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   Animal Life

Do animals name each other?

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   Asked by Danika Abbott
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Irma Kerluke

2020-05-15 19:29:08

   There's no way to speak for all animals, but there is evidence that some animals do have ways to differentiate each other. Some parrots, for example, seem to identify themselves with specific sets of peeps, and it's possible their parents give them those names. Sweet, right?

   And parrots aren't the only animals we suspect name each other. Dolphins also have distinctive whistles that function similarly to names. To prove this, researchers played a variety of whistles to a group of dolphins, and the individuals only replied to their signature sound, as if they were calling back when their name had been called.

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pratanu banerjee

2020-05-28 09:27:18

   Animals can name each other in their language. They produce sounds which can be recognized by the member of their species. They have possibly name of one another which we are unable to comprehend. The animal language and animal behavior is very interesting and Jane Goodall has done a lot of work on animal behavior.

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2020-05-24 14:20:59

   I have often wondered about this when I was very young when I questioned: 'do animals have intelligence?' I quickly came to realize that it is impossible for an animal to have had any intelligence whatsoever. It would of had to have a vocabulary and vowels. That way it would be able to name itself.

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2020-05-22 22:27:24

   maybe.... who actually knows lol if ur a dog pls respond thanks

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2020-05-22 12:51:14

   why is the first answer is rude suk your head

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2020-05-22 12:45:31

   suk your head guy that said suk a duck errrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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2020-05-22 01:48:44

   hey don't be mean

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2020-05-22 01:48:31


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2020-05-27 12:01:34

   As all research explains that animals care alot about surviving so names in animal life dont matter to them unless its a home pet Ex:dogs;cats and much more

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2020-05-26 23:28:55

   no mate

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2020-05-25 16:04:11


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2020-05-25 16:03:07

   no you b....

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2020-05-23 00:15:16

   Adam once named all the animals in the beginning when the world was still in development.

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2020-05-22 12:43:45

   not true Iram Kerluke

Related Questions

Asked in Animal Life


Can animals understand other animals?

   User Avatar 
   To a limited degree. Two dogs understand the difference between "I'm mad at you" (snarling) and "I like you" (wagging tail). Honeybees, upon finding flowers, return to their hive and do a dance which tells the other bees in the hive the direction to fly to get to the food.

Asked in Animal Behavior


Does pond animals hunt each other?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Animal Life


How do animals help each other in building their homes?

   User Avatar 
   There are lots of ways animals help each other to build their homes, but I can't name them all, because I've gotta go!

Asked in Animal Life


Name any two animals that depend on each other for survival?

   User Avatar 

Asked in Zoology or Animal Biology


What do animals compete for with each other?

   User Avatar 
   Animals can compete with/against each other for food or a mate.

Asked in Animal Life


What are some interations between animals?

   User Avatar 
   animals eating each other , and they mate animals eating each other , and they mate

Asked in Animal Life, Rainforests


How do animals depend on each other in the rainforest?

   User Avatar 
   The food chain. Animals depend on each other for food.

Asked in Animal Life


Can animals communicate to each other?

   User Avatar 
   yes, animals communicate with each other in their own animal talk

Asked in Beetles, Biology


How do organisms in a community interact with each other?

   User Avatar 
   They interact with each other by plants giving animals food and we can get our food from other animals!

Asked in Aquarium Maintenance


How do plants and animals depend on each other on the aquarium?

   User Avatar 
   Plants and animals depend on each other in an aquarium. One reason is because they protect each other from predators.

Asked in Animal Life


How would animals that don't usually come near each other react?

   User Avatar 
   Animals that normally don't come near each other will be weary of each other. These animals could choose not to interact for example.

Asked in Animal Life


Which animals depend on each other?

   User Avatar 
   Penguins depend on each other for food and health. All animals depend on each other except herbivores as they depend on plants specifically.

Asked in Ecosystems


How do plants and animals rely on each other?

   User Avatar 
   they rely on each other by having it

Asked in Sloths, Hamster Breeds, Hamster Care


How amphibians talk to each other?

   User Avatar 
   animals can talk to each other it is possible

Asked in Squid, Crickets (Insect)


What animals mimic each other?

   User Avatar 
   Many types of animals mimic each other in order to gain an advantage. Squid are one of these animals that perform mimicry.

Asked in Hamsters


Why do animals love each other?

   User Avatar 
   Humans are also animals, and I think you know why we love, but sometimes other animals have no chose to make, or sometimes they love each other for the same reason that we do.

Asked in Rainforests


Do the animals in rainforest help each other out?

   User Avatar 
   do animals in that rainforest help eac other out

Asked in Ancient History, Roman Empire, Ancient Rome


What did gladiators fight?

   User Avatar 
   Each other and other animals.

Asked in Human and Animal Interaction


How do plants and animals depend on each other in the aquarium?

   User Avatar 
   Plants and animals depend on each other in an aquarium setting. Plants provide the oxygen that animals need to respire.

Asked in Animal Rights and Abuse, Animal Life


How do animals depend on each other?

   User Avatar 
   they depend on each other for food and nutrients. They even need each other for energy!

Asked in Animal Behavior


Why do you think animals aggressive towards each other?

   User Avatar 
   Why animals are aggressive towards each other is usually for dominance and like that is their territory not your territory.

Asked in Animal Life


What is the cooperation between animals?

   User Avatar 
   There are some animals which depend on each other to live. Like....ants. They provide shelter for themselves and each other.

Asked in Animal Life


Animals eat each other to survive?

   User Avatar 
   some animals do but not all of them

Asked in Animal Life


How group animal help each other?

   User Avatar 
   compared to most other animals,humans are unusual in our tendency to help each other. however the animals donate to their charity like humans.really animals are most helper

Asked in Old Testament


When did God first tell Adam to name the animals?

   User Avatar 
   When he created each of the animals
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