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Why is coffee called "joe"?

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   Asked by Damaris Breitenberg
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Rhea Mraz

2020-04-28 21:36:11

   There's no consensus on how coffee got the nickname "a cup of joe," but there are a bunch of theories, some way more plausible than others. The most likely is that other nicknames for coffee—"java" and "mocha"—got smushed into one word, "jamoke," which got shortened to "joe" over time.

   The next theory in terms of plausibility is that "joe" has a long history of standing in for the common man, and since coffee came to be the common, everyday beverage, the two were a natural fit.

   There are other popular theories—like the one claiming "joe" is an homage to Josephus Daniels, who banned alcohol on Navy ships in the early 1900s and thus sparked an uptick in coffee consumption among the crews—but they're not very well proven.

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Wiki User

2014-06-27 22:05:59

   The term â??joeâ?? for coffee dates back to the World War I era.

   Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy under Woodrow Wilson, tried

   to improve the morality of the sailors by banning certain things

   like prostitution and alcohol on the bases. As a substitute for

   alcohol, coffee rose in importance and the beverage came to be

   associated with Daniels. Originally disparagingly called â??A cup

   of Joseph Danielsâ??, it was soon shortened to â??A cup of


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2020-05-22 22:54:12

   The coffee makes us stress-free and relax . That is the reason to called Joe :)

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2020-05-11 13:52:34

   i luv tea no coffee plz

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2020-05-11 12:44:56

   because it was invented by someone called joe

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2020-05-11 12:21:32


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2020-05-11 05:15:02

   the real question here is who's joe?

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2020-05-10 19:26:27

   because it got sparkles on it

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2020-05-10 19:25:13

   two hundreds, six tens, two ones=

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2020-05-10 05:46:08

   Anh l.._.. haz

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2020-05-08 20:30:52

   Until the end of WW2, many Americans called coffee Java, because

   much of their beans came from there.

   Java and Sumatra make up the biggest land mass of present day Indonesia.

Related Questions

Asked in Coffee, Fast Food, Burger King


Why does Burger King call there coffee bk joe?

   User Avatar 
   Sometimes a cup of coffee is called a "Cup of Joe", and BK stands for Burger King.

Asked in Coffee


Is java another name for coffee?

   User Avatar 
   Coffee has many names, but it is referred to as Java. Coffee is also called a myriad of other synonyms such as Joe, Mud, Sludge etc.

Asked in Coffee


Where did cup of joe come from?

   User Avatar 
   The Martinson Coffee Company claims that the founder, one Joe Martinson, took such care making good coffee starting in 1898 that, as legend has it, the phrase "cup o' joe" was used in speaking of Joe Martinson's coffee.

Asked in Coffee


Why is coffee called cup of Joe?

   User Avatar 
   Coffee has been called many things in America. Joe, Java, mud, murk and Jamoke. Poplar theories abound. The word Joe for coffee has two seemingly reasonable possibilities. In 1860 a popular song of the times was "old black Joe" written by Stephen C. Foster the same man who wrote "Camp town races" and "Oh! Suzanna". Diners of the time picked up the slang 'Cup O Joe'. Another possible answer could be that Secretary of the Navy, Joseph Daniels banned alcohol from US Navy warships in 1913 and sailors began drinking more and more coffee and calling it 'Joe'.

Asked in Coffee


What are some nicknames for coffee?

   User Avatar 
   * Joe * java * 'bucket of mud' ... meaning cup of coffee

Asked in Coffee


Why do people call a cup of coffee a cup of Joe?

   User Avatar 
   The strongest drink available on board navy ships was coffee. It was dubbed "a cup of Joe" after the secretary. It also refers to the GIs' favorite drink. During World War II, the US defense workers were supplied with as much coffee as they wanted. Coffee was a source of warmth and comfort for troops. A variation is that "a cup of Joe" is the average drink of the average man. There was a New York company named Martinson's Coffee owned by a man named Joe Martinson. The neighborhood of the company would be saturated by the aroma of roasting coffee, and coffee became known as "a cup of Joe."

Asked in Coffee


Who do you get coffee break in office jerk?

   User Avatar 
   You get the checklist item "Coffee break" by throwing the doll that looks like Joe from kick the boss 2 on the back head of the office jerk. Eventually, Joe will bounce off the Jerk's head next to his coffee cup. The jerk will give you a look, and then push Joe off the table with his coffee cup.

Asked in Synonyms and Antonyms


Another word for coffee?

   User Avatar 
   "Joe" as in (Monsters vs. Aliens quote "This is a good cup of Joe"

Asked in Scrabble


Can I use Joe as a slang for coffee in scrabble?

   User Avatar 
   Of course. Joe is a slang term for coffee, and it's also a name, so if you are playing with proper nouns included, it works as a name.

Asked in Dunkin' Donuts


How long will the box of joe Dunkin Donuts coffee stay hot?

   User Avatar 
   The Dunkin' Donuts Box O' Joe is ideal for ordering coffee in bulk. It is said that the Box O' Joe can stay hot for about 2-3 hours.

Asked in Jonas Brothers


Can joe Jonas live without coffee?

   User Avatar 
   As a matter of fact, he CAN live without coffee . He doesn't really enjoy coffee today , he prefers tea!!

Asked in Coffee


What are crushed coffee beans called?

   User Avatar 
   coffee grounds

Asked in Synonyms and Antonyms, Coffee


What are synonyms of coffee?

   User Avatar 
   Café is the Spanish word for "coffee". Other English words would be "java", "Joe", or "mud".

Asked in Kannada


What is the Kannada word for 'Coffee'?

   User Avatar 
   In Kannada Coffee is called Kari Kashaya.

Asked in Coffee, Coffee Makers


How did the coffee maker get its name?

   User Avatar 
   It was called a coffee maker because it makes coffee.

Asked in Java Programming, Coffee


Why java symbol is coffee cup?

   User Avatar 
   Because java has also been a nickname for coffee. Just like "a cup of joe".

Asked in Baseball, Famous People


What happened in joe dimaggio's career in 1965?

   User Avatar 
   he singed with mr. coffee

Asked in Synonyms and Antonyms, Coffee


What is a synonym for coffee?

   User Avatar 
   Joe. P.S I don't know if I spelled that right!:)

Asked in Mississippi


Is there a city called Hot Coffee in Mississippi?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, there is a city called Hot Coffee in Mississippi.

Asked in Coffee


What is a handle of a coffee cup called?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Science


What is it called when steam is rising from coffee?

   User Avatar 
   Steam rising from coffee

Asked in Coffee


What coffee beans are harvested from monkey poop?

   User Avatar 
   This coffee is called Kopi Luwak. It is one of the most expensive types of coffee beans. The animal called civet is responsible for the popularity of this coffee.

Asked in Coffee


Do cocoa nuts make coffee?

   User Avatar 
   If it's called coffee, then it's made from coffee beans.

Asked in History and Origins of Foods, Grocery Shopping


What is the person who works in a coffee shop called?

   User Avatar 
   A person who works in a coffee shop is often called a 'barista'.

Asked in United States of America


Who has A us city called after him?

   User Avatar 
   Joe Montana has a city called Joe named for him in Montana. Joe, Montana
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