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   Implemented by ECMWF as part of The Copernicus Programme
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Help and support

   We provide a dedicated user support service to aid Climate Change Service data discovery, dissemination, understanding and use by all users. The user support service currently includes a Knowledge Base accessible 24/7 and a friendly manned helpdesk.

24/7 Knowledge Base 
       The Knowledge Base provides documentation and answers to frequently asked questions.

       For users of the C3S services
       Become part of the community, work together and support each other.

Contact us 
       Can't find the answer you're looking for? Get in touch!
       login to the C3S Enquiry Portal


User Satisfaction Surveys 
       We run user satisfaction surveys every year.
       - 2019 Report
       - 2018 Report
       - 2017 Report

Your user story 
       We collect user stories to show the diversity and wide-range usage of our data and services. You will find here some examples. Contact us directly to share your user story with us.

User Training 
       C3S User Learning Services offers free training in how to use the Climate Data Store platform and its content.

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