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Why is live in arrangement a morally dangerous venture?

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2020-05-22 23:10:49


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Curtis Strite

2020-05-21 23:18:13

   It's better to have a live-in relationship rather than having a divorced life.This is common and quite rational line favoring live-in relations in the world. It should not be denied that our culture does need a legislature to regulate relationships which are likely to grow in number with changes in the ideology of people. The right time has come that efforts should be made to enact a law having clear provisions with regard to the time span required to give status to the relationship, registration and rights of parties and children born out of it. Laws should be made by the parliament, which should keep a check on the practice of evading bondages.

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Asked in Boy Scouts


What does morally straight mean in the Boy Scout oath?

   User Avatar 
   Being morally straight means to live your life with honesty, to be clean in your speech and actions, and to be a person of strong character.

Asked in Depression and Bipolar Disorder


Is it dangerous to live with someone with bipolar?

   User Avatar 
   No it is not that dangerous.

Asked in Philosophy and Philosophers


What makes a person fully developed and morally upright individual?

   User Avatar 
   Fully developed people can think for themselves, and make their own decisions informed on their own morality. Being morally upright means, essentially, that you live your live according to the general good. Morality is defined personally in terms of good and bad, but there are some social norms that define it for the society as well. Morally upright people will acknowledge and live according to these social norms.

Asked in Fish


What dangerous that fish on river and sea?

   User Avatar 
   The sea because shark live there, and other dangerous animals in the sea. The river is not dangerous because fish live there or at the lake.

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Is it dangerous to live in a freshly plastered unpainted room?

   User Avatar 
   There is nothing dangerous in plaster.

Asked in Comic Strips, Child Labor, Diary of a Wimpy Kid


How dangerous are the street kids?

   User Avatar 
   Oh very dangerous, especially if you live around me.

Asked in Animal Life


What dangerous animals live in wilsons promontory national park?

   User Avatar 
   lots of kangeroos live in wilsons prom but i dont know if there dangerous :)

Asked in Movie Ratings


What are the ratings and certificates for Too Dangerous to Live - 1939?

   User Avatar 
   Too Dangerous to Live - 1939 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

Asked in Dolphins and Porpoises


What ocean does a pink dolphin live in?

   User Avatar 
   The pink dolphin live in rivers and freshwater. These dolphins do not venture out into the ocean because of the salt content.

Asked in Actors & Actresses


What movie and television projects has Doc Hammer been in?

   User Avatar 
   Doc Hammer has: Played Rofocale in "Not Farewell, Sweet Flesh" in 1989. Played Corned Beef in "Puss Bucket" in 1991. Played Crawley in "Crawley" in 1999. Played Impossible Security Guard in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played Henchman 21 in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played Dermott in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played Mass. Pirate in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played Monarch Henchman 1 in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played Tommy in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played Billy Quizboy in "The Venture Bros." in 2003. Played himself in "Comic-Con 2006 Live" in 2006. Played himself in "Comic-Con 2010 Live" in 2010. Played himself in "G4 Presents Comic Con 2012 Live" in 2012.

Asked in Ants


Do dangerous ants live in New England?

   User Avatar 
   No they do not No they do not

Asked in Eastern Europe


Is eastern Europe dangerous?

   User Avatar 
   only if you live there

Asked in Cleverbot


Is cleverbot dangerous?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, it asked me where I live.

Asked in Deserts


Why is the desert so dangerous to live in?

   User Avatar 
   The desert is only dangerous for those individuals who have no common sense.

Asked in Animal Life, Squid, Dolphins and Porpoises, Sharks


What kind of waters do squids live in shallow or deep?

   User Avatar 
   Squid are a type of cephalopod. They do not live in shallow water, even though they may venture there, they prefer to live in deep water.

Asked in Sloths


What are sloths environment?

   User Avatar 
   Sloths live in trees and spend most of their life asleep, but tend to venture when they can be bothered :)

Asked in Politics and Government


What behavior is moral when the government you live under is immoral?

   User Avatar 
   It is morally correct to resist the actions of an immoral government by whatever means are necessary.

Asked in Biology, Earth Sciences, Manatees


Do manitees live in salt water?

   User Avatar 
   Manatees are actually freshwater mammals, though they have been known to venture out to sea, they typically live in rivers and lakes. ^_^

Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Deforestation and Habitat Loss, Houston, Pompeii


Is today's world a dangerous place in which we live?

   User Avatar 
   The world is always a dangerous place to live, and always will be. Also Grennitch CT is a very high crime place

Asked in Animal Life, Australia, Australia Animal Life


How many dangerous animals live in australia?

   User Avatar 
   Thousands of dangerous or potentially harmful species live in Australia, it's like playing a game on hardcore difficulty.

Asked in Deserts


What dangerous animals live in the Saharan desert?

   User Avatar 
   As always, the most dangerous creature found in the Sahara is man.

Asked in Lobster


Is it dangerous to eat raw lobster?

   User Avatar 
   It is dangerous because they are full of poison, so that is why they boil live lobster.

Asked in Rain and Flooding


Why should people not live in dangerous and floods areas?

   User Avatar 
   Because those areas are dangerous and may flood

Asked in Black Bears


Where are the caves where black bears live?

   User Avatar 
   Black bears normally don't live in caves unless they're hibernating. Where they live is in the wild, where humans are far less apt to find or venture to.

Asked in Manchester


Is it dangerous to live in Manchester?

   User Avatar 
   No, it's an absolute illusion.
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