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Asked in Business & Finance, Loans, Definitions, Planet Mars


What is the meaning of 'Have you ever been bonded'?

   User Avatar 
   The concept of employee bonding is really an insurance matter relating to the employer’s efforts to protect itself against wrongful acts by its employees. In industries where employees have direct access to money or to property, the employer will often be keen to protect itself against the impact of employee theft. Also, certain businesses will be required by their customers to provide proof that they are bonded. For instance, customers of commercial cleaning companies might demand the cleaners be bonded. This provides both peace of mind (that the cleaners are trustworthy) and financial protection in the event of theft.

Asked in Science, Atomic Mass


What is gold's mass number?

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   196.96657 u

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry


How many faces vertices and edges does a cube have?

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   A cube has 6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges.

Asked in History of Science, Science, Superstitions


What superstitious beliefs have a scientific basis?

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   Superstitious belief, by definition, have no scientific basis. Science requires that ideas are tested in a way that is repeatable and falsifiable. Falsifiable means that there must be a way that the test shows that a stated belief is not true, while most superstitions rely on metaphysical entities or powers that are so vague they can not be dis-proven. Here are some examples of superstitions, and where they may have come from. Breaking a mirror is seen as seven years of bad luck from a historical root. Back in the medieval times mirrors were very expensive. And if you broke one, it was reguarly someone important, such as the lord of the kingdom of the king or a high-ranking nobleman. And if you broke it, it was common that if they were un-forgiving, they would put you in jail, possibly for seven years. Walking under a ladder is seen as bad luck Typically a ladder means someone at the top of the ladder and that person can easily drop things - onto your head. So it really is a bad idea to
   walk under one. Never sweep the floor at night or you'll sweep sorrow into your life. You may not be able to see where you're sweeping and fall and get injured. Chase away any owls outside your window; they are a harbinger of death. They may erode your windowsill by pecking on it, and when you lean on it, it may break and you may fall. Never start or buy anything on a Friday. Since Friday is the last business day, you or your order will probably not be active on the weekend. Cut your hair on a full moon and it will grow back faster. Well, if you cut your hair at a barber's shop, and you can see the moon, the barber will probably bee in a hurry to leave and so will give you a shorter haircut. Crickets in your home are good luck (not in my home and definitely not for the nasty crickets!) They tell the temperature. Killing a spider is bad luck. In addition to reducing local disease-carrying insects, spiders provide humans with other medical benefits. Spider venom is used in neurological
   research and may prevent permanent brain damage in stroke victims. The silk produced by spiders is used in many optical devices including laboratory instruments. Ivy growing on a house protects the inhabitants from witchcraft and evil. Evil may mistake it for poison ivy and stay away. Friday the 13th is unlucky The Templars were all arrested (and most were tortured and executed) one Friday the 13th! Actors believe that using real money as a prop is bad luck. This is probably rooted in the fact that leaving real money on stage or in your costume means that there is a good chance that the prop will disappear before the next performance. Opening an umbrella in the house is bad luck. Like walking under a ladder, this is just a hazard; you could hit someone or break something. Bad luck comes in threes. This is sometimes expressed in notable deaths occurring in threes. In fact, this is a well-known psychological bias known as "confirmation effect"; when two events occur, people naturally
   anticipate a third (two things don't form a pattern, but three do). When the expectation is satisfied, it "proves" the adage. Of course, if it is not, then the pattern is not recognized.

Asked in Business Accounting and Bookkeeping, Business & Finance, Fiji


What accounting standards are used in Fiji?

   User Avatar 
   Nebosh Course Details offers an excellent understanding of foundation health and safety concepts, so it's ideal for people with responsibilities in health and safety.

Asked in Technology, Bachelors Degrees, Graduate Degrees, Java Programming


Explain the usage of JPanel with example?

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   JPanel is a Swing's lightweight container that is used to group a set of components together. JPanel is a pretty simple component which, normally, does not have a GUI. The main task of JPanel is to organize components, various layouts can be set in JPanel which provide better organization of components.

Asked in Science, Urinary System


What are the tubes called that carry urine away from the kidneys to the urinary bladder?

   User Avatar 
   As I believe has already been stated the Ureters, which are also the source of blockages from kidney stones. Not where they come from that is but where stones large enough usually 5 mm can cause blockages. 2 and 3 even 4 mm stones csn take up to 45 days to pass but usually do. The danger is if stones are present in both Ureters and are causing blockages then the urine can back up and seep into your abdomen and cause infection throughout, this is called sepsis and is life threatening which can kill you in a matter of hours. They usually implant a stint bypassing the Ureter to avoid such an incident, the good news is your body was designed with redundancies. You only need 1/3 of 1 kidney to sustain bodily function.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Area


How many sq feet to kata?

