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   Main Stories
     * New coronavirus case could be first instance of 'community spread' in US, CDC says
     * Trump puts Pence in charge of US coronavirus response
     * The US has started human testing of a drug to treat the novel coronavirus
     * How novel coronavirus spread through the Shincheonji religious group in South Korea
     * How to prepare for coronavirus in the United States
     * Trump takes a victory lap early in coronavirus fight
     * 5 takeaways from CNN's town halls in South Carolina
     * South Carolina is do-or-die for candidates not named Bernie Sanders
     * For once, Michael Bloomberg had a good night (Opinion)
     * Bloomberg once said Social Security was the biggest Ponzi scheme and argued for cuts to entitlements
     * All 5 people killed at the Molson Coors complex were found in the same building
     * Few answers and many questions after shooting turns Molson Coors complex into a 'war zone'
     * Obama sends cease-and-desist letter to Republican super PAC over Biden ad
     * 14 foot waves may be coming to the Great Lakes 
     * Chinese space mission reveals what it's like on the farside of the moon
     * Could life have existed on a warm, wet Mars? Ancient Earth crater may explain how
     * London street named for Freddie Mercury
     * Anderson Cooper Full Circle
     * 5 things you need to know today
     * Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's legal team files a motion to postpone trial
     * Lori Vallow, mother of missing children, will be returned to Idaho
     * Jay-Z and Yo Gotti file new lawsuit against Mississippi prisons
     * What Trump's 'peace' agreement with Taliban really means
     * NHL player speaks publicy for first time since suffering cardiac episode mid-game
     * ABC News suspends correspondent for remarks secretly recorded by right-wing group
     * Mosque attack: 'We had to stop praying and run away'
     * A Los Angeles hearse was stolen and police are asking suspects to 'bring back the deceased person'
     * Heathrow's controversial third runway blocked by court ruling, in major win for climate campaigners
     * Clearview AI has billions of our photos. Its entire client list was just stolen
     * Court says Trump administration can withhold money from NYC, 7 states in 'sanctuary cities' fight
     * Maria Sharapova, the ultimate competitor with a complicated legacy
     * Struggling cannabis retailer Medmen wants to fix things by keeping it simple
     * Four students save lives with the help of Columbia University's naloxone training program
     * How to get prepared for the spread of coronavirus
     * Louisiana governor calls for resignation of judge who admitted to using the n-word
     * How virtual reality is changing the live music experience
     * Apple is finally opening its first store in India next year
     * If you drive an expensive car you're probably a jerk, scientists say 
     * Hundreds of balloons released at Church of Scientology event. Local officials don't want it to ever happen again
     * AOC-backed challenger targets conservative Texas Democrat ahead of Super Tuesday primary
     * A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter while she was taking selfies with a gun, police say
     * Clive Cussler, prolific author and sea explorer, dead at 88
     * Wendy's breakfast is starting to roll out
     * Chipotle is upgrading its queso -- again
     * GE's headcount has plunged by 108,000 in just two years
     * Trump campaign files libel lawsuit against The New York Times over 2019 opinion piece on Russia
     * A record number of immigrants are eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election
     * Spring is coming earlier than it has in over 100 years
     * The FTSE 100 is in correction territory. Others indexes aren't far behind
     * The $20 million Saudi Cup to become world's richest horse race
     * San Francisco declares state of emergency over coronavirus. Here's what that means
     * A growing list of US colleges are canceling study abroad programs because of the coronavirus
     * Is it safe for travelers to visit Italy?

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