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     * Analysis: How the debate on the climate crisis ricocheted from Planet Earth to Planet Trump
     * Opinion: The 8-year-old who fears adults can't be trusted to fix the climate crisis
     * Trump's 'least racist' claim falls flat for many. Yet his campaign still holds appeal for some Black men.
     * Fact check: Toned-down Trump continues his onslaught of falsehoods
     * Fact check: Did Biden get $3.5 million from Russia?
     * Fact check: Trump falsely claims, again, that Oprah had him on the final week of her show
     * Fact-checking Trump's references to the anti-police chant 'pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon'
     * A notoriously secretive government agency just paid a record $114 million to a whistleblower
     * Trump makes return to much-changed Mar-a-Lago
     * McConnell moves to shut down debate on Barrett nomination, setting up final vote just days before election
     * Trump signs executive order that critics warn politicizes federal career civil service
     * Stimulus negotiations latest: Hopes for a deal seem dim
     * McConnell says 'no concerns' despite visible bandages and bruises
     * A university professor has been missing for nearly two weeks after hiking in Mount Rainier National Park
     * 'Murder hornet' nest found in Washington believed to be first in the US
     * Doctors say this will be the worst surge yet. From treatments to testing to PPE, is the US better at handling Covid-19 now?
     * The US just topped 1,100 coronavirus deaths a day. One state is getting National Guard help, and others keep breaking records
     * Faulty US Covid-19 response meant 130,000 to 210,000 avoidable deaths, report finds
     * What you need to know about coronavirus on Thursday, October 22
     * Biden says coronavirus vaccine must be 'freely available to everyone'
     * Recession risk grows as Covid-19 cases continue to surge
     * Joe Biden maintains big cash advantage in campaign's waning days
     * Debate sets up 11-day battle to decide the political destiny of a divided nation
     * Hits and misses from the final presidential debate
     * 7 takeaways from the final Trump-Biden debate
     * CNN Poll: Biden wins final presidential debate
     * Opinion: Who won the debate
     * Donald Trump gave a(nother) nonsensical answer on his tax returns in the debate
     * A family cat brought home a snake with two heads. We have many questions
     * Uber and Lyft must reclassify drivers as employees, appeals court finds
     * Trump announces that Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize relations
     * Former NFL player Dana Stubblefield sentenced to prison for 2015 rape
     * Bellingcat: Russian scientists secretly developing Novichok nerve agent, and working with military intelligence
     * People with Down syndrome have 10 times the risk of death from Covid-19 as those without, study finds
     * In Mississippi, more White people now have gotten Covid-19 than African Americans. Attitudes about masks might help explain why, official says
     * Cars clog highways as families flee Colorado wildfire
     * The longest flight in the United States is back for the holidays 
     * Tens of millions across Europe brace for tough new restrictions as coronavirus cases soar
     * Chicago announced a business curfew and banned large social gatherings as Covid-19 cases rise
     * Two Colorado churches win lawsuit against state's Covid-19 mask and crowd limit requirements
     * This Republican governor thinks she's nailed her state's Covid-19 response. She hasn't.
     * Jeff Bridges' lymphoma diagnosis made me think of my own
     * Jimmy Kimmel encourages viewers to 'vote with your heart'
     * Matthew McConaughey has some lessons on fatherhood
     * 'The Undoing' features Nicole Kidman in a mystery that feels like 'Big Little Lies Lite'
     * What the 2020 gender gap is really all about
     * This startup's algorithms mean you'll never run out of coffee
     * Malarkey! These are the words Americans looked up during the debate
     * US joins countries with poor human rights records to denounce 'right' to abortion
     * Debate Coach: Biden barely passed, but Trump failed 
     * A treasure hunter is accused of damaging a cemetery in Yellowstone National Park while searching for hidden treasure
     * Images reveal new insights about Jupiter's volcanic moon Io 
     * A conspiracy theory almost ruined my family's life. This could prevent it from happening to you

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