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There is a bus with 7 children inside. Each child has 7 bags. Inside each bag there are 7 big cats. Each big cat has 7 small cats. All cats have 4 legs each. How many legs are on the bus?

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Wiki User

2013-10-05 07:51:01

   As a riddle, the answer is zero legs on the bus since

   the bus has wheels instead of legs.

   But as a maths problem; It's not a tricked

   question -- just a straightforward maths problem

   Confirmed answer is 10990 legs.

   § Let's say the whole situation simply :

   - There are 7 girls.

   - Each girl has 7 backpack

   - Each backpack has 7 big cats

   - Each big cat has 7 little small cats.

   § Question: How many legs are there in the


   § Let's focus on each part of the question systematically,

   write down on a piece of paper if you have to, following my steps

   of chains.

   1. Focus on the first girl first:

   A B C D E F G

   Girl A has 7 backpacks

   2. Now focus on first backpack A1 :

   A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7

   Backpack A1 has 7 big cats

   3. Now focus on first big cat :

   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

   Ø Each big cats have 7 small cats (that's the

   end of the focus)

   Systematically, 7 small cats has 28 legs (7 *

   4) combined with the big cat that owns this 7 small


   Let's call this the "cat chain", so cat chain 1

   has 32 legs altogether.

   Ø So since there are 7 big cats

   7 * 32 = 224 legs

   Ø Therefore each backpack has 224 legs

   Ø Finally, each girl has 7 * 224 = 1568


   Lastly, since there are 7 girls, A to G, there are 7 * 1568

   legs (per girl) = 10976 legs.

   Now, since each girl also has 2 legs each;

   SO, (7 * 2) + 10976 = 10990 legs altogether

   Note: Disregarding bus driver, buses and etc…Only focus on the

   girl and their backpacks!


   There are 7*7 = 49 bags and there are 7 + 7*7 = 56 cats in each

   bag, meaning there are 56*4 = 224 legs in each bag. So including

   the 7 children that have 2 legs each, there are 7*2 + 49(224) =

   10990 legs in total.

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Alghalya Alyafei

2020-03-30 04:40:27

   answer is 10990 legs.

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2020-04-03 09:20:00

   7 children have 14 legs. There are 49 bags in total. There are 343 big cats in total, with 1372 legs. There are 2401 small cats in total, with 9604 legs. The total number of legs on the bus is 10990 (if the bus driver was on the bus then there would be 10992 legs in total).

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Vainilla Kola

2020-05-16 20:38:26


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2020-05-23 03:23:07


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2020-04-01 16:17:07

   doo doo

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2020-04-01 20:50:08


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2020-04-23 12:32:04


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2020-04-23 12:37:02


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2020-05-05 23:25:02


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2020-05-16 10:10:46


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2020-05-18 02:50:32


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2020-05-18 02:54:00


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2020-05-22 14:18:42


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2020-05-30 03:51:08


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2020-05-27 22:40:18


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2020-05-23 11:37:00


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2020-05-23 11:37:42


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2020-05-23 14:48:10

   1093 legs

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2020-05-27 02:05:51


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2020-05-27 08:41:29


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2020-05-27 10:35:11


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2020-05-27 12:40:49


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2020-05-27 13:23:18


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2020-05-27 13:55:28


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2020-05-27 13:59:09


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2020-05-27 15:09:06

   385 &2 for Driver=387

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2020-05-27 15:37:16


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2020-05-27 15:38:25


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2020-05-23 07:58:03


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