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     * A second peak could be worse than the first
     * UConn student suspected of killing 2 people is arrested after a 6-day manhunt
     * Jonathan Steingard, Christian singer, reveals he no longer believes in God
     * Brittany Murphy doc reignites interest in her death
     * Chrissy Teigen got Covid-19 test in prep for breast implant removal
     * John Krasinski explains why he sold 'Some Good News'
     * Doug Liman to direct Tom Cruise in movie shot in space
     * Jimmy Fallon apologizes for appearing in blackface in 2000 'SNL' sketch
     * They didn't all have to die -- a moment of reflection as US Covid deaths reach 100,000
     * What we know -- and still don't know -- about the coronavirus
     * Coronavirus has killed more than 100,000 people across the US
     * When can you be around others? CDC updates guidance
     * Opinion: The unexpected side effect of Covid-19
     * Our pandemic shopping habits are here to stay. Brands are racing to adapt
     * Texas Supreme Court blocks vote-by-mail expansion to those lacking immunity to the coronavirus
     * George Floyd's family says four officers involved in his death should be charged with murder
     * George Floyd is remembered as a 'gentle giant' by his family and friends
     * Eric Garner's mother says George Floyd's death feels like déjà vu
     * Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against officer who put knee to George Floyd's neck
     * Ex-cop: Video of George Floyd feels like a monstrous rerun
     * Attorney general launches new 'unmasking' investigation around 2016 election
     * Disney World sets reopening date
     * Bars in Arkansas reopen as state experiences second peak of Covid cases
     * Noma, one of the world's best restaurants, to return as a wine bar
     * Read this before you venture out in public
     * Whitmer faces backlash over husband's 'failed attempt at humor' about their boat
     * Everything you need to know about SpaceX's historic astronaut launch
     * Weather is looking better for today's historic crewed SpaceX launch
     * Opinion: Why we're rocketing men into space -- even in the middle of a pandemic
     * 'Life or death still possible': 31 days at my dad's virtual bedside
     * India has an unlikely new type of period health educators: men
     * Larry Kramer, trailblazing AIDS activist, dies at 84
     * She was tricked as a teen into prostitution. A decade on, she has no work and faces starvation
     * Trump could have voted in person in Florida this year but chose not to
     * Christian Cooper is asking people to stop making death threats against the woman who called the cops on him
     * The realities of being a black birdwatcher
     * White woman who called police on a black man bird-watching in Central Park has been fired
     * Opinion: Central Park confrontation sends an ugly message
     * Another president says he is taking hydroxychloroquine
     * Scenes from inside Brazil's worst-hit city
     * 12 truly amazing Donald Trump quotes on space
     * Biden says he hopes to name vice presidential pick around August 1
     * Trump's a disaster for black voters, but they also need to hold Biden accountable (Opinion)
     * Pompeo certifies Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, jeopardizing billions of dollars in trade
     * Riot police take zero tolerance approach to Hong Kong protests as tensions build
     * Hong Kong's richest man Li Ka-shing defends China's plans for security law
     * A turtle smashed through a woman's windshield while she was driving on the highway
     * Some small firms with zero record of producing medical equipment nab massive federal contracts
     * What a West Virginia man says was a small, joking attempt at voter fraud shows just how closely officials are watching
     * A ventilator wasn't enough to treat him for Covid-19. This machine became his last chance for survival
     * 'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich' places the emphasis on the survivors' stories
     * Two Indiana billboards suggest people think twice about going to Michigan during the pandemic
     * GE is saying goodbye to its 129-year-old light bulb business
     * Trump moves to shore up support with key voters as economy staggers
     * Most Republicans *still* don't think coronavirus is more deadly than the flu
     * Trump tweet throws House vote on government surveillance powers into doubt
     * Trump administration heralded its private-public partnership to get supplies to the US. It was a drop in the bucket
     * Andrew Cuomo meets with Trump at the White House
     * Tulsi Gabbard drops defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

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