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   Lucille Ball
   Classic Television

Why is there so much smoking in "I Love Lucy"?

   It just seems crazy today. I know smoking was more accepted in the past than it is today, but “I Love Lucy,” especially the earlier episodes, seems like one big smoking ad.
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   Asked by Clark Rosenbaum
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Aubrey Stamm

2020-04-29 16:34:47

   Well, I Love Lucy was literally sponsored by Phillip Morris, a cigarette company. In fact, in the show’s earlier years, Phillip Morris was its only sponsor, and all of that smoking was product placement—and during commercial slots, outright advertisement from Lucy and Desi.

   I Love Lucy aired in the 1950s, a time when the tide hadn’t quite shifted when it came to attitudes toward smoking. Smoking prevalence only began decreasing in 1964 (seven years after I Love Lucy stopped airing) as the health risks became more apparent to the public. In 1970, cigarette advertisements were banned from radio and television altogether.

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2020-05-09 12:25:36

   The Commandment Not to smoke was not being obeyed, and people healths went down. My dad and his brothers all died in from 36-45 from smoking causes. By this time lots of others were dying from smoking; so advertisement for smoking were made illegal.

   Prayers were removed from public schools in 1963 and carrying for others decreased also.

   Old Dragnet radio shows, still have their smoking advertisements included.

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2020-05-07 21:42:29

   advertise the cigarette co.

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2020-05-07 21:20:07

   It is because when that show was produced most Americans did in fact smoke.

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2020-05-07 15:31:15


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Why was I Love Lucy was so popular?

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   I Love Lucy was popular because pf it's originality and cleverness. The situations that Lucy would get herself into were absolutly ridiculous yet amazingly funny and relatable.

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   Yes, the episode that is so famous was not planned. The Italian woman actually attacked Lucy.

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Why did lucille ball age so fast?

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   She didn't. When she started "The Lucy Show", she was about fifty! And for I Love Lucy, she was over forty throughout!

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How many children played little Ricky on I Love Lucy?

   User Avatar 
   Five, actually. There were two sets of twins who played him on "I Love Lucy". And on the "Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour", (I Love Lucy seasons 7-9), one actor played the six year old Little Ricky. He was born Keith Thibodeaux, but Desi changed his name to Richard Keith so he could be called Little Ricky on and off stage.

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Did desi arnaz cheat on Lucy?

   User Avatar 
   There has been alot of speculation that Desi cheated on Lucy, but the only time that it was proven was right before "I Love Lucy" began. It has been recorded that Lucy and Desi were separated for much of the first decade of their marriage, due to his travels, alcohol abuse, and outside marital affairs. Lucy wanted to save their marriage, so they created the "I Love Lucy" pilot, hoping that the studio would be impressed and turn the pilot into a series. Lucy wanted to work side by side with Desi to keep him busy, hoping he wouldn't have time for other women, but also to keep track of him. They were set to get a divorce but reconciled right before the series began. Desi however did not change his ways and right after the last lucy-desi comedy hour "Lucy Meets the Moustache" was filmed Lucy filed for divorce.

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   User Avatar 
   cause shes the best personne alive and that shes hawwwtt<3 love Lucy and everyone well heyy look at this shes so smart hawt and better than (Lucy ) me ibn everything lovve Lucy

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What is the chemical use of nicotine?

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   Smoking reduces your risk of having a heart attact!! So i would greatly suggest that you seriously need to consider smoking as it is very good for your health I love Dean love always Jessica xXx

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How old was Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy?

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   Lucille Ball was born in 1911. The I Love Lucy show premiered in 1951, so she was 40 when the show began. It ran 6 years, so she was 46 when the show ended. No, she was actually 39 when the show began filming, which was before Aug. 6th, her birthday.
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     * Why is there so much smoking in "I Love Lucy"?

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