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     * What are characteristics of a balanced personality?

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What are characteristics of a balanced personality?

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Related Questions

Asked in Nutrition


What is well-balanced?

   User Avatar 
   1 well-adjusted, well-balanced free from psychological disorder; "a well-adjusted personality" 2 well-balanced in an optimal state of balance or equilibrium; "a well-balanced wheel"

Asked in Doctors


What personality characteristics or skills do you currently posses that you believe will benefit you in this career?

   User Avatar 
   What personality characteristics or skills do you have current posses that you will believe in benefit you in this career

Asked in Relationships, Teen Dating, Friendship


What do you mean by personality?

   User Avatar 
   how i act, characteristics ect.

Asked in Psychology


What are personality characteristics?

   User Avatar 
   There are many types of personality characteristics. These include being outgoing, shy, funny, serious, overwhelming, confident, helpful, intelligent, as well as conscientious.

Asked in Definitions


What is a personality?

   User Avatar 
   A personality is a combination of qualities and characteristics that make up each person's unique character.

Asked in Friendship, Psychology


What consist personality?

   User Avatar 
   Personality is the set of unique characteristics that each person has. These can be shared with others, but the sum of these traits makes a person's personality.

Asked in Animated and Children's Movies, Animated TV Series, Cartoons


What are characteristics of a cartoon?

   User Avatar 
   it means what they look like or there personality :)

Asked in Mental Health, Conditions and Diseases, Job Interviews


What is your weakest characteristics?

   User Avatar 
   list of weakest personality traits

Asked in Food & Cooking


What are the characteristics of cook?

   User Avatar 
   It depends on a) their personality and b) how good they are.

Asked in Biology, Zoology or Animal Biology, Manatees, Vertebrates


What are characteristics of vertebrates that other chordates do not have?

   User Avatar 
   that have a great personality

Asked in Mental Health, Psychological Disorders, Psychiatry


Can personality disorders develop in middle age?

   User Avatar 
   Personality disorders can take place at any age. Most responsible factor Is Ego. If deflation of Ego takes place, the individual becomes deflated, If Ego inflated an individual becomes overconfident. balanced Ego maintains balanced personality.

Asked in Fruits and Vegetables


What are the Physical characteristics of a pumpkin?

   User Avatar 
   a personality of a pumpkin's personality is it's dark because on Halloween and sometimes it can be happy but i think that's a pumpkin's personality

Asked in Chemistry, Psychology, Science Experiments


What are personality characteristics of a chemist?

   User Avatar 
   you can ask if you want to! his the best!

Asked in Care of Horses


What are the characteristics of a normal horse?

   User Avatar 
   All horses are different in personality.

Asked in Lakes and Rivers


Name two human characteristics of a place?

   User Avatar 
   the personality of an place

Asked in Elements and Compounds


What is the personality of oxygen?

   User Avatar 
   it's the physical and chemical characteristics of oxygen!

Asked in Psychology, Human Behavior


How do you know personality characteristics of other people?

   User Avatar 
   You get to know them; you listen to them; you spend time with them. Eventually, their personality will show itself to you.

Asked in Beauty, Hair, Haircuts, Hairdressing, and Hairstyles


What type of personality and characteristics has a young woman got if she had red hair?

   User Avatar 
   a crazy fun outgoing wild personality

Asked in Word Games


What is pleasing personality?

   User Avatar 
   A pleasing personality is a personality of a person who is pleasant to be in company of. Characteristics of a pleasing personality include good manors and good morals. A person with a pleasing personality is selfless, and is always nice to other people.

Asked in Aging and Life Extension


What are a persons characteristics?

   User Avatar 
   A person's characteristics is how they act and how they look. Physical characteristics could be things like color of eyes and hair. Personality characteristics could be if they are shy our outgoing.

Asked in Human and Animal Interaction


What are the characteristics of people?

   User Avatar 
   Characteristics is what people are like, personality traits. E.G. shy, outgoing, bold, funny etc.

Asked in Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters


What are characteristics that start with m?

   User Avatar 
   Malicious, materialistic, meek, messy and modest are personality characteristics. They begin with the letter m.

Asked in Human Anatomy and Physiology


What the difference between physical and human characteristics?

   User Avatar 
   Physical characteristics mean characteristics that you can see such as hair, skin, and eye color. Emotional characteristics are traits that are a part of a persons personality.

Asked in Speech Writing, Business Communication, Public Speaking


How does the personality of a person contribute to non verbal communication?

   User Avatar 
   By developing positive thoughts and balanced behaviour.

Asked in Parts of Speech, Adjectives and Articles, Pronouns


What is a personality-?

   User Avatar 
   A personality is the description for the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. For example, someone's personality may be described as funny, caring, trustworthy, etc.
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