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     * If you could choose a weapon for the zombie apocalypse what sould it be?

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Asked in


If you could choose a weapon for the zombie apocalypse what sould it be?


   User Avatar 

shikaino nara

February 14, 2020 12:33PM

   Any song that I like, ranging from The End by My Chemical Romance to anime theme songs
   User Avatar 


February 12, 2020 10:03PM

   a mariogun
   User Avatar 

Natalie Sanders

February 12, 2020 1:56AM

   something to stop my mysery
   User Avatar 

Isis Osorio Ruiz

February 12, 2020 12:04AM

   a gun or a knife
   User Avatar 

JamesTDG PF01

February 14, 2020 10:18PM

   If it was a real weapon, I'd say an automatic defense turret, if it was a fake one, the walking gun from borderlands
   User Avatar 

Oliver Zarabia Hernandez

February 14, 2020 4:55AM

   DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle
   User Avatar 

Captain Falcon

February 13, 2020 1:13AM

   meme gun
   User Avatar 

Wiki User

August 28, 2014 1:52AM

   If I could choose a weapon for the zombie apocalypse I would choose a fire shooting Uzi.

Related Questions

Asked in Zombies


Is it possible there could be a zombie apocalypse?

   User Avatar 
   No i don't think there is ever going to be a chance of a zombie apocalypse because i don't think that our dead relatives will come alive you dumb a$$

Asked in Zombies


How could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

   User Avatar 
   I guess that the Zombie apocalyps could happen anywhere but not rarely because zombies cannot just show up out of nowhere.

Asked in Avalanches, Afro & Dreadlocks, Natural Disasters


What are some of the ways a zombie apocalypse could start?

   User Avatar 
   government testing and a outbreak of the virus spreads pretty much every single zombie movie you see

Asked in Zombies


Could the zombie apocalypse actually happen?

   User Avatar 
   Nobody really knows, but there are really bad viruses that can kill a lot of people.

Asked in Zombies


Can the zombie apocalypse happen?

   User Avatar 
   Scientifically no at this point but in the future we may design more viruses and descover new ones that could affect this

Asked in Zombies


Could a zombie outbreak happen?

   User Avatar 
   i personally belive yes check out my page GLitch378 No, despite the zombie apocalypse depicted by hollywood. Being a zombie is not a contagious condition - you do not become a zombie by being killed by a zombie or by simply being dead. It requires a voodoo priest to make each and every zombie and the process is not trivial.

Asked in Zombies


When could a zombie apocalypse happen?

   User Avatar 
   Well,to be honest,a zombie apocalypse could happen,but not now,maybe in the future,but i mean floating cars future,or maybe in your kid's children are age 50,thats a long time,i will and your children's kid will be dead by then,so it will happen,it cant happen now,but scientists are experimenting to much im sure,

Asked in Cryptids and Legendary Creatures, Zombies


Could Zombie land Really Happen?

   User Avatar 
   i believe that sum terrorists might try to make a new B.O.W(bilolgical weapon) and might accidentally make some zombie virus. but i also think that we will be able to take them out and that they wont be that much of a problem. what i think will cause an apocalypse is rouge robots like the ones on terminator "That is why america willget rid of terrorism! Once and for all!"

Asked in Environmental Issues, Wildfires


What are the hazards of muck fires?

   User Avatar 
   the smoke can injure your lungs the fire could go above ground and put your house in danger . they can also cause a zombie Apocalypse .

Asked in Call of Duty Black Ops


What is the use in teleporting in black ops zombie mode?

   User Avatar 
   so that you could pack a punch ur weapon or throw your grenades

Asked in Environmental Issues, Pollution, Noise Pollution


How is noise pollution affecting the environment?

   User Avatar 
   because the noise is breaking the earths barrior and that could lead to destruction and in about 2-3 yrs the world will end in a zombie apocalypse .

Asked in Animal Life


What are four ways a population size could change?

