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   Jokes and Riddles

I sometimes run but I cannot walk - you always follow me around what am I?

   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 12:17:08

   the little kid from starbucks

   User Avatar 


2020-04-02 15:35:48

   A shadow

   User Avatar 


2020-05-24 14:30:43

   the road

   User Avatar 


2020-04-02 16:19:53

   a shadow

   User Avatar 


2020-05-06 10:18:43

   A cold

   User Avatar 


2020-05-19 16:15:19

   A nose

   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 01:44:58

   A nose

   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 11:35:02

   Your nose

   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 13:53:26


   User Avatar 


2020-05-24 11:56:50


   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 19:32:24

   your nose

   User Avatar 


2020-05-23 20:15:40

   your nose

   User Avatar 


2020-05-24 02:22:38

   A Watch

   User Avatar 


2020-05-24 05:17:38

   a clock

   User Avatar 


2020-05-24 08:30:27


   User Avatar 


2020-05-24 10:53:21

   A soccer ball

   User Avatar 

Wiki User

2009-10-06 18:10:56

   Your nose!

Related Questions

Asked in Jokes and Riddles, Twitter


What follows you and you sometimes follow it?

   User Avatar 
   Your shadow will follow you or sometimes you follow it.

Asked in Harry Potter


Who is always with Draco Malfoy?

   User Avatar 
   Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle are Malfoys friends who follow him everywhere. Pansy Parkinson is also sometimes around Malfoy trying to impress him.

Asked in Comparative Religions and Denominations


Do catholics praise their work?

   User Avatar 
   Not always sometimes they dont go to church and dont follow their faith.

Asked in Hamsters


Where can you get free hamsters in New York?

   User Avatar 
   I follow craigslist. They aren't always available, but sometimes you get lucky :)

Asked in Owls, Poptropica, Astro Knights Island


Why do owls follow me everywhere?

   User Avatar 
   Sometimes Owls follow you. Sometimes not

Asked in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum


How do you let Pokemon follow you around in Pokemon Platinum version?

   User Avatar 
   Your Pokemon cannot follow you around in Pokemon Platinum. It is only available in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Asked in Religion & Spirituality


Is the devil on the Earth or in the ground?

   User Avatar 
   the devil is a symbol that you cannot see. always follow God. there is only one God

Asked in Job Training and Career Qualifications, Clothing, Fashion Design


What do fashion designer school cost?

   User Avatar 
   It just depends: In state can cost around 10-15,000 (sometimes less) Private and Out of state can cost around 20-30,000 But don't be afraid of prices, scholarships are always available. If fashion is your dream, then I suggest you follow it!

Asked in Supernatural and the Occult, Ghosts, Physics


What does it mean when your reflection moves without you and you can hear people follow you but no-one's there?

   User Avatar 
   * What does it mean when your reflection moves without you? This means that the thing which is reflecting is doing the moving, not you. * you can hear people follow you but no-one's there? Then the wind, and/or your mind are playing tricks on your senses. We cannot always trust our senses - they sometimes betray us, and we become victims of illusion.

Asked in Moshi Monsters


How do you bring your moshiling on moshi monsters to the town?

   User Avatar 
   If you're a Moshi Member then a Moshling will automatically follow you around Monstro City. You cannot, however, pick which Moshling to follow you.

Asked in History of US Immigration


When were the immigrants welcome to U.S.?

   User Avatar 
   They always were and always will be as long as they follow the rules. America welcomes them with open arms. Some people are not so nice to them sometimes but they are jerks and most Americans say "come on in".

Asked in Relationships


What to do when your girl is cheating on you with the ex guy?

   User Avatar 
   If it was me i leave but that's not always the answer. Sometimes you just need to talk and if you feel like something is still their or not the ultimate choice is up to you but remember to always follow your heart!

Asked in Jokes and Riddles


Can you put your rabbit on a leash?

   User Avatar 
   Yes, but better to put a big carrot on the leash. Then your rabbit will always follow you around.

Asked in Video Games


Do monsters follow you if you quick travel on oblivion?

   User Avatar 
   Fortunately for you, you cannot quick travel with enemies around or chasing you. You will know when an enemy is around because the music is more violent.

Asked in Domestic Dogs, Dog Behavior, Iditarod


How do you get a dog to follow you around?

   User Avatar 
   Actually, you just have love them. My dog always follows me were ever i go, and that's because of how much i love him, and he loves me. If it is really bad, then you could carry treats around, giving him some. They will eventually get to follow you.

Asked in Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow


Can brock follow you in Pokemon Yellow?

   User Avatar 
   NO he cannot. only Your lead Pokemon can follow you.

Asked in Entertainment & Arts, Drama and Acting, Teen Dating


How do you pretend you love someone when your in a play?

   User Avatar 
   follow them with your eyes alot. show gentle movement towards when or around them. Have calm facial expressions and always be aware that they are near...For instance: If you are in a crowd turn around to show that you are always looking at them

Asked in Supernatural and the Occult


Do you always follow your instinct?

   User Avatar 
   If you mean "Should you always follow your instinct?" the answer is "Yes." But they the question is worded it's asking for opinions.

Asked in Relationships, Dating, Teen Dating


How does a boy show that he likes a girl?

   User Avatar 
   Sometimes they will flirt with you,and sometimes they will follow you everywhere,and sometimes you can ask one of their friends if they do,and sometimes they will tell you.

Asked in Harvest Moon (video game)


What does that teddy bear do on harvest moon another wonderful life?

   User Avatar 
   The creepiest thing ever. It will WATCH you when you move around, and sometimes it will follow you when you walk.

Asked in Aquatic Mammals


How do peguins protect theirselves?

   User Avatar 
   Penguins are really fast swimmers and can sometimes outswim their predator. But mainly, they swim to a hole in the ice and pop up on top where the predator cannot follow.

Asked in Instagram


Can people block you from seeing who they follow on Instagram?

   User Avatar 
   You cannot block your followers from seeing who you follow. For more information about what you can and cannot block, visit the Related Link.

Asked in Minecraft


How do you get the wolves on Minecraft to follow you?

   User Avatar 
   You will need to right click on them with bones, it could take many bones and it's not always guarenteed... but once you have one it will follow you around with a collar on. If you right click on a wolf while it's following you then it will sit and not follow.

Asked in Books and Literature, Grammar


Does this sentence make sense The directions that are given by my teachers I always follow.?

   User Avatar 
   No. It should read: I always follow the directions that are given by my teachers.

Asked in Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics


Does living things always follow second law of thermodynamics?

   User Avatar 
   Everything always follow laws of physics. If they weren't they wouldn't be laws.
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