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   Needs a Topic

What should be done to change the word from kiil to kill?

   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 12:19:36

   move the l to the second i then delete the i that is leftover leaving kil then you add a l at the end making kill

   User Avatar 


2020-05-22 20:07:12

   Change the second i to l

Related Questions

Asked in Chipmunks and Squirrels


Is it legal to kiil a grey squirrel in the UK?

   User Avatar 

Asked in New Testament, Jesus Christ


Can Jesus kill Dahak?

   User Avatar 
   Jesus is only a name.. Jesus cannot kiil "Dahak" because it is not a person. unless a person's name is Jesus then it can only vary on there strenght :)

Asked in Cars & Vehicles


What have people done to stop poaching?

   User Avatar 
   they should kill the people that poach animals. that's what they should do. its animal cruelty..

Asked in Elephants


Why Should you not kill elephants?

   User Avatar 
   because you should be kind to all animals, and elephants have done nothing to deserve such brutality and inhumanity.

Asked in Call of Duty Black Ops


How do you change rules on call of duty black ops?

   User Avatar 
   well u kill 90 zombies and u have done it

Asked in Microbiology


Microbiology how does heat kill?

   User Avatar 
   Firstly your ques should be that- how we can kill microorganism by heat? ANSWER Heat kill can be done by either direct incerination or by moist heat as in case of autoclave which is used as 15lbps and 121oC to kill microorganism

Asked in Domestic Dogs, Dog Behavior, Animal Parasites


What should be done after removing a tick from a dog?

   User Avatar 
   Burn the tick to kill it. Burn the tick and though it away.

Asked in Urinary System


Does eating pee kill you?

   User Avatar 
   Not necessarily. It has acid in it and is a waste product, but drinking small amounts of it would not likely kill you. Of course, drinking it is not something that should be done.

Asked in White Rhinoceroses


What is being done to help save the white rhinoceros?

   User Avatar 
   we should put them in zoo or our government should not allow people to kill snow leopard

Asked in Freshwater Aquariums, Guppy


Can milky water kill fish?

   User Avatar 
   Milky water should tell you its time for a water change!

Asked in Suzuki


How do you reset oil change button on suzuki df40?

   User Avatar 
   Change oil. Turn motor ignition switch to on but don't start Pull off emergency kill switch plate Pull emergency kill switch 3 times in less than 7 seconds. Replace kill switch plate. Done.

Asked in Parrots, How To


How to trim a parrots beak?

   User Avatar 
   This is something that should be done only by an avian veterinarian. NEVER attempt this yourself -- you can kill the bird.

Asked in Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species, Sharks, Great White Sharks


Why is it important to save the shark?

   User Avatar 
   Because, sharks are elegant and powerful species surviving for thousends of years. Just because sometimes ( not often ) they will kill humans doesn't mean we should kill them just for their fins and/or skin or just kiil them for sport. Sharks lower numbers of multipling species so they wont grow out of control. Some sharks are even harmless! So its greatest not to go near a shark or kill one. SAVE THE SHARKS! ( i am 9 and i know all of this :D )

Asked in Home & Garden, Palm Trees


What poisons will kill palm trees in your neighbors property?

   User Avatar 
   What you are suggesting is illegal. You don't have the right to kill a plant on your neighbors property. Should your neighbor realize you have done this you would be taken to court.

Asked in Ants


Why should you not kill an ant?

   User Avatar 
   I would say, Because there just the same as us, Why should you not kill a Human! Read Stephen King's "Under the Dome". That might change your thinking about us in the grand scale of things.

Asked in Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species, Giant Pandas


Should you kill a panda?

   User Avatar 
   No. I would be dead and I am the only person that decides if I am dead or not

Asked in Fish


How do you clean a tank?

   User Avatar 
   when you clean a fish tank you should only do a 5 or 10% water change. You should wipe any algae off the glass, filter of objects in the tank using a new cloth as any soaps that get in the water will kill the fish. After this the water may be cloudy but the filter should clear this within a few hours. You should never do a 100% water change as this much change will overwhelm the fish and could kill them.

Asked in To Kill a Mockingbird


In To Kill a Mockingbird what does Mrs Dubose say that Jem should have done to get rid of her flowers?

   User Avatar 
   She said that next time to pull it out from the roots.

Asked in Animal Rights and Abuse, Slogans and Mottos


Slogan for animal cruelty?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings, To Kill a Mockingbird


What is the symbolic meaning of To Kill a Mockingbird?

   User Avatar 
   To Kill a Mockingbird means that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird, because they have done no wrong.

Asked in Tanakh and Talmud


If someone is coming to kill you get up early and kill them first?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, the Hebrew Talmud does indeed say: (derived from Deuteronomy 22:26): Habah l'hargecha hashkem l'hargo -- "If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first. However, it should never be done with glee."

Asked in Coins and Paper Money, Skin Care, Kangaroos


Why not you on face?

   User Avatar 
   i hate you and you should kill me cuz i killed you! i hate you and you should kill me cuz i killed you! i hate you and you should kill me cuz i killed you!

Asked in Hunting and Shooting


What are facts about pros and cons of bear hunting?

   User Avatar 
   beacsue no one knows if you do not kill him they will be DONE FOR GOOD! beacsue no one knows if you do not kill him they will be DONE FOR GOOD!

Asked in To Kill a Mockingbird


What had cousin joshua done in to kill a mockingbird?

   User Avatar 
   he tried to kill the president of the college with a pistol

Asked in Grand Theft Auto 4


In gta 4 should you kill darko or let him live?

   User Avatar 
   Depending on whether you kill Darko or let him live, it will change the conversations Niko has with Roman and Bernie afterwards. But that's about it. No real change otherwise. If Niko does kill Darko, he executes him in quite spectacular style, in memory of all his betrayed comrades.
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