   User Avatar 
   1 a nuclear bomb could hit and everyone could die 2 someone could clone themself 3 someone could have an atomic fart that kills everyone 4 zombie apocalypse

Asked in Who Would Win, Zombies, Cannibalism


Who would win zombie or canibal?

   User Avatar 
   If you are wondering if a cannibal can eat the zombie to win then no. A cannibal would lose because the zombie body is always decomposing and therefore foul, which would kill the human either by bacteria or the zombie virus itself. The human could win if he had a weapon of some sort.

Asked in Zombies


Why hasn't there been a zombie apocalypse?

   User Avatar 
   There are 3 possiblities: 1. It may not ever happen at all. Zombies may not exist. 2. It might not be the time. Maybe in the future, but most likely not soon. 3. It may not have happened yet because no scientist has been able to create a zombie virus. There is a video from Vsauce about zombie bugs, which shows what could be a zombie virus.

Asked in Zombies


Are you due a zombie apocalypse?

   User Avatar 
   Am I due for one? not personally I would hope. And I think the world could probably go a few more years before being devoured by flesh/brain eating zombies.

Asked in Zombies


Could you ever become a zombie?

   User Avatar 
   No it is impossible to become a zombie.

Asked in The Walking Dead (TV Series)


How does the zombie apocalypse start in The Walking Dead?

   User Avatar 
   It is never stated what actually causes the zombies to rise up. That is part of what makes the series so frightening - the thought that something like this could just start happening for no reason.

Asked in Zombies


What caused the zombie Apocalypse in The Walking Dead?

   User Avatar 
   It is never stated what actually causes the zombies to rise up. That is part of what makes the series so frightening - the thought that something like this could just start happening for no reason.

Asked in Viruses (biological)


Will there be a zombie apocalypse in the next few years?

   User Avatar 
   most likely Becuse it is possible for a Zombie Apocalypse to happen within the next few years but I doubt it because you cannot reanimate dead tissue. However there can be an advanced form of rabies that makes people act like zombies, or there could be a virus created for war purposes but it may get out of control and spread throughout the Earth. so there are many ways for a Zombie Apocalypse to happen. I for one will survive because of the amount of things around my house I can use for weapons such as swords. WHEN it happens feel free to call 0403938682 for safety and protection. However I can only protect you if you live in New South Wales in Australia. If you do then it will be your lucky day. See you then.

Asked in Questions about WikiAnswers and


What category is Apocalypse in?

   User Avatar 
   The apocalypse is part of Christian theology and therefore could be categorized under Christianity, if it is intended in a religious sense; there is also an end of the world category, for a non-religious apocalypse.

Asked in Nintendo Wii, Call of Duty Black Ops


When will zombie level five come for call of duty black ops wii?

   User Avatar 
   They could have put it in the game like they did for PS3 and Xbox 360 and they choose not too. I do not think they Call of Duty Black Ops will get any new Zombie Maps

Asked in Conditions and Diseases, Mythology, Zombies


How do you get infected by a zombie?

   User Avatar 
   You can't. A zombie is a possessed body the only way you could become a zombie is if a Necromancer forces a demon into your corpse.

Asked in Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies, Zombies


How could a zombie apocalypse happen?

   User Avatar 
   It can't. You cannot re-animate dead tissue. I agree with what you said, However if you are talking a disease, such as the rage virus, or The T-Virus (From movies Resident Evil and 28 days/weeks later) It could very well be possible, Maybe a scientific experiment gone wrong, or an advanced form of rabies... It COULD be possible, just not in the form of an actual zombie. Because it IS true, You cannot re-animate dead tissue.

Asked in Santa Claus


Is Santa a zombie?

   User Avatar 
   First of all Santa Claus is not real, therefore Santa Claus could not be a zombie

Asked in History, Politics & Society, US Constitution


What picture can be drawn for amendment 2?

   User Avatar 
   The second amendment is the right to bear arms. Which means you have the right to own a weapon to protect yourself. You could then, choose to draw a fire arm.
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