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   125544762 comment

Comment Re:How bad would you get burned for this? (Score 1) 311

   by rastos1 on Wednesday February 19, 2020 @08:27AM (#59742426) Attached to: Driver Stranded After Connected Rental Car Can't Call Home>
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   125441400 comment

Comment Re:I can guess where this is going (Score 1) 58

   by rastos1 on Monday February 17, 2020 @02:27AM (#59734834) Attached to: Firefox, Wordpress Move to Support Lazy Loading of Images and iFrames
   In that case, I suggest a switch that swaps the meaning of the options.
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   125409220 comment

Comment Re:Why is Slashdot always this far behind? (Score 1) 20

   by rastos1 on Sunday February 16, 2020 @07:45AM (#59732754) Attached to: The 40th Root KSK Ceremony Rescheduled
   They got into the safe and performed the>. Do you fancy> a story?
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   125337102 submission

Submission + - Warning: New Windows 10 Update Bug Is Deleting User Data And Preventing Login ( 

   Submitted by golden_donkey on Saturday February 15, 2020 @08:43AM
   golden_donkey writes: Are you booting up your Windows 10 machine and discovering you can’t log in to your profile? It appears you’re not alone. Reports are increasing across Twitter and Microsoft forums that following the most recent Patch Tuesday update (KB4532693), users are complaining that their profiles and desktop files are missing, and that custom icons and wallpaper have all been reset to their default state.
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   125297818 comment

Comment Re:Why is Slashdot always this far behind? (Score 1) 20

   by rastos1 on Friday February 14, 2020 @05:44PM (#59729540) Attached to: The 40th Root KSK Ceremony Rescheduled

   a) because you did not submit that story into firehose. And nobody else did either.

   b) because I learned about it at about 30 hours ago and if I had posted it at that time it would get lost because it was night at east coast. My observation is that if you want to get a story upvoted in firehose, you have to pick the right time of day.

   It took at about one hour since I submitted the entry until it was published on frontpage. I personally find that reasonable.
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   125278764 submission

Submission + - The 40th Root KSK Ceremony Rescheduled ( 

   Submitted by rastos1 on Friday February 14, 2020 @08:26AM
   rastos1 writes: The 40th Root Key Signing Key Ceremony, originally scheduled for 12 February 2020 at 2100 UTC in El Segundo, California, is being postponed.
   During routine administrative maintenance of our Key Management Facility on 11 February, we identified an equipment malfunction that will prevent us from successfully conducting the ceremony as originally scheduled. The issue disables access to one of the secure safes that contains material for the ceremony.
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   125158628 comment

Comment Re:Yeah right (Score 1) 76

   by rastos1 on Wednesday February 12, 2020 @06:45AM (#59719098) Attached to: Microsoft Promises Windows 10X Updates Will Take 'Less Than 90 Seconds'

   "Have you tried turning it off and on again" is the most reliable way to resolve issues

   No. Just no.

   At best, it just temporarily hides the problem.
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   124654486 comment

Comment Re:On the contrary! (Score 1) 439

   by rastos1 on Wednesday February 05, 2020 @01:55AM (#59692190) Attached to: Iowa Caucus Debacle is One of the Most Stunning Tech Failures Ever
   Why? Is having the application equal to having the keys to the kingdom? Why can't the application be widely available and pointed to a test server unless an activation code is entered and the code is provided only to the responsible person after it is elected?
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   124617542 comment

Comment Re:Interesting times (Score 1) 171

   by rastos1 on Tuesday February 04, 2020 @01:40PM (#59690012) Attached to: Permafrost Is Thawing So Fast, It's Gouging Holes In the Arctic
   May you live in interesting>
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   124102728 comment

Comment sutff in space (Score 5, Informative) 85

   by rastos1 on Wednesday January 29, 2020 @02:43AM (#59667000) Attached to: 2 Satellites Will Narrowly Avoid Colliding Over Pittsburgh On Wednesday

   To see what happens when satellites collide, select the group "Iridium 33 Collision Debris" on that page.
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   124050176 comment

Comment Re:Depends on the podcast source (Score 4, Funny) 82

   by rastos1 on Tuesday January 28, 2020 @03:15AM (#59663598) Attached to: 'I Tried Listening To Podcasts at 3x and Broke My Brain'
   A friend told me a story about his university, where most of the professors had their lectures recorded and made available for students. The students kept a score of how much you could speed up the recording while still intelligible. One of the professors used to double up his speech rate (IRL) at random moments just to mess up with students who were not attending his lectures and were just watching the recordings with increased speed.
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   124008448 comment

Comment Re:It is stupid to think Trump would even use nuke (Score 1, Funny) 242

   by rastos1 on Monday January 27, 2020 @05:22AM (#59659892) Attached to: The Doomsday Clock Is Now Closer to Midnight Than It's Ever Been

   No real estate developer with holdings around the world and at least two brain cells is EVER going to think about using a nuke, or for that matter even a large scale war.

   FTFY. Covfefe.
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   124008054 comment

Comment I dare you telling him, he is not. (Score 1) 242

   by rastos1 on Monday January 27, 2020 @05:15AM (#59659884) Attached to: The Doomsday Clock Is Now Closer to Midnight Than It's Ever Been

   Do you really think Trump is in charge of the US military?

   Considering that US armed forces carried out his order (an order that was not consulted by Congress) to kill Qasem Soleimani: yes. Yes, he is in charge of US military. I dare you telling him, he is not.
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   123986054 comment

Comment Re:systemd (Score 1) 140

   by rastos1 on Sunday January 26, 2020 @02:46PM (#59658182) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can You Refresh Your Linux and Sysadmin Skills?

   Beyond that, things aren't very different.

   So you still generate sendmail configuration with m4 macros?
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   123986014 comment

Comment Re: It's just you and your pals (Score 2) 98

   by rastos1 on Sunday January 26, 2020 @02:44PM (#59658176) Attached to: What Happens When 'Ring Neighbors' Are Always Watching?
   Oh, they likely did bitch. But only people coming to rich people's property were bitching. Which wasn't that many. Also: the rich people did not publish the footage on youtube.
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