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Why are gondolas painted black?

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Related Questions

Asked in Italy


Which city in Italy is famous for gondolas?

   User Avatar 
   The city of Venice is famous for its gondolas.

Asked in Italy, Boats and Watercraft


Where would you be if you saw the Gondolas?

   User Avatar 
   Generally speaking, Venice Italy. I said generally because you can see gondolas in other places. The Venetian casino in Las Vegas NV has gondolas for example. But the place most associated with Gondolas is Venice.

Asked in Movie Genres


What is the duration of Don't Feed the Gondolas?

   User Avatar 
   The duration of Don't Feed the Gondolas is -2100.0 seconds.

Asked in Painting and Staining


Do objects painted black dry faster than objects painted white?

   User Avatar 
   yes objects painted black dry faster than those painted white because the black absorbs more heat than the white

Asked in Inventions, History of Maritime, Super Mario Brothers


How many gondolas are on the Farris wheel in Mario supper sluggers?

   User Avatar 
   how many gondolas are on a ferris wheel

Asked in Travel & Places


What are the boats called like gondolas that the ventians use they stand up?

   User Avatar 
   They're called gondolas.

Asked in London


How many gondolas are on the London eye?

   User Avatar 
   There are 32 gondolas on the London Eye, and it can hold 800 people.

Asked in Business & Finance, Cars & Vehicles, Animal Life


Why is harnish black?

   User Avatar 
   because they painted it in black color

Asked in Artists and Painters, Art Collecting


When was the black cot by Shani Rhys- James painted?

   User Avatar 
   The Black Cot was painted in 2002. There is also a book about Shani Rhys James entitled 'The Black Cot'.

Asked in Music


Who invented the black and white keyboard?

   User Avatar 
   Elisha Gray invented the black and white keyboard in 1874. The Major keys were painted white and the minor keys were painted black.

Asked in Taxis


City that uses gondolas instead of taxis?

   User Avatar 
   Venice, Italy uses water taxis called "gondolas" for local transport.

Asked in War Movies, Helicopters


Was black hawk down black?

   User Avatar 
   A black hawk is a helicopter that can be painted a variety of colours.

Asked in Music


Who likes red doors painted black?

   User Avatar 
   i see a red door and i want to paint it black, no colours anymore their painted black! hmmmm hmmmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm Matt love red doors painted black!! Lines from the Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black" originally released in the 1960s.

Asked in Education


What is a Mirado Black Warrior?

   User Avatar 
   It is a pencil, painted black, made by Papermate.

Asked in Solar Power


Why are solar panels painted black?

   User Avatar 
   Because black absorbs radiation.

Asked in Titanic


Why was the Titanic black?

   User Avatar 
   Because people who built it painted the titanic in black.

Asked in Italy


What can you find in Venice?

   User Avatar 
   They are called gondolas.

Asked in Inventions, Amusement Parks


How many gondolas are on a ferris wheel?

   User Avatar 
   There are Ferris Wheels with as few as 8 gondolas or as many as 48 (or possibly more). The original Ferris Wheel built by George W. G. Ferris Jr. in 1893 had 36 gondolas and was 260 feet high (78 metres). The London Eye has 32 large air-conditioned gondolas.

Asked in Ceramics and Pottery


What colour is a hydria usually painted?

   User Avatar 
   most hydrias are painted in a teqnique called black-figure

Asked in Baseball Equipment


Why are some wooden baseball bats black?

   User Avatar 
   They're either painted or spray painted possibly

Asked in Binoculars


Why are the insides of binoculars and cameras are painted black?

   User Avatar 
   They are painted black to absorb the extra light to produce a realistically lit picture or view. Hope this helps!

Asked in Plumbing


Why are water pipes painted black?

   User Avatar 
   Water pipes are not usually painted black, or any colour for that matter. Pipes are usually in the colour of the material they are made from.

Asked in Washington Capitals, Italy, History of Italy


What are facts about Venice Italy?

   User Avatar 
   Venice has 160 canals connected by 409 bridges It is built on wood poles from Cadore forests, in the Alps. You can take waterbuses (vaporetti) and water taxis (gondolas) to explore the beautiful lagoons. Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Venetian island, Torcello was once the center of Venice. Today its almost abandoned. Aqua Alta (high water) is a common phenomenon in Venice. gondolas must be painted black because of a sumptuary law passed by the venetian government

Asked in India Monuments, Taj Mahal


What does a black taj mahal look like?

   User Avatar 
   It is the Taj Mahal painted black..............

Asked in Chemistry


Why drain pipes are always painted black?

   User Avatar 
   black is a good absorber and hence a good emmiter of thermal energy. painting the surface black can increase the rate of this transfer of energy, and hence thedrain pipes are painted black:)
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