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   Charles Dickens

What does the pilotage of timid women mean?

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October 20, 2008 6:55PM

   ' . . . a small part of his income was derived from the pilotage of timid women . . . from Tellson's side of the tides to the opposite shore.' 'Pilotage' refers, in this context, to Mr. Cruncher's occupation of ferrying people across the river. He makes a speciaty of comforting and reassuring timid women, in the hope of a good tip.

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Asked in French to English


Qu'est ce que le pilotage autocratique?

   User Avatar 
   I think you mean 'le pilotage automatique' on an aeroplane - the auto-pilot

Asked in French to English


What does the french word pilot age mean?

   User Avatar 
   If you mean 'pilotage' that means anything to do with piloting an aeroplane or a boat.

Asked in Authors, Poets, and Playwrights


When was Atlantic Pilotage Authority created?

   User Avatar 
   Atlantic Pilotage Authority was created on 1972-02-01.

Asked in Definitions


What does milquetoast mean?

   User Avatar 
   Milquetoast means shy, or timid.

Asked in Religion & Spirituality, Definitions


What does this word mean meke?

   User Avatar 
   Meek-timid. Make-create.

Asked in Adjectives and Articles, Nouns


Is timid a noun?

   User Avatar 
   No, timid is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. Example: a timid deer or a timid student. The noun form is timidness.

Asked in Animal Life


Are animals mean when they get abused?

   User Avatar 
   Abuse tends to make animals either "mean" or extremely timid.

Asked in Example Sentences


Use timid in a sentence?

   User Avatar 
   A mouse is very timid. This is an example of a sentence that is using the word timid. Timid means lacking in courage or bravery.

Asked in Parts of Speech


What part of speech is timid?

   User Avatar 
   "timid" is an adjective.

Asked in Name Origins, Baby Names, Names and Name Meanings


What does the name tuck mean?

   User Avatar 
   Civil, Timid, Nimble, Dedicated, Leaner, Warm

Asked in Definitions, Synonyms and Antonyms


Do timid and vehement mean the same thing?

   User Avatar 
   Timid means fearful, lacking in self-courage. Vehement means happy, fierce, strongly emotional. Timid is a shy approach to life whereas being vehement means a more fierce approach to life.

Asked in Definitions


Definition of timid?

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Asked in Definitions, Acronyms & Abbreviations


What is an acronym for timid?

   User Avatar 
   Timid means to be very shy and not talkative. An acronym for timid would be outgoing or loud and outrageous.

Asked in Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages


When did Ralph the Timid die?

   User Avatar 
   Ralph the Timid died in 1057.

Asked in Nouns


What is the noun for timid?

   User Avatar 
   The noun forms for the adjective timid are timidness and timidity. The noun forms for the adjective timid are timidness and timidity.

Asked in Allegory and Simile


What is as timid as a mouse?

   User Avatar 
   That means u r timid It's a simile

Asked in Example Sentences


A sentence with the word timid in it?

   User Avatar 
   Because Joan was raised in a very strict household, she grew up to be very timid. Timid means shy.

Asked in Genealogy, Math and Arithmetic, Statistics, Definitions


What does levere mean?

   User Avatar 
   Italian: nickname for a fleetfooted or timid person, from levere, variant of lepre 'hare'.

Asked in Psychological Disciplines, IQ, Human Behavior


What is the meaning of primary personality?

   User Avatar 
   The core personality of an DID patient. In women, the primary personality is often timid and passive, and may be diagnosed as depressed.

Asked in Animal Life


Who is timid in the animal kingdom?

   User Avatar 
   Mice are often referred to with the expression "as timid as a mouse".

Asked in Soil


Soil characteristics of the tropical rainforest biome?

   User Avatar 
   wet and timid wet and timid

Asked in Abstract Nouns


What is abstract noun for timid?

   User Avatar 
   The abstract noun form for the adjective timid is timidness.

Asked in Shetland Sheepdogs


Are Shetland Sheepdogs timid?

   User Avatar 
   It depends on the dog. They can be bold, but others may be timid.

Asked in Slipknot


Who is the toughest in Slipknot and who is the most timid?

   User Avatar 
   No one in Slipknot is timid, and they are all tought.

Asked in Parts of Speech


What part of speech is the word timid?

   User Avatar 
   The word timid is an adjective. It means to be shy.
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