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   Hallstatt is located in Austria’s mountainous Salzkammergut region (Credit: Credit: Chunyip Wong/Getty Images)
          + Europe
          + Austria
     * Covid-19


Austria’s town that lost its visitors


   "It was like living in a ghost village"
     * View image of Pani puri is one street snacks that many Indians have missed the most during lockdown (Credit: Credit: IndiaPictures/Getty Images) 
          + Culinary Roots at Home

India’s favourite street food?
       Pani puri occupies a special place in Indian hearts and stomachs, so it’s no wonder that the treat has been one of the country’s most missed street snacks during lockdown.
          + India
          + Food & Drink
     * View image of At first glance, German tidiness seems to influence most aspects of the country's culture (Credit: Credit: bluejayphoto/Getty Images) 
          + Culture & Identity

The world's most orderly nation?
       For centuries, Germany has been synonymous with order. So how can a rule-abiding nation also have an anything-goes spirit?
          + Berlin
          + Psychology
          + History

Most Popular

   Cacio e pepe is made with only three ingredients: cheese, black pepper and pasta (Credit: Credit: AlexPro9500/Getty Images)
    1. Cacio e pepe is made with only three ingredients: cheese, black pepper and pasta (Credit: Credit: AlexPro9500/Getty Images)
       Italy’s beloved 3-ingredient pasta dish
    2. The landscapes of the Borderlands remain wild and untamed (Credit: Chris Strickland/Getty Images)
       Britain's lawless 'fourth' country
    3. Nearly everyone in Brazil's indigenous Waiapi group has died from disease (Credit: Credit: APU Gomes/Getty Images)
       The communities that predicted Covid-19
    4. Linda Fung practices tai chi every morning to achieve a balance in her life (Credit: Credit: Matthew Keegan)
       A centuries-old healing technique
    5. Today, Kansans remain split whether Chicken Annie's or Chicken Mary's rules the roost (Credit: Credit: Bruce N Meyer)
       America’s ‘fried chicken war’
    6. Nyepi, Bali's New Year’s Day, is a time to look back on the year gone by and year ahead (Credit: Credit: HonzaHruby/Getty Images)
       Asia's centuries-old 'lockdown' law

     * View image of Knife massage is thought to have originated in China more than 2,000 years ago (Credit: Credit: Louise Watt) 
          + Well World

The world’s most dangerous massage?
       Quick chopping motions are expected in many types of massage. But in daoliao, or knife massage, the chopping is done with real blades.
          + Taiwan
          + Wellness
     * View image of The Heiltsuk Nation have banned all non-essential travel in or out of their territory (Credit: Credit: Alex Harris/Maple Leaf Adventures) 
          + Culture & Identity

An ancient law to fight Covid-19
       These Covid-19-free indigenous groups are asking to be left alone, even if it requires that they evoke their ancient laws to ensure their safety.
          + Canada
          + Covid-19

     * View image of The British government invested a fortune in cinchona bark to produce quinine (Credit: Credit: Dizzy/Getty Images) 
          + Culture & Identity

A drug that powered the British Empire
       Deep in the Andean rainforest, the bark from an endangered tree once cured malaria and powered the British Empire. Now, its derivatives are at the centre of a worldwide debate.
          + Peru
          + England
          + India
          + Covid-19
          + Environment
          + Medicine
     * View image of Could these ancient mummies be descended from Atlanteans? (Credit: Credit: Fernando Teixeira & Izabela Cardoso) 
          + Discovery

Spain's mysterious mummies
       For years, the origins of the Guanches have been a mystery, with some people speculating they could have been descendants of Atlanteans.
          + Spain
          + Video
          + History
          + Archaeology
     * View image of Bord För En restaurant consists of a single table and chair in a field (Credit: Credit: Bord För En) 
          + Food & Hospitality

Sweden’s single-diner restaurant
       When Sweden implored its citizens to socially distance themselves, one couple answered that call to duty in an unconventional way.
          + Sweden
          + Food & Drink
          + Covid-19

Editors' Picks

     * View image of Globe ball lifted up against sunset (Credit: Credit: Jaminwell/Getty Images) 
          + Covid-19

Our coverage during coronavirus
       While travelling is on hold, we will continue to inform and inspire readers
          + Covid-19
     * View image of Pink plumeria in Indonesia (Credit: Credit: Surachet99/Getty Images) 

Well World
       Explore different ways that cultures the world over strive for a healthy lifestyle and learn through their collective wisdom.
     * View image of Tagliatelle pasta with vegan bolognese (Credit: Credit: GMVozd/Getty) 

Culinary Roots at Home
       Trace the origins of trending recipes, learning the stories behind the dishes as well as easy tips on how to make them.
     * View image of People talk on balconies in Lanciano, Italy (Credit: Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images) 

Neighbourly Love
       As families around the world bunker in amid the Covid-19 pandemic, one silver lining may be that we all realise something that we should have known long ago: we’re all this together.
     * View image of Windmills on wind farm with mountains and clouds (Credit: Credit: Lane Erickson/Alamy) 

The World of Tomorrow
       Visit ingenious communities around the world that are adapting to environmental change – whether that’s extreme heat, cold or floods – or are finding new ways to live sustainably.
     * View image of Morning traffic in Kigali city centre (Credit: Jennifer Pillinger/Alamy) 

Comeback Cities
       We showcase under-the-radar capitals, champion urban underdogs and revel in the success stories of cities that have turned their fortunes around.
     * View image of Amed is an underwater temple in Bali, Indonesia (Credit: Credit: Look/Alamy) 

Sunken Civilisation
     * View image of St Michel's Mount in France is a world heritage site (Credit: Credit: Prisma by Dukas Presseagentur GmbH/Alamy) 

Islands of Imagination

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