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Data Attribution

   Met Office: © British Crown copyright 2013, Met Office

   cmc: THE USA NCEP's Canadian Meteorological Center ensemble model

   nexrad: USA NOAA's NEXRAD system

   nimrod: UK Met Office's NIMROD system

   ecpa: Environment and Climate Change Canada's Public Alert system

   gfs: The USA NOAA’s Global Forecast System

   hrrr: The USA NOAA’s High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Model

   icon: The German Meteorological Office's icosahedral nonhydrostatic

   isd: The USA NOAA’s Integrated Surface Database

   madis: The USA NOAA/ESRL's Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System

   meteoalarm: EUMETNET's Meteoalarm weather alerting system

   nam: The USA NOAA’s North American Mesoscale Model

   nwspa: The USA NOAA’s Public Alert system

   sref: The USA NOAA/NCEP's Short-Range Ensemble Forecast

   Geocode.Earth: Geocoding by

   OpenStreetMap: OpenStreetMap © OpenStreetMap contributors under ODbL. Also see the OSM Geocoding Guidelines for acceptable use.

   Open Addresses: OpenAddresses under various public-domain and share-alike licenses

   GeoNames: GeoNames under CC-BY-4.0

   Who's On First: WhosOnFirst under various CC-BY or CC-0 equivalent licenses

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