   User Avatar 
   3644.3 square feet in a katha.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra, Area


How much tonnage air conditioner is required for 2779 sq ft?

   User Avatar 
   It depends a great deal on where you live and how well your home is insulated. Square feet is not a great help when planning the size of an air conditioner. It is very useful to also have the cubic feet in the home, along with the sizes and types of windows. Where I live in the northwest US, a 3-ton unit would do the trick easily, but then, we do not get the intensely hot, long summers as you might in say, Phoenix.

Asked in History, Doctors


Why did doctors wear bird like face masks?

   User Avatar 
   Mainly it was because when they were handing out potions, medicines, if the patient had a medical reaction to the medicine they could have a chance of catching an illness or at the worst, death. They wore masks to hide identity, so they werent a known man in the area, also so they didnt lose business. Another theory is that they wore the masks because it was widespread that birds spread the plague and if they wore it, this would direct the plague to the mask, away from the victim. Best answer I have thanks. For some time, including around the time of the Black Plague, the long "beaks" of the bird masks would be stuffed with spices and incense, which was thought to fulfil two purposes - firstly and most importantly, it would cover the stench of death and disease, and some wearers thought that by wearing it they were warding off the diseases.

Asked in History, Politics & Society, Math and Arithmetic


First 50 digits of pi?

   User Avatar 
   The first 50 are: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Geometry


Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach?

   User Avatar 
   Because it was over 90 degress! C: get it??

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Algebra


Find the sum of the opposite of -18 and its additive inverse?

   User Avatar 
   the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18. It's just like absolute value. |-18| is 18 because 18 is 18 steps away from 0 so is -18 like how it is 18 away from 0 and not -18 away from 0. -18 away from 0 is not a thing. So therefore, the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18 because the opposite of negative is postitve.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Chemistry, Statistics, Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values


What is the percent error formula?

   User Avatar 
   Percent Error is the difference between the true value and the estimate divided by the true value and the result is multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage. The percent error obviously can be positive or negative; however, some prefer taking the absolute value of the difference. The formula is the absolute value of the experimental value (minus) the theoretical value divided by theoretical value times 100. % error = (|Your Result - Accepted Value| / Accepted Value) x 100

Asked in Science


What would the density of a cube of aluminum be?

   User Avatar 

Asked in School Subjects, Math and Arithmetic


How many zeros are in 34 million?

   User Avatar 
   A million is 1 followed by 6 zeros, therefore 34 million is 34 followed by 6 zeros.

Asked in Abraham Lincoln, History, Politics & Society, History


Did Abraham Lincoln have any kids?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, 3 boys. His oldest, Robert, was a Union officer during the civil war and his youngest son, Todd, died while Lincoln was President. The boys had a pet goat they kept in the White House and would use a cookie sheet to slide down the stars from the second floor to the first.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Trigonometry


How do you solve cosx - xsinx equals 0?

   User Avatar 
   To solve this, you need to find values of x where cos(x) = xsin(x). First of all, 0 is not a solution because cos(0) = 1, and sin(0) = 0. Since 0 is not a solution, divide both sides of the equation by sin(x) to get cot(x) = x (remember that cos divided by sin is the same as cot). The new question to answer is, when is cot(x) = x? Using Wolfram Alpha, the results are x ±9.52933440536196... x ±6.43729817917195... x ±3.42561845948173... x ±0.860333589019380... there will be an infinite number of solutions. If you'd like to do the calculation yourself (not asking WolframAlpha) then there's a trick which almost always works, even for equations which cant be done analytically. Starting with the basic equation, cos(x) = x*sin(x), transpose it to a form starting with "x =". In this case you could get: x = 1/tan(x), x = cot(x) or from tan(x) = 1/x you get x = Arctan(1/x). Because I like to do my calcs on an old calculator which only has Arctan and not Arccotan (Inverse cotangent(x)) I use the last
   above - x = Arctan(1/x) Starting with a value like 0.5, hit the 1/x key then shift tan keys. Just keep repeating those two operations and the display will converge on 0.860333. Too easy. This example of the method is not a good one as it takes about 25 iterations to converge to within 0.0000001 of the right answer. It is unusually slow. And finally, this method has only 50% chance of working first try. We were lucky picking x = Arctan(1/x). x = 1/tan(x) diverges ind the iterations do not converge on the answer. So if you try this method on another problem and it diverges, just transpose the equation again and have another go. Starting with x^2 + x - 3 = 0, and iterating x = 3-x^2, you find it diverges, so try x = sqr(3-x) which (with care and about 25 iterations) converges on 1.302775638.

