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What makes it a "continental" breakfast?

   Every time I grab a muffin and a glass of orange juice in a hotel lobby, I wonder about it.
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   Asked by Scarlett Bashirian
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Foster Schroeder

2020-05-12 21:05:23

   The term stems from 19th century England—when they said “the continent,” they meant continental Europe. In places like France and the Mediterranean, breakfast was (and is) a light meal. A traditional English or American breakfast, however, is much heavier, with heaping mounds of eggs and meat. A “continental breakfast” was meant to cater to the tastes of those in mainland Europe who preferred a smaller breakfast, and it stuck, in no small part because the central items require little oversight and have a decent shelf life.

   continental breakfast
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resultsgp terlengkap

2020-05-21 06:49:13

   Sarapan yang baik adalah dengan segelas susu dan roti

   kunjungi juga website kami

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2020-05-21 21:19:09

   Leadership – whether on the battlefield or in another area, such as politics or business – can take place either by example or command, and Alexander the Great, renowned in both history and legend, is a good example of a military leader who led by both command and personal example, whereas Gandhi and Mother Teresa, both famous for their devotion to great causes, provide instances of people leading primarily by the power of inspiring personal example.

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2020-05-21 12:55:09

   It's a quick holiday breakfast

Related Questions

Asked in Food & Cooking


What is the difference between an American breakfast and a continental breakfast?

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   An American breakfast contains Eggs and Meats ( bacon, ham, sausage, steak, etc). A Continental breakfast is Bread (croissant, danish, etc). juice and coffee or tea.

Asked in Dolphins and Porpoises


Can you have breakfast at discovery cove?

   User Avatar 
   yes, you can have a continental breakfast there. it is served until 10:30am.

Asked in Punctuation and Capitalization


Should the words continental breakfast be capitalized in a sentence?

   User Avatar 
   Should breakfast be capitalized in a sentence

Asked in Hotels and Lodging


What are some cheap hotels in Venice that offer continental breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   Hotel Minerva e Nettuno is cheap, clean and comes with a continental breakfast. Rates start at $36.00 for a single. For $59.00, you can get a room at Hotel Santa Lucia, which comes with a continental breakfast and private bathrooms.


Breakfast Catering?

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   form_title=Breakfast Catering form_header=Start your morning event off with a tasty breakfast! What type of breakfast would you like at your event?= () Continental () Full Breakfast How many guests will be attending the breakfast?= {(),25,50,75,100,125,150,175,200,225,250,More than 250} What is the breakfast for?=_ What is your budget for the breakfast?=_

Asked in French to English


What is french petit dejeuner conti?

   User Avatar 
   Un petit déjeuner continental is 'a continental breakfast' in English.

Asked in Geology, Earth Sciences


What makes up the continental margin?

   User Avatar 
   continental shelf; continental slope

Asked in Restaurants and Dining Establishments


What is continental breakfast service?

   User Avatar 
   It is usually referred to on a breakfast term which is normally served cold. Were a roll or croissant together with cereal are offered as opposed to a fully cooked breakfast.

Asked in Brakes and Tires


Who makes continental tire?

   User Avatar 
   The Continental Corporation of Germany

Asked in Jail Incarceration, Prison Incarceration


What do inmates eat?

   User Avatar 
   Food just like everyone else on this planet....the food is just not as good, think of continental breakfast then think of what continental breakfast would be at that shady looking motel off the highway....thats what the food is like.

Asked in Earthquakes


What rock makes most of the continental crust?

   User Avatar 
   Granite is one of the main rocks that makes up the continental crust.

Asked in Geology, Plate Tectonics, Planet Earth


What layer of the earth makes up the continental plates?

   User Avatar 
   The continental lithosphere.

Asked in Relationships, Jealousy


How do you know if your relationship is good?

   User Avatar 
   If he/she makes you breakfast.

Asked in Dieting and Weight Loss, Nutrition


What are the benefits from eating breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   Eating breakfast makes it so you concentrate more and not feel tired

Asked in Vatican City


What do people in Vatican City eat for breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   There is no prescribed breakfast for residents of the Vatican. Most, I assume,would eat a continental breakfast consisting of bread and jam or pastries, fresh fruit and coffee or tea.

Asked in New York City


What is one hotel in New York City that offers free Continental breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   The French Quarters Guest Apartments in New York City provides a free continental breakfast, although one may find the prices for a room to be somewhat steep.

Asked in Health, Countries, States, and Cities


Which country has the healthiest breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   There is no official "healthiest breakfast" award given to a country, but with lots of bread and cereal which gives you a good start to the day because of the carbohydrates, you could say that the continental European breakfast is one of the healthiest.

Asked in Earth Sciences


What is it called when granite makes up the continental crust?

   User Avatar 
   I think granite is continental crust

Asked in Dieting and Weight Loss


Why is breakfast an important meal?

   User Avatar 
   Breakfast is important since if you do not eat breakfast, you will feel hungry all day and cannot do your work properly. It is also important to have a good and healthy breakfast. For the overweight people: Don't think skipping breakfast makes you thinner. It makes you fatter!!! You eat more during lunch to make up for skipping breakfast and make yourself fatter. So don't skip breakfast if you want to lose weight.

Asked in Gardening, Fruits and Vegetables


Which Brussels hotels offer a free continental breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   A few hotels that offer free continental breakfast are the Monty Small Design Hotel, Van Belle Hotel, Hotel Vendome, and the Izan Avenue Louise. These are very affordable and a good place to start looking.

Asked in Seattle


Does the Quality Inn in Seattle provide a free continental breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   "Yes, the Quality Inn in Seattle provides free deluxe continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi Internet access, free local calls, free limited covered parking and much more."

Asked in Food & Cooking


What time is a continental breakfast served?

   User Avatar 
   Continental breakfasts are usually served between 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM, but times may vary according to the establishment.

Asked in Hotels and Lodging


Does the Monterey Bay Inn serve breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   There are a large variety of different inns and hotels that serve breakfast in the morning. The Monterey Bay Inn, just like a lot of other inns, does serve a continental breakfast in the morning hours.

Asked in Hotels and Lodging, Job Descriptions


What is the duties of morning hotel clerk?

   User Avatar 
   If there is a continental breakfast, they will help with this. They also will be busy checking people out for the day.

Asked in Cruises and Ocean Liners, United States of America, Fast Food


Deluxe continental breakfast?

   User Avatar 
   It means absolutely nothing and is defined by those serving it instead of those that are consuming it.
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