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What we do

   Our core objective is to provide reliable access to high-quality climate data. We do this through our Climate Data Store (CDS). We also offer tools and expert guidance that make it possible to transform the data into more visual products, such as maps and charts.
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Climate datasets 
       The CDS provides a single point of access to a variety of climate datasets, including observations, reanalyses of past observations, seasonal forecasts and climate model projections.
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Tools for using climate data 
       The CDS features a powerful toolbox for processing and visualising data in the cloud, so that users can develop climate information suited to their needs.
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       Browse the CDS toolbox 
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Sectoral impacts 
       We provide real applications of CDS data and tools that demonstrate how businesses, governments and citizens can make informed decisions on how to mitigate the effects of climate change.
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Quality assurance 
       We provide quality assurance for all CDS data, tools and applications. We continuously engage with users and independent experts to evaluate our services and ensure that they are fit for purpose.
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Climate Data Store

   Our Climate Data Store offers a wide range of high-quality climate datasets, together with the tools needed to process the data online.
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Climate information

   We publish monthly climate bulletins with up-to-date information about recent climate events, the annual European State of the Climate and key indicators of climate change.
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   We organise training activities for users of our services and products.
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Examples of our work


Food production

   We are helping the agriculture sector to plan for changes in food production conditions by providing climate information.
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Data in action

   Vortex provides consultancy services to the renewable energy sector. They rely on C3S data to improve modelling of wind farm sites.
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Data in Action

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