Asked in Science, Cooking Equipment 


Why is the pan handle made of plastic?

   User Avatar 
   The first and last answers simply are not correct, nor do they answer your question. The second, middle question is much better, but it does not fully answer your question either. If a metal pan with a plastic handle is put in the oven at, let's say, 350 deg., then the temperature of the entire pan, metal and plastic, will eventually reach 350 deg. It is not true that the plastic won't get hot, actually it should heat up faster than the metal. There are two properties in consideration: heat capacity and thermal conductivity. Metals in general have large heat capacities. One can think about the amount of heat a substance can store per unit mass, called the "Specific Heat," or one can consider the amount of heat a substance can store per unit volume. In the case of a pan and handle, it makes more sense to look at the question in terms of the heat stored per volume. Most people know from everyday experience that metals stay hot longer than non-metals like wood and plastic. That is because
   metals have a much larger heat capacity per volume than most non-metals; that is they hold more heat. What about thermal conductivity? In this case, we only need to consider the thermal conductivity of air. Heat flows FROM a hotter object TO a cooler object. If a pan w/ plastic handle is put in a 350 deg. oven and allowed to heat up completely, when it is taken out the oven the pan and handle are at 350 deg. We only need to consider the heat transfer from the metal to the air and from the plastic to the air. Since the cooler material is the air, all that matters is the thermal conductivity of the air. You can look up thermal conductivities in a table, but air, and all gasses, have much lower thermal conductivities than almost any solid, and it is certainly lower than the pan and Bakelite® (the pan's handle). Since the handle does not contain as much heat as the pan, it will cool down to a touchable temperature faster. The same applies if the pan is placed on a burner. The handle will take
   longer to heat up than the metal because 1) the metal is directly over the flame, and 2) the metal has a higher thermal conductivity than the plastic meaning that a lot more of the heat from the burner will be absorbed by the metal. Answer The reason the pan Handle is made of plastic is because Plastic is not a conductor of heat so it won't get hot. If the handle was metal it would get very hot because it is a conductor of heat. Answer Frying pans have plastic handles because plastic is a terrible conductor of heat that is coming from a stove. Therefore the handle is cool even when the metal of the frying pan is hot, when you need to lift it, or perhaps something else. Answer Safety. Plastic will not conduct either heat or electricity, so in order you can safely handle pots and pans, plastic is used for those reasons. Conductivity of air plays practically no role in this. If the pan heats up air in contact, that air is immediately removed by convection and replaced by cool air.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Volume


Water volume per foot of 2.5 inch pipe?

   User Avatar 
   Each one-foot section of 2.5-inch diameter pipe has a volume of 58.9 cubic inches or 0.255 gallons of liquid.

Asked in Math and Arithmetic


What number comes next in the sequence 1 2 6 42 1806?

