanel which provide better organisation of components, however it does not have a title bar.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Units of Measure, Length and Distance


How many feet are there in a mile?

   User Avatar 
   5280 feet

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry


How many faces vertices and edges does a cube have?

   User Avatar 
   A cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges.

Asked in History of Ireland, History, History of US Immigration


Where can you find an Irish history timeline from 1700 to 1900?

   User Avatar 
   For a timeline of the history of Ireland that begins in 10,000 BC, please go to the link to the right. 'Irish History Links' also provides a detailed timeline for this period. You can find a comprehensive Timeline of Irish history on Wikipedia. The BBC offers a Timeline of Key Events in Northern Irish history... Here's a concise Irish History Timeline from 10,000 BC/BCE to 1998 AD/CE... 10,000 BC Earliest settlers arrived in Ireland in the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age period The first settlers crossed by land bridge from Scotland 600-150 B.C. - Celtic tribes settled on the island 100 BC Arrival of the Gaels 432 AD - Arrival of St. Patrick to help convert pagan Irish Gaelic Kings to Christianity 800 Ireland attacked by Viking Norsemen 920 Vikings established settlements at Limerick 940 Brian Boru was born who was the son of a leader of one of the royal free tribes of Munster Brian Boru defeated Vikings in 999 1167 Arrival of Normans at Baginbun in Co. Wexford which initiated
   the struggle between the English and the Irish Reign of Rory O'Connor who was the last native High King of Ireland (1166-1175) The Statutes of Kilkenny of 1388 forbade Irish/

Asked in Science


Is the independent variable the thing you change?

   User Avatar 
   Yes The independent variable is also known as the manipulated variable. In an experiment where you need to test different objects, the independent variable would be the different objects.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Geometry


Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach?

   User Avatar 
   Because it was over 90 degress! C: get it??
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