   User Avatar 
   Option 1 The sequence is found by multiplying each term by the number one greater than itself. First, 1 * 2 = 2. Then, 2 * 3 = 6. Then, 6 * 7 = 42, and so on. n*(n+1) = x (where n equals the previous x) 1*(1+1) = 2 2*(2+1) = 6 6*(6+1) = 42 42*(42+1) = 1806 1806*(1806 +1) = 3,263,442. Another way to consider it is that each term is being squared then added plus the original amount, so the second term will be equal to the first term squared, then add the first term. We find the equation (n^2) + n , where n is the previous term. So the next term is again 3,263,442. Option 2 For this option, we take each number and multiply it by the subsequent prime number, beginning in the same values and then diverging from the first choice. First we take 1 and multiply it by the smallest prime greater than itself - 2, and get 2. The next prime after 2 is 3 which gives us 2 * 3 = 6. Six times the next prime, 7, gives us 42. The number 42 times its nearest greater prime of 43 gives us 1806. Finally, 1806
   times the next prime number (which is 1811) gives us 3,270,666. Option 3 The third approach to this series is a long process but seems logical too. Lets start. The original series is: 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ? The second digit can be derived by multiplying the first digit by 2. Then the third digit can be derived by multiplying the second digit by 3. Then the fourth digit is third digit times 7. The fifth is fourth digit multiplied by 43. So we had a second string of series of multipliers which consists: 2,3,7,43,? To get the fifth multiplier, a pattern can be seen from this series. The second digit is first digit is multiplied by 1 plus 1. The third digit is second digit multiplied by 2 plus 1. The fourth digit is third digit multiplied by 6 plus 1. This in turn has created the sequence 1, 2, 6 which in the sequential nature of these sequences seems to be created by multiplying by subsequent integers. So the next term would be 6 * 4 = 24. Going back to the multipliers we find that the fifth
   digit is 1033 (24 * 43). 2, 3, 7, 43, 1033 Again, the second digit is the first digit multiplied by 1 plus 1. The third digit is the second digit multiplied by 2 plus 1. The fourth digit is the third digit multiplied by 6 plus 1. The fifth digit is now the fourth digit multiplied by 24 plus 1. Now lets go back to the original series: 1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ? Now we see the sixth digit is the fifth digit multiplied by 1033 which gives us 1,865,598. * * * * * Yet another possibility is to fit a polynomial to the given sequence. There are infinitely many polynomials of order 5 or above but consider T(n) = (1667n^4 - 16554n^3 + 57685n^2 - 82158n + 39384)/24. For n = 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 it gives the required 5 numbers and T(6) = 8661. In reality, short of reading the mind of the person who posed the question, there is no way of determining which of the infinitely many solutions is the "correct" one. 3,263,442 10,650,056,950,806 etc The formula is X2 + X Simplest way is: n=n*(n+1). === === === === ===
   === other way: 1 2 12*1/2=6 .... 1 2 6 126*2/6=42 ..... 1 2 6 42 12642*6/42=1806 .... 1 2 6 42 1806 12642186*42/1806=2940042 .... 1 2 6 42 1806 2940042 There are at least two possible answers: 1. You could fit the polynomial function: tn = (1667n4 - 16554n3 + 57685n2 - 82158n + 39384)/24 for n = 1, 2, 3, ... Following the logic, the 6th term is 8661. 2. One alternative is t1 = 1 and tn+1 = tn*(tn + 1) for n = 1, 2, 3, ... That definition gives the next term as 3,263,442. There are many other solutions. 1806*1807=3263442 3,263,442 comes after 1806. The series is formed by a number multiplying itself increased by 1. Here is the equation: X(X+1) Y 1(1+1) 2 2(2+1) 6 6(6+1) 42 42(42+1) 1806 1806(1806+1) 3,263,442 In simpler numbers, 1 X 2 2 2 X 3 6 6 X 7 42 42 X 43 1806 1806 X 1807 3,263,442 3263442. The progression is n(n+1). 1 2 6 42 1'806 3'263'442 10'650'056'960'806 1st is 1 2nd is 1st*(1st+1) -> 1*2 3rd is 2nd*(2nd+1) -> 2*3 4th is 3rd*(3rd+1) -> 6*7 5th is 4th*(4th+1) -> 42*43 ... and so
   on 3263442 3263442

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Time


How many minutes are in 50 hours?

   User Avatar 
   Obviously there are 60 minutes in an hour, so 60 x 50 = 3000 minutes in 50 hours! Hope this helps! :)

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Geometry


What is the width of a house in meters?

   User Avatar 
   This cannot be answered without more information. No it can't, and I'm amazed how many enquirers seem not to realise that. However, I suspect this enquirer really wanted to know how to convert the dimension from feet to metres. (That is the right spelling - it's a French invention and word.) If so, 1 metre = 3.280 feet or 1 foot = 0.305 metre.

Asked in Algebra, Math and Arithmetic


What is the word form for 0.000001?

   User Avatar 
   The term is written as "One millionth." As a prefix in SI measurements it is "micro". For example, 0.000001 grams is the same as 1 microgram. 0.000001 metres is called a micrometer but also has the special name "micron". Sometimes expressed as "zero point zero zero zero zero zero one"

Asked in Science, Chemistry


10 examples of physical change and chemical change?

   User Avatar 
   Physical Change: *Milo dissolves into hot milk *A plate is dropped and shatters *Grass in mowed *Metal Knife is sharpened *Breakfast Cereal goes soggy Chemical Change: *Wood burns to form black charcoal * A green tomato ripens and turns red * Fireworks explode to form colourful light and loud sounds * Vegetables scraps in the compost bin decompose to form rich soil * An egg is cooked to become a white and yellow solid
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